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The current residence of Andrea and Andrew Reinolds. A short distance from the Archibalds and surrounded by beautiful forestry.

6/19/2012 #1

"yeah starting this year, how about you, going to Constance?" he asked as they arrived infront of her house.

"Yeah so I guess I'll see you on Monday?" She turned to unlock her door, "Well are you going to brunch at the Archibalds tomorrow."

Luke smirked at the oppertunity, "yeah, I will be, but..." he looked up at her with his teal eyes, "if you're hungry now I can make you that pasta," he

offered innocently

Andi nodded, "Cool maybe if your lucky ill sit next to you." she tease, at his question she shrugged, "Sure." she opened the door And let him enter first before following. "Hi dad." she greeted as he ate cereal at the bar.

"hey mr. Reinolds," Luke nodded to the man. He didn't exactly know what to say, he was obviously just relaxing or having a mid night snack.

"Hello," He wiped his mouth and stood up to shake the boys hand, "Luke right?" he had only met the boy once, "No Chuck tonight? That's surprising I would think you have a lot of catching up to do." Andi shrugged, "Oh he was busy," she looked sad for a minuet but pushed the feling deep down, the last thing she was going to Di was chase him. "But Luke offered to cook me a snack."

"if that's alright with u sir," Luke expressed knowingly

Andrew nodded, "Yes of course, as long as you save some for me." he chuckled a little, taking his laptop and going to the living room, "I'll give you your space Andi Pandi." Andi grimaced at the kid name everyone had once used on her. As she watched her dad walk out in sweats she had to laugh, while the divorce was ** her shehundredfold it in a way. Her parents were nothing a like, her mother a snobbish socialite,fads dead was more relaxed, chilled, he'd rather take his kids out for dinner then go to a gala. She smiled up at Luke, "So Luke, what are we cooking tonight?" she clapped eager to learn something new.

"Well, are you allergic to anything or you know picky about food in anyway?" Luke asked as he looked around the kitchen for pots and pans, and ingredients.

Andi looked at him, "Hmm I'm not allergic to anything but I don't like pork." she confided, "It's like eating a poor baby pig, I just couldn't hear it."

"that's good cause I don't cook pork," he smiled as he found a bag of farfalle and ingredients to make his own sauce, and gathered vegetables knowing the hour isn't exactly great for meat. "so here," he gave her the pot. "start by filling that up with water and put it on the stove to boil." he excitedly instructed

"Alright." Andi did as Luke said and after covering the pot turned to Luke for further instruction.

"add some salt and then the pasta once the water starts to boil," he explain as he washed some spinachyou here," hpalaces another pan infront of her on the stove, as he stood behind her and started to add ingredient for thesauce. Flour, water, milk, butter, cheese and white wine. " how does it smell," he whispered to her still standing behind her as he taxed the sauce around the pan watching it get thicker as the past started to cook andafloat to the top of the potyou could you sift that out?" he nodded his head at the ready pasta floating in water. "and bring it back to mix it with the sauce." at that he checked on the spinach and made sure it was ready to add along with the pasta to the pan of sauce.

Andi was trying, she really was but not being one to ever cook a day in her life she sighed, "You do it, I wouldn't want to mess it up." she went an sat at the bar stools and just silently observed making mental notes on what to do.

"alright," Luke smiled as he finished readying the meal, topping it up with shredded smoked salmon and wiped his hands on a towel when he was done as he presented the dish of pasta with white sauce, spinach and salmon for Andi.

Andi licked her lips starving from not eating since before she even boarded that morning, "This looks so good!" she complimented, leaning over the bar and hugging them, "Thank you so much!"

"woah," Luke hugged her back surprised. "it's no problem," he kept hugging.

6/19/2012 #2
Andi continued to hug Luke, feeling a solitude; comfort from him. It was refreshing after the evening she just had. As they heard a cough she looked up to see her dad, "Alright let's try this shall we?" he offered his fork to his daughter, "We shall." she laughed, bumping her fork against her dads in a toasting matter. They both took a bite and stayed silent, "That was.." her father began only to be interrupted by Andi, "Amazing! Oh my god, you need to go like work somewhere."
6/20/2012 #3

"heh thanks," Luke already began cleaning the dishes after himself. "speaking of which I should go. I have work in the morning," he admit finishing off the pans.

6/20/2012 #4
Andi finished swallowing before standing up, "Oh we'll let me walk you out?" she didn't realize he actually had a job, what was the point? Whatever. She walked him to the door, "Thank you for the food and stuff, I know we kind of started off on the wrong foot but I hope you don't think too badly of me." she smiled softly.
6/21/2012 #5

Luke shook his head no as she finished. "not at all," he promised as he faced her and reached his hand over to yuck her hair behind her ear. He allowed it to linger as he leaned over to kiss the top of her head with a smile. He stayed still as he did, sneaking the other hand to hold hers before backing away. "good night," he pulled back, his hand still I hers as he backed up.

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #6
"You sure you have to go?" she whispered softly, enjoying the cool night breeze. She felt comfort with his hand in hers, it's a comfort she usually went to Chuck for. Chuck. At the thought she squeezed Luke's hand. Her best friend wanted nothing to do with her. In true Chuck Bass tradition he beded her and now wanted nothing to do with her. That killed. The one guy she had ever...loved, she trembled at the thought, had found a replacement. "Stay?" Andi asked looking into his eyes.
6/21/2012 #7

"for?" he breathed. He couldn't ignore the attraction he was overcome by her from the second he met her. He'd want nothing more than to enjoy it. He leaned closer his mind ignoring the fact her dad was inside, or that she probably just didn't want to be alone, and that he was expecting much more than she was hinting at but damn his adolescent male mind if he didn't want to just... "why?"

6/21/2012 #8
Andi looked him over, he was physically attractive even if his hair was a bit scruffier than she liked. She smiled softly, "Because..." she leaned in and missed the corner of his lips slowly, lingering for a moment before pulling back. "I want you too..."
6/21/2012 #9

Luke nodded silently. He wasn't going to say no to whatever this beautiful girl that he barely knew was offering. He allowed her to pull him back inside, as his mind was speeding alowitty what he could do to her.

6/21/2012 #10
She pulled Luke towards the back yard, to the small guest house. She pushed him back on the couch and crawled over him with a smile. (sorry its shorter but I had already posted! :/)
6/21/2012 #11

He had his hands on her hips, and pulled her closer as he laid back. Shewas ontop of him giving him the most devious smile, and strangely he liked it. He liked the idea that behind those innocent eyes she was conniving, and manipulative, and had him wound around his finger under her command. So when he leaned up and kissed her, it wasn't because he wanted to, even though he did... He really did. She pulled him in. She didn't need to lift a finger as his hands were in her hair now pulling her in for another, more passionate and animalistic kiss

6/21/2012 #12
Bodies moving on their own accord. Thought process no longer functioning. It was like she was a whole nother mechanism. She was running on hormones, hurt, and anxe. She pulled on his curls, chewing on his lower lip as they worked on getting each others clothes off.
6/25/2012 #13

Luke took over easily, picking her up and pushing her back down on the couch to force himself closer. Finally he just picked her up and had her against the Wall, then another, just tumbling until they reached a guest room with a bed.

"fuck!" he cursed to everything she did to him, biting, clawing he was enraptured. Though it felt so wrong, and so good it was incredible

6/25/2012 #14
Andi was ready but then it hit her, if she did this...took this step. She shuttered at the idea. When she was away the vivid memory of her night with Chuck was all she had, and she clung to it. Doing this would...replace that. She pulled away, "I'm sorry, I can't do this...now."
6/25/2012 #15

Something came over him as they got on the bed, his kisses turned tender, his heart stopped racing, he frankly took the chance to appreciate who he was going to be with.

"I'm sorry," he heard her say just as he was placing tender kisses on her neck. He pulled away and kissed her lips to reassure her, but he wasn't the problem. He pulled back and saw it in her eyes. He nodded as he rolled over. "still want me to stay though?" he asked light heartedly as he turned his head to face her. "wanna talk about it, I'm a good listener when I want to be"

6/25/2012 #16
Andi pushed her hair back, thinking over what to say. What would be the right thing to say, she didn't want him to think less of her. Also it's something know one really knew, she didn't need her reputation to falter. "Chuck..." she began with a nod, knowing Luke could be trusted, "He's very important to me. I mean we grew up together, raided each other...hes my first great love, was..." she sighed, "It's stupid..."
6/25/2012 #17

Luke sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "i know you barely know me, and I barely know u or chuck, or ur history or anything really... But I promise not to judge if you fill me in" heoffered kindly. "i promise not to think its stupid," he said less seriously to help her relax

6/25/2012 #18
Andi stood up pacing the floor as he sat up in her bed, "This is crazy! I mean I always made fun of the girls he's with and then I go and do that, in a moment of impulse!" she complained, gripping her face.
6/25/2012 #19

"you slept with him?" he asked matter of factly. Didn't take a geniuSe to catch on, but no judgement laced his tone as he continued to listeN. "so?"

6/25/2012 #20
Andi looked up at the ceiling, "And I'm pretty sure I told him I love him but that parts a bit foggy, over all I was bring incredibly cliche. But now I'm back...and he has her! A girlfriend like person, when I could tell myself he had comitment issues and that's why we aren't together it helped...but now.." she sighed, "And despite all that, I don't want to sleep with you and take place of Chuck you know?"
6/25/2012 #21

"I gues..." he scratched his head in thought. "people change..." he tried to sound as kind saying it. "I used to think that celibacy was cool," he tried to lighten the mood. "so... Whoever you were with, he may not even be the same person anymore. You sure as hell shouldn't be... Haven't you grown up during ur time away, dont let this guy pull you back to a child self of you," he smiled. "we don't have to have sex, but I do get to compliment you and tell you that guys crazy for picking a blonde over a beautiful brunette like you," he smiled as he pulled her close to hug. "you can easily get this guy back if you want, but you really have to ask yourself... Do you? He mayhe someone else completely maybe someone better or worse. He may change again if u go after him. It's all a risk."

6/25/2012 #22
"Chucks always been a risk, but you have to accept someone as they are if your going to have them in your life. I just want the chance to be in his again, maybe I won't 'love' him anymore but he will always be my best friend, my family." she explained, "And I have changed I'm not as weak as I was, I've grown but...Chucks a part of me, he will always be a part of me and whether he likes it or not I'm a part of him."
6/25/2012 #23

"you can't change history... But just because you think so, doesn't mean he does too." he cant exactly see how the whole being a partof eachother thing works, and framkly andi is seemingly less mature "i know this is completely sexist but... Maybe as the female you are more nclined to over analuse. So maybe it's nothing. And if it is something.... Well it's still nothing to you. This obstacle is made up by only you. If you want to be apart of his life then just go for it, nothing is stopping you, not even ths other girl,"

6/25/2012 #24
"Please I'm not worried about her, I could take her easily. The thing stopping me is a little two things one being Chucks stubborn ass ways the other is me not wanting to just chase him like a little puppy I want him to want me."
6/25/2012 #25

Luke smirked, "so now u want him to want you, I thought first u just wanted to be a part of his life," he teased. "listen if u want him to chase after u ignore him," he advised. "maybe even move on because there's nothing less attractive toa guy than a woman chasing after him or obviously wanting him..." he advised. "though, if anything," he looked her over, "he's missing out... I mean you're fucking hot. If u didn't tell e know I would have.... And man ... " he struggled with his arousal.

6/26/2012 #26
Andi blushed a little, it's not like she wasn't used to people pointing out her beauty she just wasn't always one to flaunt it. She was subtle, a natural beauty. She looked up at him, "That's great idea, I'll just treat him like he treats me, by not talking to him at all. I can focus on the rest if my friends for now." she giggled. "The Brunch tomorrow will be a perfect first chance."
6/26/2012 #27

a you know, you seemed..." he held his tongue. "you're better than, changing who you are, or how you are for this guy." you turned away rather bashful but also in areally loving mood. He was horny, but the romantic in him was coming out. "you're something else," ha finally breathed out

6/26/2012 #28
"Well I better get going Luke, I need to get my rat so I look good for tomorrow." She leaves over and kissed his cheek, "Your welcome to crash here for the night, or I mean any night really." she offered kindly, as she walked to the door she turned and smiled, "Thank you."
6/26/2012 #29

He got out of the bed and walked over to her practically stunning her as his hands found her face to tilt upwards and kissed her. It wasn't rough, but definitely deep as her practically breathed her into every vein.

6/26/2012 #30
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