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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a Half Blood? To live in the world of Percy Jackson? To not only role play and chat, but showcase your adventures to the world? To live like a real demigod/monster in a real world? You've come to the right place.
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Okay." Cathy said. She wasn't sure what to say. xXlinebreakXx Jason walked to the tree and looked at her. "Hi Kalyssa."
3/8/2012 #5,851


"Yo." Kalyssa said, glancing down at him.

3/8/2012 #5,852
Hugs of Doom

Nebula looked at the whirlpool. "Thats cool. Maybe playing with water might practice powers for you."

3/8/2012 #5,853

Sarah Jade groaned again and tried to get her head to stop pounding.

3/8/2012 #5,854

Jacob shrugged.

"I can only really make it last when I'm mad or something."

3/8/2012 #5,855
Jason smiled. "I wanted to let you know that Jamie was moving out."
3/8/2012 #5,856
Hugs of Doom

"If you practice them, you can make it last longer and longer."

3/8/2012 #5,857

"I know." Kalyssa said simply before tossing her apple core away and jumping down in front of him. "You treat her right, understand? Or I'll come and kick you ass!"

3/8/2012 #5,858

"I guess." He said.

3/8/2012 #5,859
Jason smiled. "Don't worry, I will. If I wasn't going to treat her like a queen I wouldn't have asked her to marry me. I love her way to much to hurt her."
3/8/2012 #5,860
Hugs of Doom

Nebula looked at the other side of the lake. She started humming quietly.

3/8/2012 #5,861

"You better." she started to walk away then stopped and looked at him over her shoulder. "And just so you know, I had better reasons then hating her for tormenting her our whole lives." Before Jason could asked anything, she ran off and disappeared into the forest.

3/8/2012 #5,862
Jason looked at the forest for a moment before turning to leave camp. He needed to get home.
3/8/2012 #5,863
Hugs of Doom
(Anyone on this server?)
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Hugs of Doom
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Damian was getting in his car, getting ready to do some public trolling.

3/8/2012 #5,867
Hugs of Doom
(Helloooo!) Mellony was sitting under Thalia's tree when she looked over at Damian. "Where you going?" She asked.
3/8/2012 #5,868

"Walmart" Damian replied

3/8/2012 #5,869
Hugs of Doom
"You need to buy something? No, no wait.. Trolling?"
3/8/2012 #5,870

"yep! I'm gonna do me some public trollin!"

3/8/2012 #5,871
Hugs of Doom
Mellony laughed, "Okay. I have some advice; tell one of the employees Code 3 in Hardwares. It's hilarious. By the way, bring a camera to videotape it all." She said.
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"Actually, I was gonna be kitty boy. And I've already got the camera covered" he smiled and lifted his tripod

3/8/2012 #5,873
Hugs of Doom
Mellony grinned, "Can kitty girl come too? I wanna see what reactions people will have."
3/8/2012 #5,874

"orrrr kitty boy and his sassy kitty girl could go do something else" Damian grinned

3/8/2012 #5,875
Hugs of Doom
"I'm a sassy kitty~" She sang, "Like what kind of something else?"
3/8/2012 . Edited 3/8/2012 #5,876

"I think you know" Damian grinned

(gtg bai :C)

3/8/2012 #5,877
Hugs of Doom
(Bye. DX) Mellony blushed brightly at the thoughts.
3/8/2012 #5,878
The Marauder Lady


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