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"Don't blame yourself," Lia comforted. "It was her decision. There's nothing you could have done."

10/13/2012 #541
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"But now she can't love or be loved. this curse will change her life." I said a tear threatning to show.

10/13/2012 #542

"Curses change everyone's lives," Lia said, reaching out a hand.

10/13/2012 #543
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

I took it. "Hopefully she didn't take any other curses." I said under my breathe.

10/13/2012 #544

Lia shook her head no. "You'd be able to feel if any more were gone."

10/13/2012 #545
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"True." I said. I felt deep inside. "Nope. All there espicallys A's."

10/13/2012 #546

((Oh my god... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_xB1AYhlCE&feature=related Please excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out.))

"A's?" Lia frowned. She gasped as She felt a cold wave of nothing wash over her. Whipping around, she saw Ari staring at her, deathly pale. "What was that for?!" She demanded.

Ari's eyes were wide. "Beware the weeping angels..."

10/13/2012 #547
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

"What the...?" I swicthed to recording mode.

(note i haven't seen doctor who.)

10/13/2012 . Edited 10/13/2012 #548

((I know. It's so beautiful, though.))

Lia blinked out of Duat-mode. "Ari, what are you talking about?"

"When the moon cries, the angels come out. When the angels cry, the river dries up."

10/13/2012 #549
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

I kept listening. What the hell is she talking about?

(Oh! I get it! You are making a doctor who referene.)

10/13/2012 . Edited 10/14/2012 #550

((Nope. Only the weeping angels. The meaning is: when Khonsu cries, ... I have no idea. When I have no idea cries, Ro dies. Because she's hosting Nephthys (the river). :D))

Ari collapsed to the ground. Sadie and Lia both rushed over to her, worried.

10/14/2012 #551
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
I thought about this. Moon, weeping angels, and dying. It sounded to familiar to him.
10/14/2012 #552

((GTG. Stupid brother.))

Ari gasped and sat up. "Wh-what happened?"

Sadie looked grim. "You just spouted a prophecy, I think."

10/14/2012 #553
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(Sorry, Mobile. And bye)

Jack shivered.

10/14/2012 #554

"A--- a prophecy?" Ari's eyes were shining with tears. "I don't want to be a diviner, though."

10/16/2012 #555
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
I felt my ba returning. I yelled towards Lia. "I'll be back soon!" Then I returned. (Only on for a second. May be on later.)
10/16/2012 #556

((Okay, bye!))

Lia turned, hearing Jack's ba being whisked away. She could hear his faint voice, but couldn't make out what he'd said.

10/16/2012 #557
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(I'm back!)

Jack woke up with the guy stareing at him. "Perv." Jack muttered before getting up.

10/16/2012 #558
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(Random memory: Kenz-OMG I LOVE DOCTOR WHO! Espcially David Tennet. Friend-Anybody want a Ghetto Sonic Screwdriver? Kenz-NO! DO NOT DEFIL THE SONIC SCREWDRIVER! Friend-But its wood so you can't get elecrouted and it is invicible. Kenz-O-O OMG! My mind just...blew!)

10/17/2012 #559

Sadie held out a hand to help Ari up. "That didn't sound like it was intentional. That sounded more like someone speaking through you."

10/18/2012 #560
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
I got up. The guy said, "time for chow." We got ready to go to breakfast.
10/19/2012 #561

((Do we want to skip all this and get back to a topic with less love?))

10/20/2012 #562
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY
(Sure. How so?)
12/14/2012 #563

((Uh... like, move it to the dining room, where it should be? :P))

12/15/2012 #564
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(Your character would be able to fo that. My character is in jail.)

12/15/2012 #565

((Ah. Right.))

12/17/2012 #566
Jack Raymond 'Blade of RWBY

(So...How do you wanna roll this?)

12/17/2012 #567
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