Need any help with Final Fantasy X2?
Need help on anything?stuck in any bits?ask me kuz i know how u can get da best results in 1 game!ask anything n i'll do my best 2 fulfil ur question!yes i hav another forum that provides the same help account got banned pls come 2 dis forum INSTEAD
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need help on anything? ask me all ur questions n i'll tell da best way 2 complete ffx-2 in 1 game! ask me anything about combat, dressphere locations, completion, hidden items, boss strategies, gumage bluebullet n i'll know but still somtimes i cant answer som questions but still try n if i dont know then im sorry bout dat so go ahead and ask away!
1/24/2006 #1
Karin Starsen
How do I get the moogle dressphere??
1/26/2006 #2
Karin Starsen
How do I get the moogle dressphere??
1/26/2006 #3
ok da way 2 get da moogle dressphere is 2 complete every hotspot in chapter 5 BUT make sure Zanarkand IS NOT da last pace u vist or u wont get da dressphere oh n u dont hav 2 worry about completing da via infinito in bevelle, but if u've already started da via infininto then ur most likely goin 1 hav 2 complete it but i havent exactly tried dat yet so... who knows
1/27/2006 #4
luna always
can u also help me on ff10 plzzzz saya ya mon
2/1/2006 #5
yea sure wat do u need 2 find out on FFX?
2/3/2006 #6
luna always
okay in ffx im at where you fight the gate keeper in zanerkind i can't bette him no mater wat i do or try how did you bette him (i can't spell)
2/6/2006 #7
um u mean dat big guardian beast just b4 Zanarkand right??? well if u do then...its quite a predictable boss so just follow the pattern... da boss starts with Photon Wings which inflicts REALLY bad stauts ailments. After it'll use an attack doing bout 3000 damage 2 a character. next is curaga, another curaga n mayb a physical attack. wat'll work is 2 cast reflect on da boss so it'll cure u instead, so Lulu is basically quite useless 4 dis battle. Use Yuna and cast protect n also summon Bahamut with its OVERDRIVE, Bahamut can do more than 11,000 damage. Don't cast reflect on urself. If u drag the battle out too long then the boss will eventually figure out ur strategy and cast reflect on u so curaga bounces back 2 itself so cast dispel on urself. try and use all ur strong overdrives @ the start cause curse will stop u from using them. Hastega works really well and summoning aoens also work well! Auron's Armour Break is also really helpful. dat's how i bet da boss, and with dis strategy basically the battle will b as easy as stealing candy from a baby!
2/6/2006 #8
Hello Yuna Hiwitari, although i've got 100% completion in FF X-2 i still want to know something. You know sphere break? You can get coins for the game right? I've heard that coins of the characters appear in the Bikanel Desert but im having problems finding them. Any suggestions on how?
2/7/2006 . Edited 2/7/2006 #9
well i have found a few coins in da Bikanel Desert but unfortunatly i can't really say where they'd b it really depends on shear luck, everyone's game is different in da outcome of some thinges and u really can't say so sorry i can't help u on da one but i can tell u da lots of coins r in da 2 new expanses da open up in chapter 5 so looks there kuz there r more chances of u finding da coins there
2/7/2006 #10
This really has nothing to do with getting spheres or anything but. . .what IS the name of Lulu's baby?
2/8/2006 #11
Lulu's little baby's name is Vidina, if u haven't been able 2 access its name them try try try again! or u can ask me, but it is more fun 2 try first
2/10/2006 #12
luna always
no not that monster. i ment the monster before yunalesca. i am talking about the spectacel keeper
2/14/2006 #13
oh him...well dat boss was REALLY hard n i barely got through, hehe i know dats not much help but here's how i did it... Auron, Kimari, Wakka and Tidus r da ones ur gonna want 2 use in dis battle. B4 entering da battle make sure u equip all those characters with armour that has a berserk wand or increases the defence. It's also a gud idea 2 equip those characters with any weapons that has counter-attack so u can get another hit out of ur opponent. Keep Auron on the field all the time and only bring Yuna out when u need healing up. Lulu won't be much of a use in dis battle but if u want her 2 gain experience then just bring her out and cast something like drain or osmose and dat'll do the trick, and same with Rikku, if u want her 2 get experience then just make her steal something and dat'll do. Just Keep hitting with physical attacks and make sure u keep ur characters healthy. When the boss uses Gylph Mine make all ur characters move away from the glowing panels. 4 the rest of the match keep 2 of ur party members behind da boss and 1 in front. This means the boss can only kill on of them. Casting Hastega and Regen on everyone would be a good idea.
2/16/2006 #14
luna always
kk thanks and do you know how to get pains special dresspher
2/18/2006 #15
Paine's special dressphere? dats easy, all u have 2 o is go 2 Macalania Woods in chapter 1 and speak 2 Tromell in da area which Auron took u 2 in FFX 2 find the Jecht sphere. Speak to Tromell 4 times and he will eventually ask u wat u are doing there and then he hands over the sphere!
2/20/2006 #16
regarding spectral keeper, thats FFX not FFX2, you're not in the right forum category. regarding the moogle dressphere, it doesnt exist. The sphere is the MASCOT dressphere and each individual character has a dress: Yuna is the MOOGLE, Rikku the CAIT SITH and Paine the TONBERRY. Only Yuna can become the moogle. To obtain it, do all the games missions from chapter one to five (go everywhere even if it isn't a hotspot, or you'll regret it), then in chapter 5, only go to Zanarkand once you've gotten episode complete in every other location, and hit Zanarkand last, or the sphere is off limits. You can kiss the sphere goodbye if you haven't received episode complete in every location. I actually didn't get it in my first play through the game.
2/26/2006 #17
yes i do reliese that the Spectral Keeper is in FFX but i don't really think that there is a fourm in FFX that supplies help, I'm not the best at FFX but i can help pp how need it here, so if u have a question about FFX any1 i can try and help. did i type Moogle? i meant Mascot sorry, yes Yuna is the Only one that can change in2 a moogle that's not the story i went through 2 get the mascot dressphere, when i played the game i completed every place and got episode complete everywhere, but i left Zanarkand till last, But you have 2 go 2 Zanarkand 1st and complete that 1st and then complete everywhere else, after u complete da last place u will return 2 da Airship automatically and receive the dressphere dis info is also in da guidebook of FFX-2
2/26/2006 #18
my forum supplies great deals of ffx game help, as do the forums of nearly every one of the nearly 20 ffx forums that have been created.
2/27/2006 #19
luna always
ooo i beat him yay u helped me
2/27/2006 #20
luna always
um i need help really bad who do i kill overdrive is so hared lowist iv gotten him is hisblood -40
4/10/2006 . Edited 4/10/2006 #21
ah overdrive sin, well that isn't the worst battle really, if hav troubel with overdrive sin then maybe u should really give ur party more time 2 power up, how strong r ur pp? if u can tell me, i recommend ur characters @ these levels: Auron: HP: over 4000 Kimari: over 3300 Wakka: over 3300 Lulu: over 3000 MP:over 300 Yuna: over 3000 MP: over 300 Rikku: over 3000 Tidus: over 3300 if u have any armour with auto-med, equip them power is the key, use Auron and Wakka a lot, if Tidus & Kimari r strong then use them 2, if you have the Catuar Booster 4 Lulu then equip that, it gives Lulu a magic booster & her attacks will double in strength, u can buy it from waltz while climbing Gagazet. @ da start if Lulu has doublecast then use that 2 cast ur most powerful spells & don't waste any w Lulu, if any others has black magic then always use it, hopefully ur Yuna can cast black magic? otherwise make Yuna cast protect on ur party, don't cast shell kuz u'll need white magic. use ur aeon overdrives id you still hav them. when u get close enough start causin som serious pain w auron & wakka. Auron's aumour break and mental break works great n then ur attacks will really do damage. hopefully some o ur characters mayb has auto-med on their armour n then u wnt hav 2 worry bout da ailments. just use ur most powerful attacks & it'll die quick.
4/11/2006 #22
luna always
okay I'll tell you how strong my party is: Auron:3630 Kimari:2248 Wakka:2748 Lulu:1380-212 Yuna:2575-244 Rikku:3108 Tidus:2992 ther not that strong.The strongest people are Tidus, Rikku, Yuna. I use them the most, um ther any special Aouns that i need i mean which ones did you have. PLZZZ Dont say Anima and the sisters? do i need all of the ultamite wepons? Im so fconfused????????????????????? TEAR TEAR
4/14/2006 #23
well yes they aren't that strong but you're well on ur way i think, no you didn't need any special aeons but it would help if you got Anima or the Magnus Sisters kuz they do helo but then again the Magnus sisters are rather impossible to get, its rather hard, but just follow the strategy i gave you in the other post and if it doesn't work ill see wat i can do 4 ya n no u don't need any ultimate weapons, it's just a simple battle, so all u gotta do it train up Auron, Kimari, Tidus, Wakk 4 da physical and have Lulu really get her spells 2 their strongest n also c if Yuna can learn some black magic n Rikku 2
4/15/2006 #24
Siren's Bell
Dude I just cheat and summon Anima or the Magus Sisters. They aren't really that hard to get, it's just a hassle.
8/29/2006 #25
Aeris Leonheart
Do you know where to find Crisom Sphere 4? Also how do beat Paragon in the Via Parifico?
1/30/2007 #26
how do you get to the top of the mt. gagazet ruins b4 tim runs out?
7/2/2007 #27
You mean at the very start? Erm well that's kinda simple. You keep going. Run as fast as you can and don't stop for anything. You can get all the chests later. But if you're talking about how to get up on the ledges the O button should show up when you can jump and just press the left analog stick forwards. Then you just use the O button to keep climbing and get up.
7/2/2007 #28
i'm LOST... that's the problem... so that didn't help
7/2/2007 #29
Musing Joplin
Sorry about kind of butting in your forum...I just thought I could help... It's not that hard. It was confusing when I first played it. Like when you start out, you have to move up some stone bridge. For a long time I struggled and I had no idea where to go. For the most part when you begin, stick to the left of the screen (it makes you steer to the right, but once you clear some of those jumps head to the left). There really aren't that many paths that should throw you off, maybe a few but not that long to kill the whole 5 minutes. Just in case though, don't stop moving. Fights just peel like 3 seconds the time it takes to freeze the screen, and the time it gets to get you back to running. Is there a paticular spot where you running around trying to figure out where to go? I think there are two possible cases. One, the bridge at the very beginning. As soon as you notice Yuna is moving up a hill and back down, search the ledge (just walk all around that area, you'll find it). There should be a thin bridge. Another part is when you are actually climbing the tower, And you're on a pillar, all by itself. The screen isn't that large, but there is a ledge nearby. Just kept monving holding down the circle button. Yuna might stumble a few times but if you hold on to the circle button, you'll get by it in no time. Again, hope I'm not bothering you that I decided to type this in. I do need help though too. I was looking for a very easy way to beat Trema. He is super hard, I have like 5 cat nips, and I've completed the Warrior, Gunners, theives, White Mage, Berserker, samurai, and Lady Luck dressspheres and everyone is at level 99 (all other dresspheres are barely tapped in, at all leveled up, the same goes with the special dresspheres, hardly ever used them). I saved at level 90 on the Via Infinito so I get everyone in yellow, everyone a gunner and all have cat nips. But I right when I more than halfway killing him, he kills me. Are there better dresspheres I should try out? And no, I haven't gotten the Moogle dressphere, even though I did complete every episode in every location. Must I have the Moogle dressphere?
7/2/2007 #30
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