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I saw a snippet of this on the fanforum, so I thought, "Hey! I bet the weird people on FanFic could totally come up with great ideas!"

Here are some examples:

Raven: Rub catnip on her katanas so Ms. Leon follows her around all day.

Laura: Whisper to others that you feel sorry for her, because today is Kick Gingers Day.

Neither of those were my idea.

Otto: Hack into his brain

That was my idea.

Shelby: Go up to her and explain excitedly that they finally caught the Wraith! Some guy named Waldo....

That one wasn't very good. She'd probably just laugh. Revision:

Shelby: Go up to her and whisper: "They're onto you! Watch out!" and run away without explanation.

Anyways.... your ideas? You probably can way outcomedy my serious case of Hungarian Humor.

6/24/2011 #1

heheh I like the raven one and the otto one as well...^o^ they are good

Wing: ask him to shorten phrases such as 'I will' to 'I'll' and 'You are' to 'You're'. When he gets confused, shake your head and mutter something about characters from two-hundred-year-old novels.

I acknowledge that my one isn't very good . I think my joking skills need practise :D

3/1/2012 #2
I suggest : (I would never do this, I love the H.I.V.E. people.) Steal Wing's hairband and replace it with a pink ribbon. Leave a fake note from Nero that says "Hello Wing. You look like a girl, so I decided to give you the opportunity to be one." Shave Otto's head and make a wig for Nigel. Furthermore, upon delivery of the wig, I would write a fake note from Nero saying "Nigel, I just can't stand to see your nasty scalp anymore. (I took Otto's hair because he just generally annoys me)Wear it or get expelled. I don't think Daddy Darkdoom would like that much." That would take care of almost all of them. Steal Franz's food stashes. Leave a note from Raven saying "Gotcha, fattie." Would probably take care of both (I know i'm mean). Tell H.I.V.E.mind that he has an unflattering head shape.
4/23/2012 #3
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