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Mutants a new strain in the evolutionary line,these changes have occurred at an accelerated pace since the turn of the century,change is a natural progress of mankind and is often met with prejudice all over the world more and more mutants are awakening a
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except that doesn't apply here. we aren't revealing a character as an alien

11/28/2011 #31
Marvel Meister

Still aliens themselves would just feel out of place

11/28/2011 #32

X-men deal with aliens all the time.

11/28/2011 #33
Marvel Meister

I still say no

11/28/2011 #34

shouldn't the other RPers get a say?

11/28/2011 #35
Marvel Meister

Shouldn't the mod of finally say

11/28/2011 #36

not if the RP is desparate for plots

11/28/2011 #37
Marvel Meister

Fine, once anime gets back he'll have a say

11/28/2011 #38

I say that there should be a limit to how "alieny" the aliens can be, Shi'Ar is one thing but if it is green guys with big ears and blasters I think that is inappropriate.

11/28/2011 #39

i was thinking one kree, one skrull, and one shiar

11/28/2011 #40

Hell No! The kree, the skrull and the Shi'Ar do not get along with eachother.

11/29/2011 #41

these are all mutants. their governments hate them, so they have a rocky team up because of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". they don't get along well

11/29/2011 #42

I don't believe the X-men have EVER dealt with the skrull or the kree...I believe that's the fantastic four's depo.

11/29/2011 #43

the X-men deal with a lot of aliens

11/29/2011 #44

I only know of like 2...the shi'ar and the M'kraan...the Shi'ar are those bird people right?

11/29/2011 #45

i have know clue who the shiar are. Professor X lead a group of skrull mutants called Cadre K

11/29/2011 #46

That seems so strange...mostly because I always imagine the skrulls fighting the fantastic four.

11/29/2011 #47

they did originate there but skrulls fight everybody

11/29/2011 #48
Marvel Meister

So that's two no's for the plot

11/29/2011 #49

I've never heard of them doing that...although most villains do...the big ones being dr.doom and baron mordo.

also you know the difference between big hero's and street level hero's right?

11/29/2011 #50

yes i do

11/29/2011 #51

Then I assume you know the most famous of all the street level crime fighters right?

11/29/2011 #52
Marvel Meister

That's two no's for the aliens

11/29/2011 #53

who are the two no's?

does this count Dc or just Marvel street levelers

11/29/2011 #54
Marvel Meister

Me and Warpet...

11/29/2011 #55

warp hasn't said no yet, technically

11/29/2011 #56

I'm against a team up of aliens that don't get along...well I can deal with the skrulls and the krees teaming up.

and it's just marvel I know nothing of DC.

11/29/2011 #57

well i can ditch the shiar

and the answer is spiderman

11/29/2011 #58

then I'm fine with it.

yes spiderman is the most famous street level hero.

11/29/2011 #59

most famous street level hero from marvel

11/29/2011 #60
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