True Blood Roleplay!
Welcome to an extremely awesome Roleplay! I love True Blood so I hope everything here is successful... :D
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Headmaster Huxley

:D Roleplay Number 1 !!!!!!!! :D

Welcome to a very fabulous Forum !!! :)

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions....Just ask...!

I hope this Forum will make it successfully..... Go True Blood ! Woo-Hoo !


1. If you Roleplay a cannon Character please post his/her info in the Character's History Topic..... If you play an OC Character, please post his/her info in the OC Character Display Topic, and if you rp a Made-Up Character, please do the same in the Made-Up Character Display Topic as well...

2. If you choose a Made-Up Character or an OC, Their Information is made-up entirely by you.... Formats for History description will be listed in that topic...

Certain Roleplay Topic Rules:

1) Please be accepted before coming on.

2)Please PM a moderator before you do something big/important.

3) Please try to keep all characters like the T.v show.

4) Make sure to read and follow the rules.

5) When someone post's in bold, It means they feel ignored.

6)If you do get messages from the forum, you can click "unsuscribe" in the e-mail, and also before you post make sure the "Yes, email me when replies are added to this topic." button in the reply box does not have a check in it.

If You Are New/Confused About How To Role Play/ The Posts

You role play by going to the last page on the topic, clicking Reply then put this star - * - in front and behind what your character says, and then you just type what they say, kind of like this:

*comes inside* Hey.

Then, once you have it typed, you click Post Reply then Return To Forum Topic and then you refresh the page to see what others said, until the next post shows up.

You can edit your own post, and report abuse if their is something wrong going on, on the forum. Only moderators can ban people and delete posts.

Also, you could role play in a different format or style if you want.

(Also, if you keep getting a bunch of e-mails from the site about posts on here, there is an un-suscribe button in the e-mail you can click.)

If You Think You Are Being Ignored, Maybe You Could Try To

Talk to someone?

Ask what's going on?

Try to become a part of what's going on?

Start something new?

Tell people you are being ignored?

Ask someone to talk to your character?

Ask where everyone is then go there?


Takes place at Sookie's house mainly, but you can go anywhere after you come in. Usually takes place around Sookie's house or in Bon Temps, but like I said, you can go anywhere else.

The Time-Frame for the beginning of the Forum is going to be set at the Middle of the Third Season of the T.v series....

Mainly Just have Fun and Enjoy this Awesome Roleplay ! :)

Follow the Rules and just keep going :D

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~ DeathsUniqueEqual, Alunabelle Night Shadow, CullenzDiaries, and LoLa.BaBy.BluE

7/3/2011 . Edited 7/14/2011 #1

Sookie: *Walks in*

7/4/2011 #2
Headmaster Huxley

( Well Here's Rp #1 lol )

Lorena: * Raises an eyebrow * Well look at what we have here... -smiles- It's Sookie....

7/4/2011 #3

( (:)

Sookie: *Raises an eye brow*

7/4/2011 #4
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: - snickers and rolls her eyes - What does Bill see in you? Obviously your a waste of time.... -chuckles-

7/4/2011 #5

Sookie: Oh Please. *Rolls eyes* and why would I Be a waste of time?

7/4/2011 #6
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: Because everyone swears that you're different, that your blood tastes different.... You're the reason Bill left me after all.. - walks up to her slowly - I wonder, how do you taste?

7/4/2011 #7

Sookie: *Backing away* Stay..away...I'm a better person than YOU!!

7/4/2011 #8
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: * Frowns and laughs * Why your merely human, If anything your dinner to me Sookie..... - Releases Fangs -

7/4/2011 #9

Sookie: *Shots away from her* Go Away.

7/4/2011 #10
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: Nobody will hear you Sookie.... Bill will not hear you, Eric will not hear you... -chuckles- It's funny really, all this time and finally your right where I want you...

7/4/2011 #11

Sookie: *Moves away from her* Go.away.

7/4/2011 #12
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: Tell me Sookie, Russel tells me about your blood allowing us to walk int he sunlight? - face brightens at the mere thought of it - I would love to try it! Seeing as I haven't walked in the sunlight for over 600 years. -smiles-

7/4/2011 #13

Sookie: Only...Bill can do that.... *Backing away banging into a table*

7/4/2011 #14
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: Really? - looks at the table and then up at her and makes eye contact - Well I'm Bill's maker... I'm more qualified -smirks-

7/4/2011 #15

Sookie: *Scared* What?

7/4/2011 #16
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: I will have your blood today Sookie... And I dare either Bill or Eric to interfere... -laughs-

7/4/2011 #17

Sookie: No you won't. *Knocks a vase on the floor goes to pick it up and cuts herself , Hisses in pain hides the blood*

7/4/2011 #18
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: - smells the blood and rage starts to boil - * Swifly runs over to her and looks down at her * Now you were saying?

7/4/2011 #19


7/4/2011 #20
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: Why? - grabs one of her arms - You might as well just give up now Sookie.

7/4/2011 #21

Sookie: *Tighterning her hand in a ball keeping the blood in her hand*

7/4/2011 #22
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: Words cannot stop me Sookie.... - quickly bites into the skin at her wrist -

7/4/2011 #23

Sookie: *Shuts eyes tightly*

7/4/2011 #24
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: - Finds her blood unique and stops for a second to glare at her - You've said that at least ten times now're staring to really sound like a broken record...

7/4/2011 #25

Sookie: shut up! *Tries to move her hand*

7/5/2011 #26
Headmaster Huxley

Lorena: - Tightens her grip on her wrist - You have no power against me Sookie. It's sad really, because you need to depend on Bill to protect you. -laughs- You disgust me.. - prepares to bite into her wrist again -

7/5/2011 #27

Sookie: *Hisses Snatches her hand away , and starts to walk away*

7/5/2011 #28
Headmaster Huxley

( You never wanted another character Sammy ? )

Lorena: - appears shocked but laughs and speed runs in front of her - You're not very smart either are you? - frowns - I swaer everything only makes me hate you more... I will kill you, and then Bill will have to come back to me. - chuckles -

Ambrosious: *Open*

7/5/2011 #29

(I was thinking that , I might be someone else)

Sookie: Leave Bill out of this. Why the Hell do you want my Blood! *Backs up away from her*

7/5/2011 #30
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