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Rachie Doom

Got an idea for a fanfiction in a dream, I will never write it though but would love to see a fanfic with these elements.

Main characters: Dick Grayson and Jason Todd

NO SLASH, just an estranged brothers kind of relationship.

Jason refers to Dick as Dickie-bird.

The basic idea being Jason saves Dick as an automatic reaction only to realize that Dick was attempting to commit suicide (for whatever reason) and then Jason makes it his goal to foil all following attempts and such. (Maybe Jason wondering why he is bothing to help, especially if Dick doesn't want the help)

It needs to take place after Jason comes back to life while Jason is Red Hood and preferably while Dick is Nightwing though it doesn't matter if it is before or after Dick is Batman... (Though I was thinking after Blockbuster dies before Bludhaven is destroyed) Genre would be either angst, hurt/comfort, family...

Everything else, all the specifics don't matter so much. I'd even be happy if this were all a subplot or parallel plot in an Adventure, Mystery, Crime fanfiction (It might even be better that way). Also Dick and Jason don't need to be the only characters, just the main ones. Bruce, Alfred, villains, Tim, Damian, don't really care as long as it doesn't involve slash pairings. I'd prefer no pairings at all...

I sound all picky and don't really expect anyone to do this, but will be very happy if they do.

3/27/2012 #1
Miss Kells Bells

I really, really want to do this, however I am working on another challenge right now that a) causes a lot of writer's block b) would be my priority. But I love would to do this since this kind of story is kind of my specialty, I'll just need some time to work on it. Although I would've be surprise if I finish this story before the other challenge I'm doing, I've getting so much writter's block from this. This would be a nice refresh, after all.

So in conclusion...I'm taking this challenge, lol.

4/1/2012 #2
Agent ERA

Here's a story idea that I'd love to see written:

Dick and Jason fight off a gang of thugs but things get more complicated when Dick is stabbed...

My only pet peeve for this one swearing so please keep it limited, especially with the more harsher ones...

Any takers?

6/4/2012 #3
Invader BeckyandClad

I might take it up I'm a fan of Jay bird and brotherly bonding

9/7/2012 #4
Agent ERA

Yay! Would you mind writing it non-slash? That's my other peeve I should've mentioned...

9/7/2012 #5
Invader BeckyandClad

Well there goes my plan for that one scene and then Tim walks in....just kidding. I don't do brotherly slash so that's fine. Sorry to respond so late I'll be working on the idea soon.

1/7/2013 #6
Batman DannyP fanwriter

Oh my goodness! I just read the plotline and I totally am starting to form an idea in my mind. I may just take you up on this fanfic simply because it sounds amazing and I love it! I will try to write it, because I agree that I don't really want to see a paring, I would rather see a brotherly relationship. If I get it up, I will let you know

11/8/2014 #7
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