Tru Blood RP
A Role Playing of the Television Show True Blood-Time Frame is after Season 3
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A. Writer663

(Starting the RP)

*Sookie walks into the bar and smiles her arqurd smile that always seemes to come out when she is nervis* 'Anyone here?' *she asks the darkness*

11/19/2011 #1
Pam is at Fangtasia. Bored out of her mind. There is none other to card as she taps on the bar with her expensive manicure. Pam was frustrated. Eric shut her out of his life and all his Childe could do was pout. And pout and pout. She was writhing in self-pity. Wallowing in endless streams of pain. Her head pounded as blood trickled to her pale, soft cheeks. Her lips still in her pout. Her whites red and her blues were dark. She nealy marked the polished gleaming bar with her rigid nails. Pam hated... No LOATHED Sookie with all her death. Pam was scorching mad and she felt the need to regain her vampriric nature instead of sinking in to what she dreaded was humanity. She would welcome the beast with open arms. And Pam would be never more. Just a harpie of dark and hate, the searing, malicious vampire. Its true nature and form. Was that where boredom led to? The deepest of thoughts? Pam never had thought of being the barbaric, but was proud of her nature. She pondered as her toughts of Sookie became more apparent. She decided to extend her legs, take a nice walk under the full moon. She inhaled crimson and death, exhaled hatred and malice. Pam wasnt the violent type. But when it came to being adondoned by her teacher, Eric Northman for some beamy pixie, she would have to take on the evil measures that beckoned her endlessly.
12/23/2011 #2
(is it okay if we start on season four instead...or just after the final episode)
12/23/2011 #3
A. Writer663

(I thought it would be good if we created our own season 4-Sorry for the lateness)

1/8/2012 #4
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