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Richard: I wouldn't have you walk

4/21/2012 #481
We All Need A Nap

ANgel:*blushes* it wouldnt have been a bother, I walk everywhere....

4/21/2012 #482
Raksha Souza

T-J: Wonderful thank you *steps inside*

Poppy: *hair being pulled and pushed* *bits tongue*

Derek: Thanks *take flowers and goes to get dressed* *ready and exits house to pick her up*

Jane: *smiles* He'll come Chloe

Shain: *walks up to house* *knocks*

Jane: *waits for maid to open door*

4/21/2012 #483

Richard: Not tonight *Smiles* Might I greet your parents?

4/21/2012 #484

Servant: *Goes to get Marcella*

Marcella: *Walks downstairs*

Chloe: I-I know

Isabella: *Smiles* *Waits*

Chris: *Walking to the govenor's mansion*

(THE MANSION----new_york_state_executive_mansion.jpg (459×351))

4/21/2012 #485
We All Need A Nap

Angel:*thinks for a moment* they are out.

4/21/2012 #486

Richard: Then we shall go. *Smiles*

4/21/2012 #487
We All Need A Nap

Drina:*passing back and forth waiting for cole*

4/21/2012 #488
We All Need A Nap

Angel:*brightens up and walks to the carrige*

4/21/2012 #489
Raksha Souza

(Wow big)

Poppy: *finished*

Father: Poppy lets go!

Poppy: *hurries down* Father *follows him to carriage* (her mother passed away when she was born)

T-J: You look beautiful Miss Jones *takes her hand and kisses it*

Maid: *answers door* Jane will be down in a moment Sir

Shain: *smiles*

Jane: *walks to him* Wait for him sister

Derek: *takes carriage to her house*

Shain&Jane: *on way to governor's mansion*

4/21/2012 #490
Raksha Souza

Cole: It is ready Violet *waits for her to finish her bath* *gets her dress ready and smiles*

4/21/2012 #491

Richard: *Helps her in*

(I know right!)

Chris: *Walking*

Marcella; *Blushes* Thank you.

Chloe: I know! *Smiles*

4/21/2012 #492
Vi is awesome

Violet: -nods- -gets bread- -starts to eat it- -looks at her hand watch thingy she had gotten from England as a gift- Hurry! I need to get ready.

(Is Desmond poor or rich? It is Jey's character so I don't want to make any decisions she wouldn't like...)

4/21/2012 #493
We All Need A Nap

Drina:*starting to get mad since she's left alone in the house with the maids waiting for cole*

Angel:these seats are so comfortable!!!!

4/21/2012 #494
Raksha Souza


Poppy: *passes Chris and ducks*

Father: Poppy sit up properly!

Poppy: *waits till he disappears and sits up* Sorry Father

T-J: *hands her flowers* For you

Derek: *arrives* *walks to door and knocks*

Maid: *opens it* Miss Saunders Mr. Souza has arrived

4/21/2012 #495

Owen: *Knocks on Violet's door*

Richard: *Smiles*

(He's rich)

4/21/2012 #496
Raksha Souza

Cole: *helps her get dressed* *does up laces in back* There you are *smiles* I have to go pick up my date may I change here?

4/21/2012 #497

Chloe: *Stands* Thank you *Goes to the door* Good evening

Marcella: *Takes them* They're beautiful thank you *Smiles*

Chris: *Arrives at the mansion* *Goes in*

4/21/2012 #498
Raksha Souza

(only here till 3:30ish!)

4/21/2012 #499
We All Need A Nap

Angel:8smiles at him* this is so much fun!!!!

4/21/2012 #500

Richard: We're not even at the party yet

4/21/2012 #501
Raksha Souza

Derek: *takes quick breath* you look amazing *hands her flowers* *smiling*

T-J: Your very welcome shall we go? *doesn't have carriage*

Poppy: *in with her father* *standing beside him as he talks to the other mayor* *sighs and plays with her hair*

4/21/2012 #502
We All Need A Nap

Angel:so? im having fun!!!

4/21/2012 #503

Chloe: Thank you *Smiles* *Smells flowers* How'd you know I like blue bells?

Marcella: We shall *Doesn't live that far from the mansion*

Christopher: *Taps Poppy on her shoulder*

4/21/2012 #504

Richard: I'm glad

4/21/2012 #505
We All Need A Nap

ANgel;*Smiles and leahs forward and kisses him*

4/21/2012 #506

Richard: *Shocked* *Pulls back*

4/21/2012 #507
Raksha Souza

Derek: *smiles* Well Isabella gave them to me...

T-J: Would you mind walking?

Poppy: *jumps and spins around* *goes deep red* Mr. Herschel

Father: *looks over at her* stay close Poppy. *turns back to other mayor*

4/21/2012 #508

(THE BALLROOM!!!--http://www.amwaygrand.com/images/med_imperial_ballroom.jpg)

4/21/2012 #509
We All Need A Nap

Angel:*pulls back quickly* im so s-s-sorry!

4/21/2012 #510
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