Den's little escape fromuhm
I figure since RpR is slowed down then i'll to this
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Ah, I think I suck, but I'm also very critical of everything I do. I'd ask other people that RP with me. Or read my fiction. Or something.

7/16/2011 #631
Patchman Beyond

I see...would you like to join the Adventure RP?

7/16/2011 #632

Depends... And if I do, not set guarantee I'll stay if it goes to suckage.

7/16/2011 #633

*Pst* Spiral a great rper....just not a great online people person

7/16/2011 #634
Patchman Beyond

Well we really don't know if it will go to suckage, last time I opened it, we were about to get started when the shit hit the fan back at Jumpy's old forum.

7/16/2011 #635

Sorry for ruining your first version of the rp Patchman

7/16/2011 #636
The one and only Den


7/16/2011 #637
Patchman Beyond

don't worry about it Jumpy, we really didn't get started on it in the first place

7/16/2011 #638

I think I deserve a prize for being the most socially awkward person ever. Just saying.

7/17/2011 #639
Patchman Beyond

You can join my Adventure RP, that will help :D

7/17/2011 #640

You're more social than me Angel....well...until I get to know people....then I'm usually okay

7/17/2011 #641

...Really, Jumpy? Really? *Disbelieving look*

7/17/2011 #642

You should see me around new people now, shy as all get out and unable to speak

7/17/2011 #643

There is no way in hell that you could be more socially awkward than I am. No. Way. In. Hell.

7/17/2011 #644

We're not in Hell, we're on Earth :P

7/17/2011 #645

Not like there's much difference.

But there's no way on earth either.

7/17/2011 #646

You'd be surprised, especially if I'm not in a happy mood

7/17/2011 #647

In which case you go quiet. Not socially awkward.

7/17/2011 #648

In which case I try to run and hide behind other people -if availible- or random objects

7/17/2011 #649

Still not socially awkward.

Socially awkward would be doing what I do. Sit awkwardly in a position that I'm too scared to move from for God knows why, say nothing, occasionally glance at the person in an attempt to work out something to say and just look at the expression on their face to know their thoughts are something along the lines of, "Gosh, get me out of here."

7/17/2011 #650

I give up

7/17/2011 #651
The one and only Den

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, this is mainly just a random post right before i go BACK to sleep

7/17/2011 #652

Don't make me speak on stage in front of a bunch of people, please.

7/17/2011 #653
What for, Mephile??
7/17/2011 #654

Because I am awkward on stage.

7/17/2011 #655
Sage of the White Sands


7/17/2011 #656
@Meph: I'm with you on that! @Prince/Panther: What's OP??
7/17/2011 #657
Patchman Beyond

One Piece

7/17/2011 #658
Sage of the White Sands

You should honestly join it Patch.

7/17/2011 #659

Well, I've made up my mind.

I will be keeping the Haven and have unlocked all previously locked topics. I have handed out a few bans to people but they are generally not longer than 2 days at the most. This is just to show that I was very unhappy with what you did but I am not going to permanently ban you because I don't think it was that serious.

I will not longer be handing out warning but will be giving straight up 1 day bans from now on. If you come back and complain as I will just delete your post and ban you for another day. This is how it will work so don't come complaining to me if you get a 1 day ban as you were warned.

Sorry for all that has happened guys and I hope it never happens again.


7/17/2011 #660
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