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this is a forum for all the Rookie Blue fans out there. i noticed we don't have one and decided to start one.
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hey to all those amazing fanfic writers out there, i had an idea for McSwarek fic. could possibly be a multi-chapter but really only see a one-shot. Anyway it is free for the taking and centers around 2.02 and 2.03. I was thinking about Tracy's comment about her 'person' and Andy's look as she was talking about it. Then after i saw Sam's expression in the promo for 2.03 it only added to it (BTW who wanted to cry at that??). As i was thinking about their relationship i went off on a tangent thinking about Roswell's Max and Liz and when they broke up and Max had a line that said something along the lines of :

...i saw can't be true because it means EVERYTHING I FELT IN MY HEART FOR THE LAST YEAR WAS A LIE! You owe me an explanation and i want it right now...

Like i said the idea is up for grabs but there are a few things i'd like to be in it: Andy/Luke's engagement, the 'person' line from 2.02 is mentioned, and Sam tells Andy the line above in their MUCH NEEDED TALK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS.

the full Roswell scene that i'm referring to is on youtube here:

7/1/2011 . Edited 7/1/2011 #1

Sounds like an interesting idea for a story - and I definitely wanted to cry at Sam's expression. I hope someone writes this but you need to take down your post in the story section because it doesn't belong there.

Catch you on the flip side


7/2/2011 #2

thanks it was really just to get word out once someone decides to use it it'll be off the list

7/5/2011 #3

Hmm... Let me think about it for a bit. Sounds like an interesting story could be developed from this idea. I just need to get those creative juices flowing again... I haven't written in so long!

7/5/2011 #4

Whitters, you definitely need to start writing again! I read all your RB stories and they are really good!

7/24/2011 #5

Topic: new story idea

i thought of a new plot bunny:

Sam and Andy go "undercover" on an op that was actually set up as a plot by everyone at the division including Boyd and GnG because they are tired of all the tension and bickering back and forth and it will allow for McSwarek to finally claim their feelings for each other.

whoever wants it i'm throwing it out there for you to grab and go with it

8/15/2011 #6

another plot bunny for the writer's out there: Swarek/Shaw Bromance Sleepover. Based after 2x09 'Brotherhood'. Maybe some serious discussion are held in the middle of jokes and laughter, and fun times. Jerry stops by for a spontaneous game of poker, etc.

like i said i just provide the topic not the words.

8/18/2011 #7

another plot bunny for all you writer's out there. The song 'Beautiful' by Jim Brickman is really...well beautiful and extremely sappy but it's really good for a song-fic about Andy from Sam's POV. Here's the lyrics:

From the Moment I saw you, from the moment I looked into your eyes there was something about you I knew I knew that you were once in a life time a treasure near impossible to find and I know how lucky I am to have you

Chorus: Cause I've seen the rainbows that can take your breath away the beauty of the setting sun that ends a perfect day and when it comes to shooting stars, I've seen a few but I've never seen beautiful as you

Holding you in my arms no one else has fit so perfectly I could dance forever with you, with you and at the stroke of midnight please forgive me if I can't let go cause I never dreamed I'd find a Cinderella of my own

Chorus: Cause I've seen the rainbows that can take your breath away the beauty of the setting sun that ends a perfect day and when it comes to shooting stars, I've seen a few but I've never seen beautiful as you

Chorus repeat: Cause I've seen the rainbows that can take your breath away the beauty of the setting sun that ends a perfect day and when it comes to shooting stars, I've seen a few but I've never seen anything... Oh Oh, Oh no, I've never seen beautiful as you

from the moment I saw you, from the moment I looked into your eyes...

9/29/2011 #8

i think i might just write a fic about this, it is a briallant idea. I can't believe i never thought of it before.

11/10/2011 #9
which one?? i posted three or four ideas up here.
11/10/2011 #10
sorry thought it would have came up on the one i clicked on, my bad. The one where the gang send them on a fake uc. it's dragging me in. i have a few notes already. :)
11/11/2011 #11

cool by all means take it and run. let your creative juices flow for all of us who love McSwarek. Even though they've already gotten together on the show.

11/11/2011 #12

Um, guys? Can someone explain to me? I just posted a delicious McSwarek story, An Attempt At Normality, but I have no idea how to tag it as Rookie Blue, or write the summary for it. I don't even know where to write the summary for it. Could someone please private message me, explaining? Sorry, I'm a newbie. I realise you all probably hate me. Oh, and I know this is probably the wrong place to post this... Again, I'll accept the hate.

11/21/2011 #13


AS A WARNING: I have weird dreams when i eat pizza late at night, like every time i do, and am not responsible for what happens in these dreams.

Okay so this morning i wake up thanking the late night pizza i had for causing me to have weird dreams. This one just happened to be about Rookie Blue and it's season 3 finale when it hasn't even aired the S3 premiere. Well anyway, the EPs have stated that S3 is to have a potential cliffhanger which is god forbid this show were to be cancelled would just completely suck…BIG TIME. I feel that, though McSwarek is my fav and i ship them whole-heartedly, they will have a potential breakup for the finale because of Sam making a couple of moronic choices. nothing in the realm of cheating but like an issue with Andy's mom reappearing or him having the choice to take down Hill for an UC even though he may be through with UC life. I also thought about the TVLine interview with Tassie about how Andy deals with the struggles of her heart vs mind and how much being a cop means to her. This dream had me picturing the fight between Sandy and how it would result in ultimatums and then as per usual Sam is in trouble but this would be slick roads MVA trouble not UC trouble like the last 2 seasons. I think Sam takes off and crashes his truck and they would have him in the hospital in a coma…kind like the episode of bones where booth goes into surgery…and then the season will end.

Sorry if you hate this, but like i said pizza gives me weird dreams. I have no clue what is to really happen in S3 except what has been given to the die hard fans that i associate myself with by the multi-talented creative teams and cast of this AMAZING and TOTALLY AWESOME show. I can't believe you are almost finished with S3 and we fans have to wait until June to see it.

1/14/2012 #14
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