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Hey guys. scarletfireblade. This is a wizard101 favorite school forum.
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Hey peeps. Topic: Favorite school combos.

Here are some of my favs just to start it off.

Primary: Fire Secondary: Balance My school combination

Primary: Death Secondary: Ice

Primary: Death Secondary: Balance

Primary: Myth Secondary: Life

Primary: Storm Secondary: Ice

Primary: Storm Secondary: Death

By favorites, I just mean the ones you think go well together. Personally, I wouldn't think Life/Death or Fire/Ice go well together, but there are so many people who disagree with me...so...what do you think?

7/26/2012 #1
Sir Viper II

The Life and Death isn't good because Death is attack and heal while Life you have to Heal and then Attack. Fire and Ice won't work because no Healing!

9/30/2012 #2
Sam Francisco

Okay, logically for the game I'm going with....

Life and Storm. (Primary/secondary, whatever order)

Just in general, like maybe they complement each other or whatever...

Primary: Myth; Secondary: Balance

Primary: Ice; Secondary: Death

That's just me though :3

12/12/2012 #3
Dovahkiin the Imperial

My favorite combos are basically every single one:

Primary: Balance/Secondary: All

Primary: Storm/Secondary: Life

Primary: Life/Secondary: Storm

Primary: Fire/Secondary: Death

Primary: Death/Secondary: Fire

Primary: Ice/Secondary: Myth

Primary: Myth/Secondary: Ice

Primary Life/Secondary: Death (This and the one below does work. You can heal others and yourself, as well as steal health and hand it over to others.)

Primary Death/Secondary: Life

Primary: Myth/Secondary: Anything is good.

Primary: Fire/ Secondary: Ice (This is basically for those that focus on attacking. Not everyone is a theurge you know, besides we all get healing spells in the beginning.)

3/15/2013 . Edited 3/15/2013 #4
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