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well for all of us who LOVE this movie oc's welcome lets have some fun XD
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YAHOO here we go

6/28/2011 #1

it was early morning and Bobby darke also known as iceman was making his way to the kitchen for breakfast. he was so hungry as he forgot to eat last night he walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge "what to eat" he taught to himself as he looked in

(is Erik still at the school?)

6/28/2011 #2

(we could say he makes a few visits now and again )

Roxy made her way down to the kitchen wearing a blue bube tube and a tight blue trackpants

"whats cooking Bobby?" she asked

6/29/2011 #3

(yeah not a bad idea :) )

Bobby looked around "good morning Roxy" he said in his usual happy tone

"im guessing paige is still in bed" he said laughing the two where best friends and they did everything together

"notting good to eat" he frowned as he shut the fridge

6/30/2011 #4

Artrey sat outside looking at the grass as he sat in it leaning against a tree.

6/30/2011 #5

Crystal grumbled as she moved to the kitchen. She heard Bobby's cheery voice and groaned. "It is not natural to be so happy clappy in the morning, luv," she said, her British accent more thick by the sleepiness. Crystal sighed and moved like a zombie to the cupboards to hunt for some food, not finding anything. She moved to the fridge, fishing out some milk and used her powers to warm it in her hand. "Ergh, anyone know what waits for us today?" she asked.

7/1/2011 #6

Bobby shook his head " nope havnt a clue" he smiled as he put on toast

there came a cheerful voice at the kitchen door "more training i believe" Paige laughed happily as he walked over to the counter and took an apple. "its such a beautiful morning" she added as she looked out at the garden

7/1/2011 #7

"Very peachy," Crystal answered to Paige. "Remind me again why I got up so early?" she snorted. Elements weilding mutant wasn't a morning person at all. "And really? Training? I think I still have those bruises Iceman," she glared at Bobby, "Gave me yesterday."

7/1/2011 #8

Artrey looked at a bird, his eyes changing, the bird flew itself into at window hard killing itself.

7/1/2011 #9

Roxy laughed a little

"you better not let Charles hear you complaining"

7/1/2011 #10

"What the hell...?" Crystal shrieked when something flew into the window with a 'splat'. She grumbled, going to the window, opening it, and saw a small bird laying dead on the ground. "Would you mind?" she yelled at a person who was outside, standing a bitfurther from them. "We're trying to eat!" Crystal aimed a jet of water at him, not caring if it would hit or not.

"Anyways, where was I?" she asked, closing the window, turning back to her friends, "Ah yes, practice. Whhhy do I have to do this? Last time I've tried to 'reach my full potential', I've almost melted the whole training room."

7/2/2011 #11

"sorry bout that" bobby laughed he took no notice of the bird

"that poor bird" Paige said sadly as she looked at it on the ground she then turned around and smiled at her friends "haha full potiental i hate when he says that" she said "yeah my powers are bit mental at times but i could have sworn my body turned to diamond on our last session" she added as she taught back

"yeah it did for like a second" Bobby said "it was mental did think you could do that"

she laughed "me either still dont know how to do it" she said

Meanwhile upatairs Professor X was talking with Emma Frost she was here to see Paige but of course paige didnt know

7/2/2011 #12

"That's awesome," Crystal said in awe. "I wish I could do something like that. I can only destroy things with my powers," she frowned and ate some of the food she prepared to herself. "Fire, so need to explain there, it's destructive enough. I can drown with water, suffocate with air and crush with earth. I wish I had a defensive power, instead of offensive one," Crystal sighed.

7/2/2011 #13

"hey your powers are sooo cool" she said smiling "iv control of earth and now this but iv no control" she addimitted as the pot in the window started growing "see if my emotions are too high this happens" she said simply

"thats why we are here" laughed bobby shaking his head

In proffessor X office Emma was argueing with him "she knows its about time she came home with me" she gave out "i know she wont wana leave but i need to meet her" she added

(could someone be proffessor x please xxx)

7/2/2011 #14

Roxy grinned

"oh please none of you turn into a huge wolf with adamatium claws"


(I will)

Xavier looked at Frost

7/2/2011 #15
Artrey's eye widened and he moved quickly out the way. Soon seeing a deer and staring at it, sending the deer striaght into the brick wall of the house. Repeatedly having it ram its head into the wall before it died. Artrey knew his power was kind unfair to everything around him but he couldn't help it at times.
7/2/2011 #16

"yeah fair enough" she said simply "but that is cool" she added with a bright smile

"i want to know her" Emma Said to him "she was taken from me i had no choice"

7/3/2011 #17

Crystal smiled, "You've got any plans for today? Beside achieving our full potential?" she asked and levitated herself, to put the cereals on the top shelf.

7/3/2011 #18

Artrey felt his emotions from his past start controling his powers, every living animal that was caught in a stare down with him committed suicide. Tears streamed from his burning ember eyes as the flash backs continued in waves. "Your no good..... your a monster.... your mother was a whore..... You'll never be anything important.... Its good your good for nothing motrhers dead...." Artrey yelled out, at the last part "Shut up!" he cryed out, his pupils slit and the trees in his line of sight spilt in half.

7/3/2011 . Edited 7/3/2011 #19

Paige taught for a moment "nope no plans you?" she asked

"me either im free all day" Bobby added

7/3/2011 #20

Roxy smirked darkly

"I guess we will have to make our own fun"


Charles sighed

"I'm not sure if that is very wise"

7/3/2011 #21

Artrey continued in his anger, countless animals slaughtering themselves, trees splitting in two falling all around the mansion. His slit pupils vibrated att a high rate of speed making a low hum and ring.

7/3/2011 . Edited 7/5/2011 #22

Crystal wanted to say something, but she got a vibe from the forest. "Something is wrong," she said, looking through the window. "I'll be right back," Crystal choked and jumped through the window, letting the air take her safely to the ground. She let her powers gave a feel at the forest, trying to pinpoint the location of the danger. The forest was hurting and begging to help and Crystal cursed her powers. She ran to the forest and soon located the source. "BASILISK!" Crystal yelled, charging her water powers just in case. "Stop it, you're hurting it!"

7/4/2011 #23
Artrey fought the urge to look at her and shut his eyes stopping everything, shivering as tears still streamed from his closed eyes. He was tensed up, shaking still from the flash backs.
7/4/2011 #24

Paige smiled "we will indeed" she said to roxy

Bobby laughed at the pair "after training with the proffessor we will do something" he said with a grin

they watched as their friend left "should we follow" Bobby asked but before he could say anything else paige ran after cyristal


Emma was now getting angry

"im going to find her now" she said as she rose from the seat and made her way to the door

7/4/2011 #25

Roxy sighed

'I'll get Logan where ever she goes there is trouble"


Charles blocked her way

7/4/2011 #26

"yeah thats a good idea"bobby agreed "il follow her" he said as he left the room

Paige didnt get far before bobby caught her "Logans on his way" Bobby told her as the two followed the noise


"please move Charles" she said simply

7/5/2011 #27

Roxy nodded

"lets go" she said phasing into a wolf in a single bound

7/5/2011 #28

"the others sould be here soon" bobby said simply as they walked then they say them

"over there" Paige said as she ran over

7/6/2011 #29

Roxy hung back not to sure what to do

7/6/2011 #30
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