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Maya's expression changed from hurt to angry. "D'ya mind? I'm going to go hunt down that stupid cow."


9/20/2012 #451
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(NO!!!!!!!) "Only if you can find her."

9/20/2012 #452

Maya smiled grimly. "Believe me, when I want to find someone, there is nothing that can keep me from tracking them."

9/21/2012 #453
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Are you sure about this?" I said looking at her.

9/21/2012 #454

"Absolutely," Maya nodded. "My stuff is still in the Duat, so I should be okay. If I'm not back within a week, don't come looking, no matter what."

9/21/2012 #455
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Okay." I kissed her on her cheek then stood up. "Good luck."

9/21/2012 #456

Maya was thankful it was dark, which did well to conceal the blush creeping up her cheeks. "See you soon." With that she sprinted off, towards a museum.

9/21/2012 #457
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"See ya." I said to her back. Jack sighed. "Seriously Jack." I whipped around. Short was standing there.

9/21/2012 #458

Maya checked her watch; three minutes until midnight. She sighed in relief as she found a suitable museum, and deftly picked the lock, making sure not to set off any alarms, and even lock the door again once she was inside. Taking a deep breath, the green-haired girl drew her wand and staff out of the Duat, then stepped up to the obelisk. It was midnight; Maya quickly opened a portal to the Duat and stepped through. The drain on her wasn't as big this time, but it was enough that she knew not to use too much magic besides another portal.

9/21/2012 #459
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"What do you want Short?" I said clenching my teeth. "You know their is a warrent for your arrest." "Yes."

9/21/2012 #460

Spirits wandered around her, and Maya knew she'd landed too far downstream. She began to walk up the river, to the Sunny Acres Retirement Home. Once there, she spotted Tawaret almost immediately; since the goddess was a protector of children, and Maya had been a child extremely down on her luck, Maya had always been special to the goddess. "Hi, Tawaret," she greeted with a genuine smile.

Tawaret beamed. "Maya! What brings you here? And with no partner, for that matter?"

"I need to find Hathor," Maya confessed, hoping the pleading expression and voice would work. "Do you have any idea where she is?"

9/21/2012 #461
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"So I need to take you in." Jack sighed. "You know that won't work."

9/21/2012 #462

Tawaret smiled. "Something happen between you and Jack?"

"You could say that," Maya replied evenly; she'd become very good at keeping her voice under control, working with assassins. A bit of weakness and they'd tear you to pieces.

"She's out helping mortal couples," The hippo goddess sighed. "I think she's in Colorado now. Botanical gardens, she said."

Maya thanked Tawaret and exited the retirement home before opening a portal to the Colorado Botanical Gardens. Stepping through, she cursed her lack of magical energy and resolved not to do anything too straining in the next few days.

9/22/2012 #463
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
Short drew his gun and leveled it at Jack's chest. "Come quietly." Jack reacted fast hitting Short's gun out of us hands. Jack then tackled him.
9/22/2012 #464

Maya knew she'd need a bit more magic to actually find Hathor. She cast a tracking spell and was led to the apricot trees. "Hathor," Maya said through gritted teeth.

The goddess looked up, her dark brown eyes wide and soulful. "Can I help you, dear?"

"Jack Raymond. You put a curse on him I don't know how many years ago. I want it gone."

Hathor tsked. "He deserved it. Why would I release him from it?"

Maya stared into Hathor's eyes, her own pale blue searching the deep brown. "Because I'll take it on."

9/22/2012 #465
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
Short threw Jack off him. Jack punched at short but short ducked and punched him in the stomach
9/22/2012 #466

((GTG -.-))

Hathor smiled a small smile. "I'm listening."

"Take the curse off Jack," Maya pleaded. "Put it on me. I won't bother you again."

"If you're really so sure," Hathor shrugged. She breathed in deeply; when she exhaled, a fine blue mist settled over Maya. "There. Now go."

Maya found the nearest obelisk and portaled back to the Brooklyn House. She picked the lock on Lia's room and said to the other girl, "I'm leaving. I can't stay. Tell Jack not to look for me, alright?"

Lia nodded to the terms, and Maya was off.

9/22/2012 #467
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY


Jack grunted. Short took the time and grabbed his gun. Jack stumbled after him

9/22/2012 #468

And now, back to the assassins, Maya thought bitterly. She'd need to find Ricky, who would be able to brew her up something to make her hate Jack. Not that she wanted to, but if it meant he was safe, it was well worth it.

9/23/2012 #469
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

Jack slamed his shoulder into Short. Short fell to the ground. BANG! Short's gun discharged. Jack staggered back clutching at his side, blood flowing freely from it.

9/23/2012 #470

Maya swore as she realized she'd have to find Jack again and sever the link between them. Once an assassin found a good partner, the two were linked together to work together better ((think parabatai from MI.)). The only reason Maya had remembered this was because she'd just felt a sharp pain in her side--- no doubt thanks to Jack.

9/26/2012 #471
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"You...You...you shot me." Jack said stumbling back. Short grabbed his gun. "Techinaclly no. Hypothenetical, yes." Short repiled. "This will be easier to bring you in." Short grabbed Jack by the arm on the opposite side of the wound and dragged him.

9/26/2012 #472

Maya portaled to Jack and found Short dragging him away. She darted out and whacked Short on the head with the butt of her staff; he fell to the ground, unconscious. "You're welcome," she rolled her eyes as she inspected Jack's wound. "Alright, I don't have any magic left besides what I need for the healing, and barely that, so I can't put a pain-killing spell on it. This is going to hurt."

9/27/2012 . Edited 9/27/2012 #473
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
"Just do it." Jack said gritting his teeth. "I'm assuming you found Hathor?"
9/28/2012 #474

Maya dug the bullet out as quickly as she could; she quickly said a healing spell and bright green hieroglyphs landed on Jack. "Yeah, I found Hathor." She took a deep breath and said, "I hope you can forgive me for this." Quick as lightning, she whacked Jack on the head with the butt of her staff, and he crumpled to the ground, also unconscious. She muttered the spell to sever the link between them; Maya barely had time to stumble about a half-mile to the other side of the park before she passed out from lack of energy.

9/28/2012 #475
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
A few minutes later Short stirred awake. "I swear! If I see Maya's face ever again I'm going to bust her face." He looked over at Jack's body. "What the...?" Short shook his head. He grabbed Jack and dragged him to his car.
9/28/2012 #476

Lia was a little worried. It was nearly dawn, and Jack still wasn't back yet.

9/28/2012 #477
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
Short got in the driver seat. He cuffed Jack to make sure he couldn't do anything. He then turned on the car and headed to the police station.
9/28/2012 #478

Lia said a tracking spell after Jack; he was in a police car. Lia rolled her eyes. What did you get yourself into?

9/29/2012 #479
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
Jack groaned. "Whakey, Whakey! Eggs and bacony!" Jack groaned again. "Where are we going? Where's Maya?" "Oh, your little girlfriend? She disappeared without you."
9/29/2012 #480
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