Den's little escape fromuhm
I figure since RpR is slowed down then i'll to this
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The one and only Den

for those who come here, just copy the character from rpr and post it here, we'll pick up from a little ways into the year

7/4/2011 #1

Name: Damien Mendoza

Sex: Male

Element: Darkness

Weapon: 7.5" serrated combat knife

Apperance: 5'6" tall, short dark-brown hair, somewhat pale skin, blue-green right eye and black and red left eye (corrupted by using it as a focusing point for his powers), wears a black trench coat, gray t-shirt, urban camouflage cargo pants and black skating shoes.

Electives: Art and Magic

Personality: Having the ability to summon minions and clones to do his bidding, he is usually lazy and tends to amuse himself at other people's expense whenever the chance arises. That being said, he's a good guy, he just likes to laugh at people and their mistakes... and failures... and, well, you get the point.

Other: Will sometimes experiment with ideas on new kinds of shadow minions

7/5/2011 #2
The one and only Den

(you already know your accepted)

7/5/2011 #3
The one and only Den

Name:Denmura Ryuusei (Den for short)



Weapon:fists (mostly boxing and wrestling)

Apperance:Den is 6'0 tall with dark brown hair that extends halfway down his neck. He has a very muscular, not ungodly huge but still ripped. He wears a black sleevless shirt and jeans with a pair of black nike's.

Electives: Music (drum player) and sports (football)

Personality:Den is lighthearted and gets along with most people but at the same time has a very bad temper. He jokes around a lot hardly ever being serious and is bestfriends with Ryo Ishitaki they have a "band" called facebreakers.

Other:He hates math like really an ungodly amount of hatred towards math

7/5/2011 #4
Mini Ninja Asune

(delving deep into the powers of RPing!)

Name: Iox Katakana

Sex: Male

Element: Electricity

Weapon: Cestus. basicly turns your punches into one quick meat tenderizer...

Apperance: without the tattoo on his chest...

Electives: Art, Magic

Personality: laid back, feels unsure of his electrical powers.

7/5/2011 #5
The one and only Den

(accepted clearly)

7/5/2011 #6

(As always, the first girl XD)

Name: Celestre Nights

Sex: Female

Element: Water

Weapon: Doesn't carry any.

Appearance: Celestre is a very sweet looking girl with honey brown eyes and fair, unblemished skin. Her hair is light blonde and fall straight down to her waist except around her face where it comes down to her chin to frame her facial features. She has a regular body time with some but not over defined curves giving her an elegant and graceful appearance. She almost always has the sweetest of smiles on her lips which puts people at ease. She always wears a black choker around her neck with a plain gold cross dangling from it. Pulling some of her hair back from her face is a black ribbon tied up like a headband with a large bow to the right. She wears simple and modest clothes usually in bright, warm colours.

Electives: Art (Fantasy creations, not very good a drawing real live things) and Dance (Ballet and some jazz)

Personality: Celestre is like her appearance; sweet, graceful and able to make people feel at ease. She is incredibly kind and thoughtful, always asking if people need help or simply offering them a smile if she can do nothing else. She is easily upset or frightened by harsh words, fights and anger and so tries to avoid these whenever possible. She's not the most intellectual person and can rather gullible sometimes but she is aware that she's not the smartest and so doesn't try to pretend that she is smart. She's rather modest and loves it when she can make people smile.

Other: In addition to being good at both art and dance, Celestre has a very sweet singing voice. It's not superb but it is rather lovely and is best suited for soft, quiet songs.

7/5/2011 #7
Mini Ninja Asune

So when do we shut out the sun, burn down the forest, and turn on the lights?

7/5/2011 #8
The one and only Den


7/5/2011 #9
The one and only Den

(if that means when are we gonna start then the answer is sometime when its not 3:30 in the morning i'll probably start later tomorrow night so Jumpy won't fall ungodly far behind)

7/5/2011 #10
Mini Ninja Asune

(fine with me... imma browse the interwebs now.)

7/5/2011 #11
Name: Aiden Ghiatti Sex: Male Element: Water, but dabbles in Sound... Weapon: Fists, feet, and a small scythe. Appearance: Electives: Art and Music Personality: Shy, intelligent for his age but mainly keeps to himself, a bit mature for his age but protective and loyal to whom he befriends. Cross him/betray him/use him in any way and you will find yourself caught in a the middle of a flooded bedroom...or the possiblity of either having a hangman's noose(made of water) around your neck or losing your hearing due to a sound attack. Just don't make him mad.... Other: Has a animated large water droplet named Squishy as a little pet. Plays piano, cello, violin/can alter his voice/can sing a bit. Is double jointed and is bilingual(Japanese and Italian...besides speaking English fluently). Can create figures made from water and can use sound as an offense to his advantage. ((Yes, yes, I know that it fails/sucks Ichiraku ramen noodles(Naruto reference!)... Sorry about the format.....blame the iPod Touch...))
7/5/2011 . Edited 7/5/2011 #12

Name: Bailey Hamilton

Sex: Female

Element: Sound

Weapon: huge bloody axe, dagger, small pistol (rarely used)

Appearance: long red hair (not dark red, but RED. like a red balloon) with tinted strands of purple and orange, one auburn eye, one emerald green eye. in between fair and tan skin, red & green plaid tight-fitted pants, black tank top with lace on the straps, purple Converse high tops.

Electives: Music and Magic

Personality: angry, irritated, flirtatious, lonely, romantic

Other: Bailey has the element of Sound. She has an amazing singing voice, talking voice, and is fluent in all instruments. She can manipulate her voice to imitate other people and she can make every sound effect. She is neglected.

7/5/2011 #13
The one and only Den

(both accepted of course, and were not restarting we'll just pick up from where we were)

7/5/2011 #14
Mini Ninja Asune

(so, 2 months? would that give enough of a Time Skip?)

7/5/2011 #15
The one and only Den

(yeah sure lets go with that)

Den was out in the forest, training his fire abilities, now holding a thie fireball in his hand preparing to drop another very large tree "hopefully it works this time" he said as the white flame began to envelop his body

7/5/2011 #16

(So....yeah, i'm here now)

Name: Ryo Ishitaki

Sex: Male

Element: Electricity

Weapon: Fists

Appearance: Ryo is 5'9, with black hair that spiked in different directions and bangs that covered the top half of his orange eyes. His skin is a light brown and is slightly muscular. He wears a black sleevless formal shirt with a red tie, black baggy pants, black running shoes, and black fingerless gloves. Ryo carries a dark blue guitar on his back.

Electives: Music, Sports

Personality: Ryo is a laid back and carefree individual, often times enjoying the simple things in life. He was taught at a young age martial arts and how to play the guitar. He is somewhat of a pervert and a self-proclaimed ladies man, often times getting rejected, not saying he can't get girls, he just doesn't get them all the time. Ryo has always been able to use electricity, even being able to eat it, but instead of being outcasted, he was trained to use his powers throught his fists. Though he is somewhat of a trouble maker, often times getting into trouble for his pranks, or fights.Ryo is very kind to other people and will often times try to make friends with anyone he meets. He is so trusting that he will fight a battle for a complete stranger if he thinks they are kind. Ryo will fight anyone he finds a challenge and will not stop till he is known as the strongest, though he's mostly here to enjoy music and meet others like him.

Other: Ryo can actually play the guitar really well. He also loves to pull pranks

7/5/2011 #17
Shower of Spades

Name: Adelaide "Addie" Simmons

Sex: Female

Element: Wind

Weapon: Switchblades

Appearance: She has a height of 5'4" and a slender body frame. Her hair is long and dark brown, held into two pigtails low on her head flowing down to her mid-back. Her eyes are a forest green, with few gold tints sparkling in them. Her skin complexion is creamy white. She wears a purple and black striped t-shirt with slate colored cargo pants that reach below her knees. Her shoes consist of black sneakers and she keeps a fanny pack strapped around her waist.

Electives: Dance and Magic

Personality: She has an independent and serene demeanor. Most people can define her as being a tomboy but she can be girly when she wants to be. She likes to make jokes and can be really mischievous. Her senses are sharp, making it capable to analyze situations and provide a fair solution for them. But when solving her own personal problems, she'll use any method at her disposal. As long as it works, it'll be put into practice. This trait can make her seem somewhat cruel but her cruelty is also triggered when people push her too far off the edge. Even though she has a light personality, she is very cynical. She doesn't believe in things as miracles and that people can change. Her cynicism makes it hard to trust others but she is loyal to those friendships she can form. She dislikes fighting but if dragged into one she tends to sometimes mock people, hoping it would cloud their reasoning making them lose their composure and lower their guards. She has a flexible and graceful fighting ability making her able to live up to her element.

Other: Addie hates being called by her full name. She's secretly a bookworm, quite skilled at stealth and dislikes the smell of perfume and cologne.

7/5/2011 #18
The one and only Den

(of course your both accepted)

7/5/2011 #19
Aiden, Squishy on his shoulder, wandered the halls, curious. ((FAIL!!))
7/5/2011 #20

Celestre looked up at her new school, her knees shaking slightly. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. Though it was already rather far into the school year, Celestre had literally only just arrived due to her parents refusing to let her come. Despite her abilities, Celestre's parents were both normal humans and they didn't want to believe that Celestre was an elemental. Celestre had taken a big risk but sitting her parents down and talking to them face to face. They had finally let her come and the school had accepted her despite it being so late.

She wore a dark and light green shirt dropped down on one shoulder with a plain black singlet top underneath. She had a denim skirt on with white leggings underneath and a pair of light blue strappy shoes with a very small heel. Her hair had the typical black ribbon and her chocker was around her neck. Her bright honey brow eyes sparkled wit life, innocence and a tiny amount of fear as she hesitated those few seconds before opening the door to the school before her.

7/5/2011 #21
The one and only Den

Kenta walked up to greet Celestre at the door "hello young lady welcome to Element High i-" his sentence was cut off by an explosion in the distance and Den being sent flying through the wall and landing in between Celestre and Kenta

Den groaned and sat up "ooooooooowwwwwwww, not ready yet" he said as he patted out a flame on his leg and stood up

Kenta sighed and smiled "Den, what're you doing?"

Den gave a sheepish smile "you'll see soon enough"

Kenta raised an eyebrow "whatever, we have a new student and i'm busy would you please show her the school?"

Den nodded once "sure Kenta whatever you say" he said then turned to Celestre and extended his hand "I'm Den, nice to meet you"

(and with that, your now in Element High)

7/5/2011 #22

(......*falls over laughing*)

Celestre let out a squeak of surprise as Den came flying over and landed on the ground. She was naturally worried that he may have been hurt but she assumed that because he could get up he must have been alright. She relaxed when he spoke to her and she gave a soft, warm hearted smile in response as she reached out and very gently took his hand

"My name is Celestre, nice to meet you too," she said. Her voice -tough soft- was rather musical and warm, something that made most people feel very at ease around her.

7/5/2011 #23
The one and only Den

Den went brain dead for a split second then shook it off "alright, to the...other buildings" he said and gestured back to the door as the lady at the desk typed in Celestre's name into the database

outside Den smiled "so whats you element?" he said as he patted down yet another flame on his black sleeveless shirt

7/5/2011 #24

Celestre's smiled relaxed and brightened as she began to feel more at ease. She found Den slightly funny and had to fight not to giggle or laugh. When he asked for her element, Celestre drew water from the air, hovering it in a ball above her palm

"Water," she said softly, gazing at the liquid.

7/5/2011 #25
The one and only Den

Den looked at the water ball "then your the...second water person to come to this school, last year there were none" he said then smiled as he opened the door to the dorm rooms for Celestre "afteeerrrr you"

7/5/2011 #26

Celestre was rather surprised by this, she'd thought that there would be equal numbers of students per element...shows how little I really know about other Elementals she thought as she let the water evaporate. She smiled and walked through the door that Den held open for her, finding it both funny and polite at the same time.

7/5/2011 #27
The one and only Den

Den closed the door for some random student to slam into the closed door "OI WHAT THE HELL?!" Den turned around and raised an eyebrow "oops" he said then opened the door and pulled the student inside, just to run...well stumble up beside Celestre "okay do you have a floor you'd like to stay on?"

7/5/2011 #28

Celestre couldn't stop herself from giggling quietly at this but managed to control herself by the time Den caught up to her. She placed a finger on her bottom lip as she thought

"Well....I don't really have a long as I have a room I'm happy," she said, turning back to Den with a shrug of her slim shoulders.

7/5/2011 #29
The one and only Den

Den smiled "okay well then answer this you want a room with a view?"

7/5/2011 #30
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