The Great Debate
Yup, that's right! This is a forum created solely for arguing! But not just about anything - only RA pairings. Come argue about why Halt should be with an OC. Other people, come argue about why he should be with Pauline! Have fun!
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Phinneas McCheeser

Before you post anything up here, I must ask that you read the post entitled 'Rules.' It will take you a total of two minutes, and it will make this debate a heck of a lot easier for all of us.

Now that you have read all the rules, let the debate begin!

Also, please note: Halt and Pauline is just a general heading; if you like Halt with an OC, you can argue that in here. You don't need to make a new topic for that. This topic is for anyone that wants to argue any pairing that contains Halt and/or Pauline.


9/18/2011 #1
The Lone Clapper

Ah, old people love. **gets shot by Halt's arrow**

Oof. Anyway I like Halt and Pauline together for the same reason I like Will and Alyss together--they've known each other for so long. And diplomats and Rangerse DO, in fact, make a good match. :) Hehe read my post for Will/Alyss 'cause I don't feel like typing that quote again. :)

7/6/2012 #2
Phinneas McCheeser

Yes, I'm very in agreement there. :) They do go really well together. And JF keeps implying that they were in a relationship when they were younger, so it makes sense that they would, for lack of a better term, pick it up again once they got older.

8/14/2012 #3
I think that the idea was crazy at first. I mean we see Halt as a though person. I know that he does have feelings. And, since wean Halt is good at words to propose to Lady Pauline? I think that this pair should have bean made earlier, like before the first book.
2/18/2014 #4
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