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Living room.

11/10/2011 #61

Okay! *Goes to Living Room*

11/10/2011 #62

*poofs to Living Room*

11/10/2011 #63
Lobo Argost

Name: Arata Orihara

Age: 15

Appearance: Tall, lanky with some muscle, black hair that's slightly unkempt, dark brown eyes, and light colored skin.

Personality: Very curious and likes to read and study, but he's also loyal to his deals and looks with contempt on those who break their word.

Path: Bast

Hosting: Thoth

Normal Clothing for magic: Cotton socks with Japanese style sandals that are ade from reeds it looks like, dark denem jeans, a cotton shirt, and a cotton windbreaker with a fur trim. He's strong enough to wear a small amount of animal stuff on his clothing, like the fur. He also wears a choker with a Bast amulet on it.

Everyday clothing: See above.

Extras: Being of Japanese despite the blood of the Pharohes in his blood, he wields a chokuto, a Japanese straight sword, rather than a Khopesh, and his combat avatar resembles Susanoo, the Shinto storm god, rather than Bast or Horus. When asked about it, he says it's for keeping in touch with his Japanese roots.

Magic: Arata is predominantly a combat mage of prodigious talent, making him rather strong for his age. He uses his combat avatar in combination with fire magic, having a particular liking for conjuring black flames that ignite at his line of sight and can't be extinguished by conventional means. He calls these flames Amaterasu, another nod to his Japanese roots by referancing the Shinto sun goddess of the same name, though these flames are taxing, so he invokes them with Divine Words in order to avoid overly draining his own reserves of energy. This is aided by having symbol of Ma'at tattooed on his tongue. As a host of Thoth, he not only has greater than average stores of energy, but also has the ability to open portals on the Demon Days, as he hosts a god of magic. He also drinks water purified by Thoth near exclusively, enhancing his reserves further. He's also known to use simple, yet effective glamors in combat to confuse his foes. All in all, if you're his ally, you're in good hands. If you're his enemy, then you better pray that he doesn't find you.

11/11/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #64

A few things: he's overly talented, and a little Gary Stu-ish. Please remove a couple of powers. And can you shave some years off, so that he's more of a kid? Because if he hadn't learned to control his powers, he'd be dead long before 25.

11/12/2011 #65
Lobo Argost

I removed the Shabti crafting and healing. And he's now 15.

11/12/2011 #66

Okay, thanks, he's now accepted!

11/12/2011 #67
The Jade Empress

Are you still accepting?

Name: Eris

Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearance: long, dark brown hair, blue eyes, tannish skin and about 5'5

Personality: She doesn't mind people, but could go without them, either way she's fine. She makes effort to do the best she can, she's very smart. At first she can come across tired or emotionless, but once you get to know her she has a sense of humor, a quick tongue when needed, and is loyal to her friends.

Path: Isis, goddess of Magic

Hosting: N/A

Clothing: Jeans, a dark blue linen t-shirt, sweater, sneakers. Will wear linen clothes if she has too. Always wears an amulet of Isis

Type of magic: Elementalist (best at water and fire,) but uses the other types of magic.

Weapon: wand, staff, her Elemental magic, she has a dagger

12/10/2011 . Edited 12/10/2011 #68

Name- Jadette Mernia

Appearance- She is medium sized and Regular skinny not to big and is sort of tan. She is kind of short in height.

Hair: She has medium length Honey brown hair that is perfectly straight

Eyes: Lime Green

Skin: Slightly Tan

Personality- Jadette is punk rock skater all the way she is very tough but some times can be in your face and she is not afraid to speak her mind. She might scare others and loves to play pranks on them too. She is not goth or emo though but she sometimes acts it but not often usually she loves to be in the know all the time. She was also involved in soccer and loves to play it . She is also Nice to the people she trusts but in this game of life she might not trust anyone.She is sometimes hyper and can get crazy. She may want to be in a relationship she will probably fall for a joker but she will obviously deny that she in fact is in love with that person . She is sarcastic and can sometimes be arrogant but all around she is a pretty awesome person to be around . She is sometimes a perfectionist and has a spazz attack if things are not in order .

Path- Anubis

Hosting- None Yet

Normal Clothes for Magic- a dark purple halter top with jean short shorts and dark black wedges .Her hair streak is blue. With her Ankh symbol around her neck.

Everyday Clothes- Black skinny jeans with a crimson and white layered top with a black short leather jacket and her hair streak would be crimson with her same combat boots also her Ankh symbol around her neck

Extras- Nope except she kind of takes a liking to Anubis but doesn't want to upset Sadie I have a question can I be Anubis or Bast well mostly Bast :D

12/10/2011 . Edited by remembertheginger, 12/12/2011 #69

@ The Jade Empress: she's accepted!

@ EternalDarkness101: she's also accepted! And if you want to be Bast, that's fine, but Anubis is being played by the guy who's hosting him.

12/12/2011 #70
Great thanks for letting me be Bast and it's okay about Anubis I understand :D thanks for excepting me.
12/12/2011 #71

No problem!

Hm... let's see. I have... I think... Sadie and an OC of mine open.

12/12/2011 #72

Name: Ariadne Chidestel (goes by Ari)

Appearance: She's eight, so she's short... she has long, light blond hair and pine green eyes, and fair skin.

Personality: Kinda stubborn... not very good at backing down from something if she thinks she's right. She'll argue just to make her own point. But she's a great friend. Just don't let her have sugar...

Path: Doesn't know yet

Hosting: No one

Normal clothing for magic: white linen tee-shirt, blue jeans, a blue headband

Everyday clothing: A purple tee-shirt and jeans

Extras/anything I missed: Ro's sister.

I approve Ari, 'cause I've been using her a lot...

12/12/2011 #73

Hi, I would like to join, and I was just wondering, can we make up our own Gods/Goddesses? Because, I would like to be following the path of an ocean goddess, and (atleast not that I know of) there isn't one. I don't really want to follow the path of Nephthys... Also, is anyone Carter?

12/31/2011 #74

Feel free to join! Sorry, this isn't a create your own god/goddess forum, but if you want to follow Tefnut, the goddess of moisture, or Kabechet, goddess of healing water, you can. And yes, Animal Charmer 11 is Carter.

1/1/2012 #75
ok. can I make two people? I won't make a second one now, but maybe in a little bit.
1/1/2012 . Edited 1/1/2012 #76

Anyone on?

1/1/2012 . Edited 1/1/2012 #77

Name: Devon Rex Brown

Appearance: Long, chocolate-colored 'wavyish' hair. Green eyes with wicked long eyelashes. She has long nails that are never painted.

Personality: She can be very stubborn when she wants to be and doesn't show when she's scared or sad because it makes her feel weak. She's sort of a Tom boy, but not completely. You'll never find her in a dress, skirt, or anything like that, and the idea of having a crush on someone sort of grosses her out. She's very protective, loyal, and honest.

Path: Bast

Hosting: No one... At least no one that she knows of...

Normal clothing for magic: A green linen T-shirt and long, black, linen pants. nothing very noticeable.

Everyday Clothes: Blue sweatshirt and dark jeans. Sometimes a thin headband.

Extras: Her family loves cats so much that they named her Devon Rex after the cat breed. She lost her family when she was little, but no one knows and she hasn't told anyone.

1/1/2012 . Edited 1/1/2012 #78

Accepted, and yes, you can make as many characters as you want.

1/1/2012 #79

Cool, I might make one to follow Tefnut later. So... wanna rp?

1/2/2012 #80


1/14/2012 #81

NAME: May Dally


APPEARANCE: chin length blonde/brown hair,fairly skinny,hight:"5" foot,weight: "140" pounds ,eyes:green in light,glowing blue in dark,plus i can change eye color to black when hiding, skin: white/lightly tanned,british accent,jean shorts,t-shirt,running shoes,Need more?

HISTORY:I got brainwashed last year,and completely different appearance. I've been living in different places,I have a job as a janitor. I don't know much. Whats amazing is I know what I learned in school but no other memories,but 1( gingerroot15 i'm sadie's long lost friend) my best friend sadie.

POWERS: I don't know them yet.

1/28/2012 . Edited by remembertheginger, 1/29/2012 #82

Make her a little less Mary Sue-ish, follow my guidelines for the OC creating, and you're good.

1/29/2012 #83
Whats OC? And I don't know who is Mary Sue.
1/29/2012 #84
All the other things are a mystery. In the 'Anywhere that isn't Brooklyn' topic ,when your people encounter me, you can ask questions there.
1/29/2012 #85

Mary Sue is a term fanfictioners use for a female OC who's perfect in every way. They usually have a bunch of powers, or are really mysterious, or both. They generally end up the main hero of the story, and usually end up saving one or more people. And a guy ends up falling for them.

2/3/2012 #86

Name: Leonardo Rotem

Appearance: 5"9 with sandy brown hair and green eyes. He has lightly tanned skin and a scar down the left side of his face

Personality: Leodardo has a 'devil may care' attitude towards life, he hosts the goddess of destruction and follows the path of Chaos for gods sake, how could he not be a dare devil? He always plays practical jokes that usually end in someone getting hurt and has almost no regard for the safety of others.

Hosting: Sekmet

Path: Set

Normal clothing for magic: Brown woven pants and top.

Everyday clothing: Jeans, a red t shirt and red Converse All Stars(c). He wears an amulet of Set around his neck

Extras/anything I missed: He's British

6/28/2012 #87


6/28/2012 #88

Name: eileen diamond

Appearance: medium heigh, green eyes, long light brown hair braided in some parts with blue string, pale skin

Personality: smart, kind, sweet, bubbly, quiet, shy

Path: Khonsu

Hosting: Khonsu (i know he's a guy but yeah)

Normal clothing for magic: silver t-shirt with balck shorts. she wores a silver necklac with a moon on it.

Everyday clothing: Black jeans, a white shirt, a black leather jacket and a silver scarf

Extras/anything I missed: eileen is the decednt of the first and real female pharoh Hatshepsut

So basically like that.

3/3/2013 #89
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