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Doragon Eichi

Alex smiled as he took in the beautiful site of the foothills of Mt.Frost.

"Aren't you glad we left that blasted Hill for this! Look at this view! Breathtaking." Alex said to his friend beside him.

"Yes I agree. With so little amount of land left I am very surprised this place is un-touched. No matter. We can began our new army here." Alex glared at him.

"I mean life..."I grumbled.

"Thank you! None of bloody mess again. Not after the mysterious girl.." Alex said looking up.

"Still? Still you talk about her!" I said in exasperation.

"Oh shut up.." Alex grumbled while walking towards there new home.

6/27/2011 . Edited by Aspiring Mythmaker, 8/11/2011 #1

I blink in the bright sunlight, having not yet forgotten the incident that lead me here. Anger still boils my blood, circulating through my system as a monstrous wildfire would. Such emotion doesn't bring any benefit, of course; all it does is add additional strain to my worn-out mind, already on the brink of falling further into insanity.

I slash at the long grasses surrounding me with an irritated hiss of 'siiiaaarrrr...', wishing for nothing more than having the dragons gone.

"But that won't happen," I mutter, staring out in the direction of the reddening horizon. "Because they're here. How amusing that they decided to seek refuge in such a barren place. It seems I can't even escape to my birthplace for relief."

I stalk through the plains, choosing to ignore the dragons for the time being. It's best not to pick a fight with them, I tell myself, both attempting and failing to sound convincing. If we meet again, these plains will be painted crimson with the blood of the fallen.

Sudden tension fills the air, and I realize that I have subconciously begun to wander in their direction. I instantly correct my course and wheel around, turning my back to them as I were a cat and they were a pair of bugs I couldn't be bothered to tease-- ironically enough.

They haven't yet noticed me. All is well, so long as I stay away.

Before I know it, I am back at my den, the area the dragons were inhabiting out of sight.

6/27/2011 #2
Doragon Eichi

The fire was up and roaring sending smoke high into the sky. I looked at Alex.

"Look at us! No base, no campsite, no nothing! Reduced to sitting around a fire!"

"Calm down! It is our first day here. What did you expect? A mansion? Tommorow early morning we will scour the land and look for a better place to live. Got it?" I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever. But if we don't find something real soon I am turning this place into a frozen wasteland." I grumbled stamping out the fire. Alex sighed and curled up and fell asleep. I curled up but looked around not trusting this strange land.

6/27/2011 #3

Being a creature of the night, I stalk out into the open. The moonlight is casting a bright glow over the land, no stars are present, and all is quiet and still-- aside from the flicker of embers in the distance, so slight it is almost idiotic to fret over. For a moment, I want to find the source of the light; then I remember the wretched dragons.

"So nice of them to send out a smoke signal," I whisper with a grin. "Allows me to track them... and they'll never find me here." My den was so hidden, so secluded, it would be nigh impossible to identify it as a living space for any creature. Daily rains wash away any scent from the area-- daily rains that come with the storms that often roll over my land.

The place itself a tumble of rocks located in a canyon full of boulders, the cave hidden beneath starting as a crack only I can slip into and growing into a cave that reaches far below the earth. Said canyon is on the highest rise in the foothills, and ends in a sudden and swift drop, almost as if cut by a blade of my own. It creates a cliff that overlooks the entire region.

There are cracks in the ground and fissures everywhere, but only one belongs to a living creature.

That fissure being the one that I have claimed.

I leap from the cliff, buzzing my wings to slow my descent, and grin as I realize how close the fire really is.

"It seems I have some dragons on my doorstep," I whisper, turning to head back. "Hopefully they know my canyon is the most dangerous area in these plains."

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #4
Doragon Eichi

The sun rose up slowly filling my eyes with Sunlight. I woke up quickly looking around with squinted eyes. Alex was still asleep snoring lightly. I pushed and he woke up grumbling.

"Hey don't blame me. You said Early morning." I said laughing. He just rolled his eyes and looked around.

"So..Where to now?"

"Well...I always imagined a castle to be on a really high rise." I looked up and smiled. "Look at that! Imagine a grand castle sitting up there!" Alex smirked sharing his image. He usual didn't indulge in such fantasies but he always wanted a something like that.

"Nice..." Alex flew off towards the high rise with me behind him.

6/27/2011 #5

I force myself to rise at the sound of approaching footsteps. Truthfully, I didn't have a mere minute of sleep; guarding my den is my main priority, and now it seems it may be under threat. With that thought in mind, I peer through a crack in the stone, only to feel my heart sink and my temper rise-- Alex and that godforsaken idiot of a reptile are investigating my land.

I hear them discussing plans, and notice their backs are turned. Without further hesitation, I soundlessly leap from my den and make for the canyon walls, scaling the rough rock with ease until I reach an overhang situated almost directly over the two dragons. Kneeling to the ground, I listen to their conversation.

The few words I catch tell me enough. They will not build here, I hiss in my mind. They can't.

In mere moments, I am at their temporary camp, embedding a single, wordless message into the soil. It is messy and rough, but is beyond easy to understand when taking more than a second to read it.

Siiiaaarrr, it reads.

"Consider yourself warned," I mutter to the sky, before returning to my den, going entirely undetected throughout my trek back.

6/27/2011 #6
Doragon Eichi

We looked at the view of the high point and gasped.

"Amazing! This view is spectacular! We can start construction as soon as the day after tomorrow" Alex said with a huge grin on his face. I just imagined pushing people off the huge cliff on my castle.

"This is going to be awesome. We can head back to camp and start collecting the needed material." I said already launching into the air. Alex followed right behind me and in a few minutes we were back in camp. But right next to the old fire was something scribbled into the dirt. I looked at it for a moment before I could read it.

"Oh shit..."

"What? I...Huh.." Alex said. "Well...What now?" He said looking at me but backed up quickly as I had a strange smile on my face.

"This is perfect...Perfect! She is here! She properly lives here! And we are close...We might be building right next to her home.." I pulled out a phone from my bag I carry with me.

"Hi..I need a construction team here pronto. Yes. I want them here as soon as possible. Bring enough material for a...castle with a courtyard. Thank you."

"Isn't she going to be pissed off?" Alex asked. "We are building on her home land."

"Personally? I don't care. By the time I am done with that place it will be our personal fortress. And she can't do anything about it!"

6/27/2011 #7

"I can't do anything about it, can I?" I screech, having moved to the opposite side of the plain to ensure the dragons won't help me. "I will do something, and I will keep you from taking my birthplace!"

I travel back to the canyon. Thankfully, they have left- judging from what I can see, they are also not back at their camp, ensuring I can leave another message.

You cannot win, it states. You won't be able to lay a corner stone without us sabotoging it. Prepare for your eternal sleep, dragon. Hush...

"Yes," I mutter to myself. "Us. Not I, but us..."

6/27/2011 #8
Doragon Eichi

We spent all day scouting all the area marking areas where good material could be found. We were flying through the air exhausted but happy.

"This is going to be good. I can't wait to see the great fortress that we will create!" I said beaming. But Alex was still worried.

"Are you sure we should do this? We had no idea this was her home! I don't know if we should be doing this..."

"Are you serious?! This is the place we have been searching for! We are going to let one freaking girl stand in our way to greatness!" We landed at the camp site and found another message. We both read to and one word struck the two of us.

"...Please tell me I am reading that wrong." Alex said gulping.

"Us..Her family...Maybe even her race..." I whispered. Alex started to breath fast and I just shook my head.

"No matter! We won't let this stop us. We are two elemental dragons. We...We can stop them." I said sounding confident. Alex nodded slowly.

"Yea! You're right. We can take them on." I looked over his shoulder and saw there was plenty of time left.

"Let's scout of that point again. I want to see if we can set up the area where we build the thing...and lets see if we can't find our friend either." Both of us forget our wearniess as we took off towards the ridge again. Except much more watchful.

"We will find you! There is no stopping us!" I roared loudly.

6/27/2011 #9

I bound up the enormous mountain, deftly leaping over boulders and skirting hollows in the ground. The rock surrounding me is charred and covered in ashes, remaining from the eruption which had occured many, many years ago, when I had been a mere hatchling.

I skid to a halt before the endless hollow at the peak of the mountain. Oddly enough, I'm not even panting, or tired, for that matter.

Cringing at the smell of soot and ashes, I hook my scythes into the inside of the hollow and call out. "They tell me they will stop me, and you," I tell the volcano. "But they... you must rise against this bitter fate, mustn't you?"

The mountain replies with an eerie screech. I swear I can see an approaching figure.

No, not one... two. Four. Ten. Twenty.


"They of old," I whisper. "I am of you. Musn't you help me?"

"You do not only stand against the dragons," a soft tone replied. "We all do."

"They will aid me, then?"

"We will," the voice confirms.

A pair of soft, gentle brown eyes appear to greet me as the mountain gives a low growl.

"It won't--"

"Erupt until we tell it to," the voice replied. "And even then, the eruption will not be the only force fighting. The dragons cannot harm us, for we are spirits. Spirits cannot be killed, no matter the form of attack used."

I grin.

They are helping me.

6/27/2011 #10
Doragon Eichi

"Yes? Good." I put the phone down and look at Alex who was looking at the view at the top.

"We have the army! They are coming with the construction forces. There will be no force that can defeat what I just called in." I called out but Alex didn't turn and only continued to stare out. I snorted. "Over thinking it as usual..Shame." I looked at the basic blue prints I drew out and smiled.

"I am going to love to see what that witch tries to bring up to beat my army. Ha! Properly sticks and stones. This land is as good as mine!" I laughed and put the plans back in my bag. "Foolish girl..."

Alex however wasn't so happy.

"I didn't know..Oh aspects what do I do? I don't want to start another war...But to leave him? I couldn't...What ever happened to finding a girl and settling down Alex..What do I do?" I asked out aloud.

"You live like a king in our castle!" I called out laughing. Alex just rolled his eyes.

"By the way Alex. We are settling down her till our forces come! I want to make sure she doesn't ruin anything!" I said before leaving to gather the material back at the camp. Alex confirmed he had heard and started to walk around the area.

6/27/2011 #11

"Will they, really?" I hiss to myself, watching as the dragons discuss their plans.

"I could distract and... play with them," stated the creature at my side, motioning toward the other five spirits resting on the overhang with us. "It would certainly be amusing for all of us, aside from the reptiles."

I grin. These spirits are what could help me win. All of them are bird-like, with the bodies covered in fur and scales, long spindly legs, enormous wings of a dragon edged with feathers, and crested heads with huge watery eyes and a beaks -not to mention claws- as sharp as my own blades.

"Go on," I reply, watching as the spirits descend. "Go on..."

6/27/2011 #12
Doragon Eichi

I was flying through the air happy as can be when the attack hit. I had no time to react as I was struck from above. What I did next was pure instict. I stopped beating my wings and dropped like a stone to the ground. I crashed but not hard and immdiantly got up again to see strange creatures circling me.

"That girl..." I muttered before shooting an ice crystal at one of them. I smiled knowing it would be a sure shot. But when it passed through it I started to panic.

"Oh crap..."

Alex on the other hand was having a much harder time. He already reliazed that his attacks did nothing and while retreating he had to watch his steps from all the fissures.

"Get away from me!" He cried trying to fend off the attacks. But nothing stopped them as they slashed into his body, tearing scales and letting the blood spill out. He tried to keep running but he tripped and fell into a small crevice. He was jammed in and couldn't move at all as the creatures circled him.

6/27/2011 #13

I could not help but chuckle in amusement. Allowing them to do their job, I ordered them to be sure to stop when they had efficiently wounded the dragons --quietly enough for the dragons themselves not to hear- and raced away in the direction of their settlement, still chuckling at their hisses and shrieks.

Another message would be waiting for the dragons.

They are on my side. We will rise against you. You have no hope against us.

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #14
Doragon Eichi

"GAH!" It seemed for the hundreth time I clawed at the creatures nothing seem to hurt them. But there beaks and talons could certainly hurt me. I was bleeding all over and I was sick of being so defenseless. Suddenly they looked at each other and flew off. I was little delirious from the Blood Loss so I didn't realize what had happened until I didn't feel the pain anymore. I looked around noticed they were gone and took off to the Castle site to check up on Alex.

Alex was stuck and bleeding in a small ditch.

"Ugh..." The creatures had left some time ago leaving him to his fate.

"What the heck were those things.." He murmured. He cleared his head and casted a healing spell which sealed up all the wounds and he used lightning to destroy the ground around him until he could get out. He stumbled towards the camp site and got there before I did. He read the message and sighed. I stumbled into him and asked.

"I see you were attacked as well.."

"And they couldn't be harmed. Dude what can we do against a creature that we can't even hit?" Alex asked while healing me.

"I'll tell you! We trap them...And I know just the thing." I said with a smile. I pulled out a cube from my bag.

"What is that?" Alex asked as he finished up on me.

"It is called Balegos Bane. It is said that he created this to store literal knowledge inside. But when he tried it out it sucked his soul inside leaving a husk. I...borrowed it from a musuem and I never found a use for it till now." I held it up high and yelled.

"You hear that witch! I will always be able to defend my self! You have nothing!" Alex just shook his head.

"How has it come to this.."

6/27/2011 #15

"They are planning to trap you," I mutter to the creatures.

"They are," one confirms. She is the leader; her name is Enigma. "However, what they don't realize is that there are too many of us to trap... literally an infinite amount. Spirits join us by the day. There is always another way for us to gain."

I nod, snorting with laughter. "They are truly stupid," I muse, humming thoughtfully. "They can't win this time."

"Enigma," another creature interrupted. "When are we to attack?"

"When I have determined it is the right time," Enigma replies.

Another spirit sighs heavily; it died young, and being a troublemaker at heart, it was immensely bored by all of this talk. "Enigma, may we go after them again?" it asks hopefully.

"I don't see why not," Enigma replies. "If all of us go but stay hidden, we should be fine. They cannot trap us all. There is no way."

"Plus the fact that you can take control of anything you trap," I add thoughtfully. "However. Don't attack them this time... I ask that mess with their minds and their senses until they are a the brink of insanity."

Enigma smiles. "You want to bring them down to your level?"

"For the love of the gods, no," I snap. "If they come to my level, where no thought goes unacknowledged... they will be much too intelligent."

"I understand," Enigma sighs, a playful glint in her eyes. "Let us be off... but what will you do, dear Ether?"

"I will travel back to the volcano," I reply carefully. "To speak with the others and inform them of our plan."

"They may have to follow us if we become trapped. You may have none to speak with."

"You will only be trapped for a few mintues," I reply. "There is nothing else they can do to you but trap you for a couple hundred seconds."

Enigma nods. "Yes..."

"Remember to keep going at them until they plead for mercy."

"I know, Ether."

"Alright," I add, jokingly, "Demons, begone!"

None of them realize I have taken the time to leave another message.

You are trapped ,it states. Just like you intended us to be. How horribly ironic.

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #16
Doragon Eichi

I sat curled up at the top of the hill wondering.

"Alex...Even with the Bane...There may be to many. I don't know how many there will be. What can we do to stop them?" When I didn't hear a answer I uncurled my self and looked back. Alex was standing up staring into space.

"Yo...Alex?" I walked up to him and poked him with my tail. He shook his head and he lost that look in his eyes.


"You were just staring at something dude. You alright?" I asked concerned.

"Of course I am! I just blanked out for a moment is all. It has been a stressful day and..." He stopped with his mouth open. I turned to where he was staring at but nothing was there.

"Hey Alex...You there?" He didn't answer me but he did speak.

"... Glacier? Is..Is that you my dear?" He whispered. I got worried. Glacier was his old lover. But she died a while ago bearing there eggs. Then when the hatchling hatched he only lived for a few minutes.

"Alex...She isn't here anymore. Snap out of it." I said gently. But he didn't listen and he began walking towards the edge of the of the cliff.

"I'm coming! Dear!" He yelled and ran towards his death. I gasped and got a hold of his tail. "Stop! What are you doing?! Let go of me!" He roared electrifying his body. It shot up my arm and I began to twitch but I wouldn't let go. He started to hiss and kick me. "Look! She is going away! I have to catch up with her! Let me go! I need to be with her!" He began kicking harder and I tasted blood in my mouth but I refused to let go. Eventually he stopped collapsed on the ground and started to sob. I could do nothing to comfort him except sit and wait. I know those blasted creatures did this. I wondered why they didn't do anything to me. Then I remembered. Everyone I ever loved had betrayed me. My parents were dead and my own sister mated to one of my mortal enemies. I hated thinking about Blizzard and brushed the thought away and looked around.

"I know you did this! I may not be able to see you but I know you are there! Cowards! Forcing a memory from him! Making him remember her! You will pay!" I took out the Bane and looked at the sky warily. But I saw nothing. I sat back down next to Alex and guarded him.

"I know you are there witch. And I will get you. This is no longer about the castle. You've made things personal." I mumbled staring into the sky.

6/27/2011 #17

"You have not fullfilled my wishes," I hiss from the darkness, narrowing my eyes.

"Oh, we will," comes Enigma's soft voice. "We just need to leave another message. However, I realize that he will obviously see you if you come out into the open now, so I'll need you to tell me what you want to write. Also... when do you plan to show yourself, coward?"

Her voice carries a joking tone, so I decide to brush it off. "Soon," I mutter. "Write, 'You are breaking... when will you shatter?"

"Will do, m'dear," Enigma whispers. "And I'll be sure to drive them both to the brink of insanity this time."

I watch from the shadows as Enigma scratches out the message, unbeknownst to the dragons, then appears before them to process their reactions...

6/27/2011 #18
Doragon Eichi

Alex was still curled up. He hasn't spoken since he saw her but I didn't worry. Something like that is sure to traumatize anyone. What worried me is what they would show me.

"Where are they..." I mumble before one of the creatures pops up right in front of me. I almost scream but control my self.

"And you want?" I ask feeling for the Bane with my tail. It pointed at some writing beneath it. I read it quickly.

"Never." I say before whipping out the Bane. I activate it and close my eyes as a brillant light envelops the creature. Once the light is gone I open my eyes and see she is no longer there.

"Perfect. I now have a specimen to study." I wave my paw over the writing and but the cube back in my bag.

"You can't get me! You will never get me!"

6/27/2011 #19

"Enigma?" I hiss in my mind. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," she replies telepathically. "I just feel a tad... closed in, per se."

"Get the others to distrac--" I order.

"Already on it," The others hiss. Before we all know it, Enigma is out, her eyes glowing a bright gold, entrancing the dragon. I choose this to be an opportune time to simply alert them of my presence.

"Siiiiiiaaarrr," I hiss, though the dragon is too distracted by our leader to notice.

6/27/2011 #20
Doragon Eichi

Those glowing eyes...I can't think when I stare into them. They seemed endless. Beautiful in a strange way. I tried to resist but I couldn't look away. I thought I heard the witch but that didn't bother me. I was under her control like a dog to a human no matter how hard I tried I couldn't pull away. Not even at the thought of Alex getting hurt.

"This is the end..." I murmured quietly. "I can't resist...I... can't..."

6/27/2011 #21

I watch as Enigma captures the dragon's attention. "You've got him, have you?"

"He says it's the end," Enigma replies aloud, no longer thinking to keep what she says to herself with the dragons distracted. "That he can't resist."

I step out into the open.

"Siiiaaaarrr," I hiss, approaching Alex with a rather sadistic grin while the other dragon is distracted. "You have shattered... but will you fall?"

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #22
Doragon Eichi

Alex covered his face with his wings.

"Please..Don't show her to me again..Please.." Alex sobbed. "I'll do anything! Just don't do it again!" He was ashamed of himself. He had always stood proud and tall, but now he was shattered and broken. But if he saw her one more time we would lose it.

6/27/2011 #23

"Enigma?" I ask.

"Don't speak," she replies. "Or I'll lose my focus. Luxis," she orders, gesturing towards one of the others while keeping her eyes locked on the other dragon's. "Show him."

6/27/2011 #24
Doragon Eichi

"NO! NOO!" Alex shut his eyes tight and curled into a ball and created an electric shield around himself.

"Get away from me! Stay back!"

6/27/2011 #25

Luxis gives a grin, probing his mind to indulge in his fears.

"Enigma?" I ask sharply, noting the other dragon's shaking.

Enigma smirks and draws away. "Now we watch," she tells me.

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #26
Doragon Eichi

I was free? I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and saw something. I was on the cliff but alone. Alex was gone and I was starting to worry until I saw something.

"Hello?" I asked out loud. Then I saw it. My best friend Alex with the Witch.

"Alex? What are you doing?" I asked.

"I've seen the error of my ways. Dealing with you was a terrible choice. You are evil. She was right all along." He said in a dull voice.

"No! No she is lying to you! Come back! Don't leave me!" But he were gone..Gone like everyone else. I was alone now. Forever. I started to breathe faster and harder.

"Alone...Alone! I can't be alone!" I began to tear at my self.

"Why!? Why does everyone end up leaving me?" I cried out. I then saw something...An outline of the Witch. I walked up to her slowly and grasped it's arm.

"Why am I un-loveable? Why will no one stand by me?" I asked quietly tears running down my face.

6/27/2011 #27

"You give them no reason to stand by you," I reply, tearing my arm free of the dragon's grasp. "And just for the record... your brother is horribly useless."

The dragon's eyes widen as I call his brother forward.

"You will obey me to the end, won't you?" I ask quietly.

Alex replies with a firm 'yes'.

"Rid yourself from this world," I order harshly, gesturing to the edge of the cliff. "Go."

6/27/2011 #28
Doragon Eichi

Alex walked slowly towards the cliff end and stopped at the end.

I shook my head and tried to move forward but I was weak from the hallucination.

"Alex...Don't.." I rasped. He didn't seem to hear me but continued no further. He just stared at the bottom. I looked up at her and spit in her direction.

"He is stronger then you think.."

6/27/2011 #29

"Not in a realm aside from that of reality," I hiss, forcing the dragon to throw himself over the cliff.

A moment before departing, I leave another message in the dirt.

His death was a dream. Wake.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #30
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