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Lia cracked a smile. "Yes it is."

6/2/2012 #1,051
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Well. Since you are awake i will go into the house through your bedroom." I climbed through the window. "Sleep well, Lia."

6/2/2012 #1,052

Lia nodded and stared blankly out at the rising sun. "Good night, Jack," she whispered, soft enough that he couldn't hear.

6/2/2012 #1,053
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

Jack thought he heard Lia say something but he wasn't sure. He walked to his bed and fell asleep.

6/2/2012 #1,054

"Have you made your choice yet?" A feminine voice startled Lia.

"What choice? Who are you?" Lia demanded.

The voice chuckled and a slim figure materialized next to Lia. Was that a lioness? "Oh, Lia, you should know me."

"Tefnut?" Lia gasped quietly.

"Yes, Lia. I am Tefnut. Have you made your choice?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Lia said stubbornly.

"You could do it, you know. Give Jack back to the assassins. Nut would be more than happy to remove your curse if you did."

Lia gritted her teeth. "No."

6/2/2012 #1,055
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

Jack awoke. His Assassin senses were tingling. He reached for his sword.

6/2/2012 #1,056

Tefnut sighed, seemingly sad. "Why wouldn't you? Maybe I'd even be willing to give you back your sight."

That threw Lia for a loop. "You would?"

Tefnut nodded. "I'd be happy to! The only reason I blinded you was so your father would understand what a mistake he made by insulting me. He would not have cared if I'd done anything to him."

((Jack can come any time now...))

6/2/2012 #1,057
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

Jack was creeping into Lia's bedroom. He saw her and this...lioness? talking. He strained his ear ready to jump at a moment notice.

6/2/2012 #1,058

Lia was really struggling to make a choice now. Her mind was so focused she didn't notice the sound of footsteps outside her door.

Tefnut laughed merrily. "Well, Lia? Your time is almost up. Choose!"

6/2/2012 #1,059
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

Choose, Choose what?

6/2/2012 #1,060

Lia bit her lip. She wanted to scream, I can't! "Let's bargain instead."

Tefnut replied, "Oh, no. You had your chance to bargain, your whole life. Now is the time to choose."

"I... I..." she took a deep breath. "I choose... I want to see again."

((Maybe Lia realizes her mistake later and goes back to rescue him? Then loses her sight again, but keeps her curse off?))

Tefnut smiled and snapped her fingers. "So be it." With a flash, Lia screamed and suddenly she saw the sky for the first time in ten years. "Oh," she breathed.

Tefnut snapped her fingers again. Lia felt a weight lift off her; she could literally feel her curse dissolving. And suddenly Jack was thrown into the room.

"Did... did you hear all that?" Lia gasped.

6/2/2012 #1,061
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Just the last bit. What did you choose?"

6/2/2012 #1,062

Lia buried her face in her hands. "Oh, Jack, I'm so sorry... I chose to be released from my curse, and to see again. But I have to give you back to the assassins now."

Tefnut beckoned to Jack. "Come."

6/2/2012 #1,063
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

Jack smiled. "Don't weep. Be glad. You had a chance you took it." He stood up. "Ready."

6/2/2012 #1,064

Tefnut stalked one circle around jack and a fine mist fell over them. Another circle and they disappeared.

Lia slowly sat on her bed. She should be happy; she was free of her curse, able to see. So why didn't she feel that way?

It felt like she had betrayed Jack, that's why.

6/2/2012 #1,065
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(Psst! Where should I go?)

6/2/2012 #1,066

((Anywhere Outside of Brooklyn House, or whatever Ale called the topic. I don't even remember.))

6/2/2012 #1,067
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(Will you be there?)

6/2/2012 #1,068

((Mmhm, I'll keep playing Tefnut. You'll have to help me on the stuff I don't know, though.))

6/2/2012 #1,069
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(K already there.)

6/2/2012 #1,070
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