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Species (human, elf, wizard, werewolf ext.):

Relationships with Cannon characters:



6/26/2011 #1
Sarah Faith Salvatore

Name: Emily Smith

Age: 16

Species (human, elf, wizard, werewolf ext.): Vampire

Relationships with Cannon characters: Friends with Alex, Juliet, Mason and sometimes Harper and Justin

Appearence: A little longer than shoulder length Dark brown hair, Dark brown eyes, her hair is usually always striaght

Bio: Emily is hot tempered sometimes but tries to keep her cool, she can be sarcastic at times, friendly to the people she knows well, she's really good at keeping secrets.

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6/26/2011 #3
Zoe Zara /14/wizard/Alex's friend if its ok and Juliet and a maxs/brown and black hair green eyes and colers she wears is blue green and purple and a sometimes pink her wand is green/she is a good friend of the Rossos she is a a trickster like Alex though she is from a nice family she is a only chiled she is good friends with max Alex Juliet not really Justin though
1/6/2013 #4

Name: June Summers

Age: 18

Species: Wizard

Relationships with Cannon characters: Friends with Alex Russo,Harper,Mason and Juliet. She is not fond of Justin Russo.

Appearance: 6"1 and skinny. Her eyes are a vibrant purple and her hair is a curly fire red. Her skin is tan and she wears similar clothes to what Alex wears.

Bio: June was 8 when she was told that she was a wizard. Her and her sister were training real hard in order to become a full wizard. When they turned 16, they took the test to become a full wizard. Obviously June won. When She turned 18, she and her sister, Jane, met Alex.

6/2/2013 #5

Name: Dawson Blu

Nickname: Blu, Casanova

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Wizard

Relationship with Canon Characters: Is close friends with Alex and Harper. Is friends with Max and is cool with Justin.

Appearance: Dawson has thick, sandy-blonde curls that stop just above his shoulders and graze his back. He's tall (6'0) and lean but muscular. He has smooth, lightly tanned skin and a small collection of freckles across the bridge of his nose and cheeks. His eyes are hazel green with specs of yellow and brown and he has a small, stud nose ring. His teeth are white and straight. Dawson also has noticeable dimples in his cheeks when he smiles.

Style: Usually wears a funny vintage graphic tee underneath a jean jacket hoodie. Dawson wears different jeans with either Supras or Nike shoes and a belt chain. If he doesn't wear that then he'll wear short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirts with jeans and either Supras or Nike shoes. Dawson wears wristbands on both of his arms.

Personality: Dawson is charismatic. He's a charming, good-hearted and open minded guy that is shown to be very wise but immature for his age. He has a great deal of compassion for people and loves kids. Dawson deeply cares for his friends and is very loyal to them, always tries to help them solve their problems even if he doesn't want to. He has a habit of warming up to people fast which causes him to be very playful, even if he just met them. Dawson is flirtatious as well as a bit cocky. He's known for his rebellious and mischievous ways but all he wants to do is live his life and have fun while doing it. Dawson is also very persistent and spunky, he's not afraid to tell you what's on his mind at that moment. He often uses sarcasm and loves to tease people.

Bio: Dawson grew up with parents who were very fond of magic and let it be known. Dawson was surrounded by magic since he was a baby and began learning to use it as soon as he was able to talk. Because he is the only child he will automatically get his full powers, he just has to wait until he's eighteen.

Extra: He disguises his wand as one of the wristbands on his arm. Although he flirts with just about every girl he sees and has dated a ton of girls, who he really likes is Alex. Dawson has a black book. Due to an incident in high school between Dawson's dad, Michael and Alex's dad, Jerry they don't like each other. Thus causing the two not to be very fond of each other's children. Jerry hates Dawson but Theresa doesn't.

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