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Sadie shrugged. "If you're so eager, I guess so. Alright, I want to work with you on water elementalism. I know you're not good at it," she cut Lia off when the necromancer began to protest. "That's why we're working on it."

Lia rolled her eyes. "There's a reason I work better with fire," she muttered.

10/6/2012 #511
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

Jacob striaghtened his tie. "Alright, but remeber i'm Robert not jacob." "Yes, sir Robert." Jacob rolled his eyes. He knocked on the door.

10/6/2012 #512

Sadie sighed. "Alright, what do you know about it?"

"Um... it's like any element, right?" Lia nodded. "Only, it's water. So... it's different. More flow-y."

Sadie facepalmed. "Obviously, not a ton."

10/8/2012 #513
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

Short cam back in and sat down. "So, Robert, I assume that you have told your client not to talk." "You assume right." Short sighed then started the questions, alibis, and crime etc. etc.

10/8/2012 #514

"I can go get Ro," Lia offered, hoping to find Ro then ditch. "She'd be more interested in this stuff."

"Uh-uh," Sadie shook her head no. "I know the tricks, Lia. I've used 'em all. You're staying here and Ro can come on her own time. Alright, grab your wand and staff."

Sighing, Lia drew her wand and staff.

"I think you'll work best with ice, since that can match your personality occasionally," the blonde smirked.

10/8/2012 #515
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Well. That is the facts and charges." Short said wrapping it up.

Robert striagthened his tie. "Still not confessing."

Short slammed the file close. "Fine. See you in trial if it makes it." He then headed out the door.

Robert turned to Jack. "Insanity plea?"

10/8/2012 #516

Lia grumbled, pulling her black-and-purple hair back into a ponytail. "What now?"

Sadie frowned, trying to remember. "Water really isn't my thing either. Um... I guess just think ice?"

10/8/2012 #517
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Come on! Insanity will not fly and if it does i will be sent to an asylum for 50 freaking years! No thank you!"

Robert shrugged. "Lay off. First case with murder."

"Comforting." I said slouching back. Just then the M.P.s came in to take me to my cell. I nodded at Robert and the guards took me away. The cell they took me to had another guy in though he wasn't looking at us.

10/8/2012 #518

"How helpful," Lia replied sarcastically. She tried, she really did; nothing was coming.

"Ouch!" Sadie yelped, glaring at her student. "The thorns were unnecessary!"

The necromancer blinked. "Sorry?"

Sadie's stare could have curdled milk. "It's nice and all that you got some plants growing, but the the thorns were not needed!"

"Not my fault," Lia muttered mutinously. "I didn't do those."

10/10/2012 #519
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
The guards closed the door. "So...watcha in for?" I said to the guy. "Robbery and murder. You?" He said turning to me. "What the...? You are only 14? 15? And you are in jail!" I sat down. "Tell that to the 23 counts of murder." He choked.
10/11/2012 #520

"I heard that," Sadie rolled her eyes. "Then who did?"

Ari peeked out from behind a bookshelf, trying to control her laughter. "Sorry. That was me."

Lia gaped. "Ari? When did you get here?"

The light blond girl shrugged. "About ten minutes ago."

10/12/2012 #521
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
"That's not possible! You? 23?" The guy choked out. I shrugged.
10/13/2012 #522

Sadie raised an eyebrow. "Since when have you been using plants?"

"Ro taught me a bit," the nine-year-old smiled. "I can learn more than one thing, right? Because I love animals. And healing."

10/13/2012 #523
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Well...get some sleep. You are going to need it." The guy said turning back over. I took his advice. As soon i fell asleep my ba rose and flew brooklyn house. Go figure!

10/13/2012 #524

Lia sighed. "Ari, you're already having trouble choosing what you'll study. Don't add more to the equation."

Ari's face fell. "I like knowing a lot, though."

10/13/2012 #525
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

He came upon Lia, Sadie, and some other girl. They were arguing about the girl's path.

10/13/2012 #526

Lia blinked. She could feel the presence of a ba in the room. "Just a moment, Sadie, Ari." She shifted her vision to see into a few layers of the Duat and saw that it was Jack. Walking up to him and crossing her arms, she sighed, "Hello. Maya's not coming back."

10/13/2012 #527
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Wait? What! Who, what, when, why, and how!" I said in disbelif.

10/13/2012 #528

"Who, Maya. What, she's not coming back. She can't. Didn't tell me why. When, about an hour before sunrise. Why, no idea. How, again, no idea." Lia listed each point off on her fingers.

10/13/2012 #529
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

I (my ba) sat down. "Of course."

10/13/2012 #530

"Ah, do you have any idea why?" Lia asked curiously.

10/13/2012 #531
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"I've noticed that some part of me felt missing and that is why I slipped up and got caught by Short. When two assassins pair up they form a bond. A bond of strength. A bond of pantership." jack said looking down.

10/13/2012 #532

"Oh," Lia said softly, piecing together what he didn't say. "And she severed the bond."

10/13/2012 #533
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Not only that. She stole one of my curses."

10/13/2012 #534

"Curses?" Lia looked concerned for the first time. "What curses?"

10/13/2012 #535
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

I waved my hand (or what counted as my hand). "It doesn't matter."

10/13/2012 #536

"Jack," Lia threatened. "Tell me or else."

10/13/2012 #537
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"The only curse that matters is i was cursed by Hathor that if i loved anyone and i loved them back, their heart would break and they would never trust me ever again, and Maya took it."

10/13/2012 #538

Lia blinked, realizing the sheer self-sacrifice Maya had made for Jack. "Oh."

10/13/2012 #539
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"Stupid. I should have known she would have done something was like this."

10/13/2012 #540
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