Den's little escape fromuhm
I figure since RpR is slowed down then i'll to this
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Guardian Luigi

((aproximately 12:32 P.M.))

7/19/2011 #451
Darling Dai

Kristen sighed, frowning. "An alley?" she asked Ethan, walking a few paces behind him. She didn't want to get mugged again..

7/19/2011 #452
Guardian Luigi

"Don't worry." Ethan assured taking hold of her hand gently "This is the 'Decent' Side of town, and running into a gang or even a gang MEMBER here is rare to the point of never happening." he said as he pulled her gently over to it.

7/19/2011 #453
Sage of the White Sands

Michelle looked at the mark and let out a small smile "So we really must be one in the same" Michelle said as she glanced back up at the before bowing low "I'm Michelle Ling, who are you?" she asked the girl.

7/19/2011 #454
The one and only Den

Den looked at Lacey "whats wrong?" he asked, again entirely forgetting the heat surrounding his body, he just thought it was ungodly hot that day

7/19/2011 #455

"You're really hot." Lacey said. She laughed a little at how awkward that really sounded. She rubbed her symbol again.

7/19/2011 #456
The one and only Den

Den blinked a few times "thank you, your a sweetheart" he said with a slight laugh, he actually thought it was a compliment and not a statement of the heat that he was emmitting

7/19/2011 #457

Lacey laughed.

"I didn't mean it that way." she said, gesturing to the heat waves.

7/19/2011 #458
The one and only Den

Den sighed "damn, i really needed that boost to get through the day today" he said as he sat against the air conditioner, letting it cool him off as much as it could

7/19/2011 #459

"What boost?" Lacey asked, sitting down on the floor. As much as it was weird to admit, she preferred the floor over a chair or a bed.

7/19/2011 #460

Afternoon, it seemed that many people were going a particular direction. Victoria didn't care as this made it somewhat easier in going to the park to practice with her ability in secret.

"Ah, there it is," she noted, seeing the park in front of her. There currently was no one there, at least that she could see. So sitting at a concrete table in the shade of a tree, she pulled her hands out and cupped them together, forming the gray matter in a small quantity. Again, she looked around to see if anyone was neaby as she didn't need someone to stop and stare at her.

7/19/2011 #461
The one and only Den

Den smirked "the i'm hot thing, i needed a boost to get through the day so i can feel good, i'm so bored" he changed the topic rather quickly

7/19/2011 #462

Lacey raised an eyebrow but didn't ask. She didn't particularly like intruding on people's personal information or things they wanted to keep secret.

"This is taking too long to start. I don't even like meetings. I guess I'll go figure this stupid mark thing out myself." she said, tying her shoes once again.

7/19/2011 #463
Guardian Luigi

"I'm susan little." the introduced herself giving the same bow that Mitchelle had gien her, not to be rude or to seem like she was mocking the girl, but simply ecause she thought it would be respetful "So are you on your way to city hall because of your mark?" Susan asked kindly.

7/19/2011 #464
Sage of the White Sands

"Yes I am, and yourself?" Michelle asked the girl after returning from her bow "I need to learn more about it, so I figured going to City Hall would help me understand it better, and how to remove it" Michelle finished.

7/19/2011 #465
Guardian Luigi

"How convenient I was going there myself, but personally, I'm not sure these marks will ever come off." she said with a sad little smile, she did however throw an arm around mitchelles shoulder and started to guide her toward the hall "The meeting should be starting soon." she added as she did this.

7/19/2011 #466
Sage of the White Sands

"Lets not be late"Michelle said as the walked toward the City Hall, she was making idol chat as they went "So what do you think they will discuss?" Michelle asked as they walked "I personally want the remedy and not a quick fix"

7/19/2011 #467
Guardian Luigi

I honestly am not sure at all." Susan admitted "For all I know there isn't anything we can do and those of us that have them will just have to live with them, but maybe there's something we can do." She said hopefully. They were just a few feet away from the doors to the City hall and were climbing the great marble steps now.

7/19/2011 #468
((Recap with a chocolate shake! I had a power outage....))
7/19/2011 #469

(I don't know when you got off, but most of the people are at city hall for a meeting about the symbols. xD)

7/19/2011 #470

Den and Lacy are at the city hall.

Ethan and Kristenare in an alley.

Victoria is at the park.

Michelle and an NPC are on their way to city hall.

7/19/2011 #471
The one and only Den

Seras and Louisa are also at City hall, your charrie was there when you got off

7/19/2011 #472
Darling Dai

Kristen's breath caught in her throat when Ethan took hold of her hand. Really, she was tempted to pull away. Instead, though, she took a deep breath, regain her composure, and managed a smirk. "Okay, okay," she decided, following.

7/19/2011 #473
((Well, here's a sucky post from me....)) Laurietta, amongst the chatter, pulled out a book she checked from the library, found a seat, and began reading.... ((FAIL!!!!!))
7/19/2011 #474

Lacey took one last glance at all the people there, that could help her. This would be her path to guidance. She would know anything and everything about the stupid mark on her right bicep. But instead, Lacey walked out the door.

7/19/2011 #475
Sage of the White Sands

Michelle smiled slightly and stepped into City Hall to attend the meeting, she was getting more hopeful by the second, and was honestly hoping for the best news she can get from the Mayor or a spokesperson,hell it could be a dog giving it, Michelle was happy that she could possibly be heard.

7/19/2011 #476

Lacey noticed a girl sitting at a park bench so Lacey decided to join her.

"Hi there!" she greeted, smiling.

7/19/2011 #477

"!" Victoria jolted in her seat, and the gray matter between her palms disappated.

"Yes!?" she asked, turning to the girl that approached her.

7/19/2011 #478

Lacey caught a quick glimpse of a gray shape in the girl's hands but let it go.

"Oh, um, sorry, I didn't mean to, uh.." she said awkwardly. She backed up slowly.

7/19/2011 #479

Did she see? Did she not see? Also, why would she so randomly approach a complete stranger? Victoria didn't reconize with girl, and she was usually good at remembering names and faces.

"What?" she asked as simply as possible.

7/19/2011 #480
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