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Mutants a new strain in the evolutionary line,these changes have occurred at an accelerated pace since the turn of the century,change is a natural progress of mankind and is often met with prejudice all over the world more and more mutants are awakening a
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Mkay, Idk how useful this topic will be but anyway, Just post here for like your own updates n' stuff, or like Updates on characters, just stuff like that :3

My own Update is that If everyone who Hasn't had their OC show up yet, please post either here would be fine, or in chat, so Music and i can hop on that and get that done :], Another thing, Sorry for not being here in a long while, but i've been very sick, but i'm back now and will be posting as much as i can! :D

2/15/2012 #1
Did you take an arrow to the knee?
2/15/2012 #2


2/15/2012 #3

Post- I am on 7 forums...Yuppers!

2/15/2012 #4
Marvel Meister
My favorite parody of Skyruim is that it's a prequel to Star Wars
2/15/2012 #5

Lol Kewl, i'm only on 2 xD

Lawl @ what Music said xD

2/15/2012 . Edited 2/15/2012 #6

Heyy Music

Just wanted everyone to know that. I am also depressed because of my dog is going to be put down now so if I do not ppost please expect that to be the treason. Thx.

2/15/2012 #7

Gezz, Sorry to hear that man, Thats really rough :[, Take your time, we would have no problem with that

2/15/2012 #8

It's okay. It's not ur fault.

2/15/2012 #9

Really sorry about your Dog :[

2/15/2012 #10

No worries :)

2/15/2012 #11

Thanks^^, Btw sent a PM to Warp about my sideplot idea

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2/15/2012 #13

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