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Please post your character here and wait to be approved before you roleplay. Remember, I have Haruhi. She's sitting right there, on my shelf, and she's ticked off. You don't want her even angrier, do you?

Name (first then last):



Race (i.e. esper, alien...):





6/27/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #1

Name: Yasuhide Baisotei

Sex: Male

Age: 15

Race: Time Traveler

Appearance: White hair with blue eyes.

Flaws: Yasuhide puts Haruhi before himself, and earning Haruhi's affection before anything else. Possesses horrendous fear of spiders. Likely to say wrong thing at wrong time.

Powers: Standard fare of a time traveler, but also one hell of an actor.

Other: Yasuhide belongs to a loose group of supernatual beings dedicated to studying and guarding Haruhi Suzumiya.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #2

Good, but could you add another flaw or two please?

Name: Michi Ichigawa

Sex: Female

Age: 16

Race: Slider

Appearance: She has caramel-colored hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin is tanned, and she's abnormally tall and on the skinny side.

Flaws: She's very selfish and usually puts herself before anyone else. She can also be ignorant at times and says things before she thinks about them.

Powers: The ability to travel between dimensions, although she's not very good at it and it has major repercussions.

Other: She is not part of an organization and came to Haruhi's city of her own accord.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #3

Flaws have been added (see original post).

I really hope this forum can get somewhere. I've been trying to get in a Haruhi Suzumiya roleplay for a while.

6/29/2011 #4

Perfect! Sorry i got here so late. And I've got high hopes for this place as well. Go on to the North High thread. I'll RP with you if you want.

6/29/2011 #5

I've already asked this question, but can I submit another OC?

8/9/2011 #6


8/10/2011 #7

Name: Nikko Kajuji

Sex: Male

Age: appears 16

Race: Alien, apprentice time traveller

Appearance: Somewhat short, brown hair, green eyes

Flaws: Doesn't respect Suzumiya, and will speak his mind about her, even if this is in front of her. Occasionally has bouts of emotion, which are usually either unstoppable rage or perverse lust.

Powers: Limited ability of time travel, encyclopedia-like knowledge, access to large sums of money.

Other: Nikko acts as Yasuhide's assistant. He was created by a different entity than Yuki.

8/11/2011 #8

GARY-STU! Let 'em in.

8/11/2011 #9

He is? I'll change him, sorry *Panics*

8/11/2011 #10

Huh? No, I wasn't serious! Besides, aliens are all-powerful, didn't you know that? But how did the alien become an apprentice time-traveler...? Wouldn't that be like switching sides?

8/11/2011 #11

The group Nikko and Yasuhide belong to consist of a variety of strange beings, that are sort of like Time Lords. Yasuhide and Nikko are pretty much henchmen to them.

8/11/2011 #12

Ah. That works.

8/11/2011 #13
Cyberman Unit C-2821

Name: Xul Nergal, The One True Watcher, He Who Knows That Which Is Not, Eye Of The Chaotic Schism, One Who Sees The Changes, That B*stard, Oh God Not This Guy Again.

Sex: Impossbile To Determine, but presumably Male or Masculine

Age: Ha! Good One. Age is but a word to Nergal.

Race: Annunaki, Time Traveler

Appearance: Humanoid, with a grey scarecrow mask instead of a head or face. About the height of a human teenager or child. He/It has pale skin, elongated fingers, a slender body, and an unsettling, creepy voice. Typically wears:

1. A tattered mass of black or grey rags, with scarecrow mask.

2. A grey suit, skull bolo tie, and white stetson hat or black bowler hat (which hat he wears depends on his mood or intentions), with scarecrow mask.

He also smells like corpses.

Flaws: Disregard for the lives and safety of others, little to no ethics, using people as playthings, ruining lives, countries, or timelines for amusement, revenge, or maintaining the Almighty Status Quo. Always upholds his end of a deal.

Powers: Cannot die. Nergal is, in a sense, a being that was unborn, or born dead, or perhaps even un-created. There is no known way to kill him, but he may be exiled from a world, destroyed temporarily, displaced from time or a dimension, or rendered alive/created in some cases, which temporarily limits his power. He is capable of observing timeline shifts, even when the timeline that he is in has changed. Nergal is capable of extending his mind to multiple places at once, and has the ability to observe events on a cosmic scale. He can render himself selectively invisible, being seen only by those he chooses. He has a perfect memory, and therefore can recount the history of an entire dimension, if needed. He can remove himself from time loops, move between parallel worlds, and travel through time and space. He is an expert in the field of Psychology, and likes to psychoanalyze his foes and use their minds against them. What a troll. He also is very persuasive. He doesn't have mind control powers, but he just knows how to convince some people to do his bidding. At times, he will cause destruction seemingly without reason or anything to gain, but he claims that it is "in the name of the Almighty Status Quo. Even I have rules to follow." Can also shapeshift into revolting things, such as spiders, vermin, insects, and smoke. Prefers to turn into giant spiders for some reason.

Other: He tends to make deals with mortals, usually requiring a bloody, ridiculous, violent, or sinsiter sacrifice/exchange to be summoned. His pacts tend to alter an entire world, and typically have a Monkey's Paw/Genie Backlash: They always ruin some aspect of a person's life when that person seals the pact. He always upholds his end of a bargain, although reluctantly. When he encounters an entity that travels through time or has a godlike power, he plays a cruel game of wits with him/her/it, acting as an evil mastermind, a sort of Professor Moriarty. If he is beaten in his "games," he tends to reward his victims for their cunning, restoring their lives to the way they were before his interference, but with a few additions, be they positive or negative. His games, however, may lead his foes to lose their sense of morality and decency to defeat him, causing innocent people to turn into murderous monsters. Just for laughs, he likes to make sure that the winners of his games retain memories of the horrors they experienced.

Additional: His birth/un-creation appears to pre-date the Big Bang, and the divergence of all worlds in the multiverse. It can be assumed that his race were the inhabitants of the very first universe in all of reality, but there is no proof to back this, or any of his outlandish claims. Despite all of his godlike powers, he prefers to act with the same level of power as a mortal, resorting to murder, corruption, conspiracy, and other vile methods to win his games. He only plays the games so that he may have a challenge, as his supposed godhood can be boring when one has "done all that one would ever wish to do with infinte power. Become rich, live forever, when you have done these things for a thousand lifetimes, they lose their value. You begin to crave limitation, excitement, and fear. You wish you could once again feel the rush of adrenaline, the abscence of safety." That is a quote of his I plan to use in the future. He enjoys observing the conflict, ridicule, and strife of others, and compares human beings to ants, claiming to only ponder for a brief moment whether they are truly alive, then proceed with his plans, like a child would before burning an ants' nest with a magnifying glass. He does not comprehend the concept of love, and assumes that love is merely reproduction. He also claims that the human concept of love is an illusion of instinct.

Weaknesses: Contract Loopholes, Lawyers, The Almighty Status Quo, Happiness, Positive Reinforcement, Outside Interference, Insane Unreasonable People.

Despite the fact that he has Godlike Power, he prefers to stay on the sidelines, observing, mocking, and making eldritch pacts. He rarely ever intervenes with the problems of others, and just likes to cause mischief. A sad godhood, indeed.

7/4/2013 . Edited 7/4/2013 #14
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