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The world (black spot) is our oyster!!!
7/2/2011 #1
The Absent Dungeon Master

in a small settlement in the black spot there was a small bar. it wasn't anything special and the only reason why there weren't anything seedy was due to the bar's local Bouncer: Kalm.

7/2/2011 #2
A kid with a starving Stomach walks up to the Bar Kalm is stationed at. With his eyes shadowed he looks up at Kalm. "May I go in?" he asks.
7/2/2011 #3
The Absent Dungeon Master

Kalm eyes him, seeing how srawny he was "fine, just don't cause a disturbance."

7/2/2011 #4
"K." He simply says then goes in. A minute later a few rustling could be heard then quickens and gets louder, followed by the loud words of "DINE AND DASH!!!!" by the apparent owner of the place. Followed by the same kid bursting through the door with a full stomach and a sack of food on his back. The same kid continues to run and run "Yull never take me alive!! Ahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!" he yells.
7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #5
The Absent Dungeon Master

Kalm ran after him and used his spear to polevault and land infront of the kid, using his bulk as a wall "Y'know, its better to pay for food, or at least pay with work instead of cash."

7/2/2011 #6
"I don't have time to work at that bar! I got a village to feed!" the kid says then tries to run around the man.
7/2/2011 #7
The Absent Dungeon Master

Kalm held his spear out and sweeped it at him with the flat side "Would that village be proud of relying on a theif?"

7/2/2011 #8
"Well....ever since the chief died and Solva-san left.....we do what we can!" he yells as he keeps on trying to get past.
7/2/2011 #9
The Absent Dungeon Master

"So you gave up." he then activated his fragment and noticed a weak part of a wall above them. he then threw his spear at the wall and it broke apart, surrounding the two of them with rubble. he then walked forward cracking his knuckles "Nothing personal, but I have a job to do."

7/2/2011 #10
The kid grits his teeth. Finding no other choice he activated his Fragment and disappeared. But what really happened was he slowed down time and scrambled to get over the debris. He managed to and took off sprinting as the area within a 2 mile radius around him slowly went back to normal speed, or normal time.
7/2/2011 #11
The Absent Dungeon Master

Kalm noticed that he was gone. He went back to his employer, who told him to either find the thief or be fired. Since he rather enjoyed being employed he decided to find him. So he followed the boy's footsteps and due to his peak phisique could soon see him in the distance.

7/2/2011 #12
The kid nears the village he was talking about and starts handing out the food amongst the people. "Here you go plenty enough for every!" he says with big smile.

All the people around him had nice big smiles and voicing words of thanks in many ways.

Then A voice of a young girl gets his attention "I wish you would be more careful Noah. There are other ways to provide for the village." she says

The kid now known as Noah places his hands behind his head "Yea....but if I get a job, whose going to protect you guys?" he replies

"Don't worry, were there's a will there's way. You know that." she says with a smirk.

"Yea but-" he was about to say but was cut off by.

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/3/2011 #13
The Absent Dungeon Master

Kalm was standing behind Noah and cleaed his throat. "As heart-touching as this is, I still have a job to do."

7/2/2011 #14
"Tch, you again? What do you want? I already gave away the food, but if your here to take it back then......I will..... beat the shit out of you!!" he yells loudly.
7/2/2011 #15
The Absent Dungeon Master

"I'm not scared of you kid." he replied "All my employer wants is compensation for stealing, weather through pay or labor. I myself don't really care, but I prefer to be employed and not jobless."

7/2/2011 #16
"But I told you! I don't have time to have a job!!!" Noah yells with a anime angry face with the sharp teeth detail.
7/2/2011 #17
The Absent Dungeon Master

Kalm remains unfazed "You're a mouthy little sprat aren't you?"

7/2/2011 #18
"Shut up! Just get out of here and leave me alone!" Noah yells throwing a pretty strong punch at the man.
7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #19
The Absent Dungeon Master

Luckily Kalm was a hugely built man and wasn't phased by the punch "I see that you're not gonna come calmly." he put his hand on his spear "Here are your options, either come with me, provide some form of compensation for my boss, or pursuade me to quit my job. Who knows, I might even feel like being hired for a guard so you could get a job"

7/2/2011 #20
Noah growls at the fact that he is being underestimated. He was about to activate his fragment when the same girl from before but a hand on his shoulder "Noah, go with him."


"No buts! You did something wrong and your gonna make up for it!" she says sternly

"Bu-" he was cutt off again at how scary the girl's aura looked to him. ".....Fine...." he slumps in defeat.

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/3/2011 #21
The Absent Dungeon Master

"Alright then lets...wait a minute, I see something" in the distance he saw huge figures trailed by dust coming in the distance. "What could Testiments be doing out here?"

7/2/2011 #22
"Testaments!?" Quickly recovering from his defeat, Noah runs toward the machines "No matter!! There about to join the scrap heap!!" he yells cofidently as he flexes his hands.
7/2/2011 #23
The Absent Dungeon Master

(finally able to get to a computer)

Kalm pulls Noah back "You shouldn't rush in without thinking. THink for a second: for what reason would there be a testement? Last I checked they were only hunting down incredibly powerful Needless, and they haven't been doing that much of it lately either. I suggest we wait to see if it comes closer, and if it does then we find out what it wants." he said as he stood his ground.

7/3/2011 #24
Noah crosses his arms with a pout "Fine...." he mutters. (You control the testaments.)
7/3/2011 #25
The Absent Dungeon Master

(crap, gotta think of something.)

THe testement was actually zooming forward at break-neck speeds. It flew right past the two of them with shouts being heard from it

"I am the Testement Demolition Derby Master!!!!!"

"Disc-san! Please slow down!"

in the wake of them zooming past Kalm suddenly said after a pregnant pause "Was that a boy in a school-girl's uniform?"

(Didn't expect that did you?)

7/3/2011 #26
(Wow.....no I didn't......)

Noah was gab smacked "I don't know........should we investigate?" he asks.

7/3/2011 #27
The Absent Dungeon Master

"Not really my concern is it? However if you were to run after them then, being forced by contract I would have to follow and apre...you get the point don't you? its your choice." he said. in all honesty he felt incredibly apathetic about the whole thing.

7/3/2011 #28
"Well.....considering that they went right for the village........." he trailed off then disappears again. He stopped time then ran towards the speeding testament and apparent cross dressing boy.
7/3/2011 #29
The Absent Dungeon Master

some distance from the village the testament was stopped by some rock, where behind one rock Cruz was taking a pee.

7/3/2011 #30
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