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(For roleplay...stuff)

6/24/2011 #1

Sylvie was sitting at her desk, tapping her chin and listening half-heartedly to the lectures of the teachers, No fun she thought, bitting her lower lip, How could I ever make this fuuuuun~?

Sylvie sighed and leaned back in her desk, having no luck in finding the solution to her problem.

8/26/2011 #2

A small creature scurried up to Sylvie looking at her before leaping onto her desk and taking her wand. The creature leaped off and ran into the dining hall buzzing with joy of a chase!

8/26/2011 #3

(Sorry not done, busy)

Sylvie blinked, "Hey...give that back." she got up without much concern for the wand or the class and walked right out.

8/26/2011 #4

The creature was waiting for her at the entrance to the dining hall with a small gleam of pure evil in its eye... and the wand in its mouth

8/26/2011 #5

Sylvie ran up to him, "Give that back, its not fun when you do thaaat~"

8/26/2011 #6

The creature rolled into a ball and in a blink of a eye ran into of a Sylvie's foot tripping her into the dining hall door

8/26/2011 #7

Sylvie yelped and slid forward, her breasts pressed to the floor and seemingly to practically fall out of her shirt as she slid. She really hated being tripped.

8/26/2011 #8

A young boy was walking out of the dining hall when he noticed his familiar playing with someone again.... He sighed and quickly grabbed the wand out of its mouth before sending his familiar flying with a swift kick. He turns to help the girl and said "Sorry about that miss my familiar always did like messing around especially with ummm girls." Blushing as he handed her the wand

8/26/2011 #9

Sylvie got up and took her wand, "No issue of any. I know a bit about annoying familiars.." she sighed heavily, the action causing the rising and falling of her chest. She then slid her wand back into its resting places, between her breasts where it was well hidden.

8/26/2011 #10

.... must not nose bleed..... "Anyways my name is Garsh Futoppara what's yours?" while idling around a gold coin in his right hand

8/26/2011 #11

"Sylvie De'Hommes Voleur." she said, leaning her weight to one hip.

8/26/2011 #12

The familiar was... very mad to put at the least smiling as it recovered from the bruise left behind by the kick. Garsh quickly spoke "Well anyways class is still in session would you like me to escort you back?" note to self must bring tissues or at the very least a hood to cover himself

8/26/2011 #13

"Escort me back. How honorable." Sylvie said, grinning her sultry grin and folding her arms under her breasts.

8/26/2011 #14

Garsh quickly put one arm behind his head scratching it hard "It is after all a way to make up for my pets umm dishonorable actions right?!?"

(will be back in apx 5-10min)

8/26/2011 . Edited 8/26/2011 #15

(mmkay I gotta go anyway)

Sylvie nodded, "If you feel like you can take the heat of being my escort. People can be so petty at this school sometimes and even more so is my familiar." she let out a small girlish giggle.

8/26/2011 #16

(mmm 2 bad hoping to catch you tommorow *wink* g'night) Garsh squeaks "H-H-Honestly? V-Very well miss Sylvie" then bows before Sylvie letting her lead the way back to the classroom all the while his familiar watching from the bushes

8/26/2011 . Edited 8/26/2011 #17

"The Tristan Academy?" Kel approached the academy from a distance away from the gate. "So that's it huh?"

8/26/2011 #18

Still thinking about such an... awkward situation Garsh manages to return Sylvie to her class without further interruptions and walked to the outside tables where he noticed somebody coming into the Academy hmmm whos that wait... oh great another one while gulping down his coffee

8/26/2011 . Edited 8/26/2011 #19

(I altered it myself. I was hoping for things like this: Still thinking about such an... awkward situation, Garsh manages to return Sylvie to her class without further interruptions and walked to the outside tables where he noticed somebody coming into the Academy 'Hmmm who's that? Wait... oh great, another one.' He thought while gulping down his coffee)

Kel looked around. "Where am I supposed to go now...?"

8/26/2011 . Edited 8/26/2011 #20

Garsh stumbles to the new student mumbling first before smiling "Welcome to the academy!" just great is the male to female proportion like 1:3 now "So how are you?.... ok sorry but I'm feeling rather light-headed so can we return to my table?"

8/26/2011 #21

She stared at him. "Ah? Who are you?" Without waiting for an answer she walked past him into the main building.

8/26/2011 #22

Great start.... "Before you do anything rash might I suggest you go see the principal about your dorm and such right?" he thought for a second "Oh yes how rude I am my name is Garsh Futappara and what would yours be if you are so kind to tell me?"

8/26/2011 #23

She apparently wasn't and walked through the hall to the main center.

8/26/2011 #24

Somehow this is going to end like Louise and Saito... without the love oh dear what am I going to do He sighed "Miss I am going to have to ask you to stop right there." He stood in front of her but far enough due to experience from other.... moments

8/26/2011 #25

"Why should I?" She was past in in a second.

8/26/2011 #26

"Because that hallway is closed due to private studying." thinking himself finally triumphant before his father's voice poured through never be assured of anything

8/26/2011 #27

"The office is closer this way." She kicked open the door and walked through.

8/26/2011 #28

"But... but...." sighing again he follows her "Miss would you happen to know of Louise?" he noticed there was a extra shadow along with them....

8/26/2011 #29

"No." She walked through the room, right through the students there and out the other door.

8/26/2011 #30
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