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7/13/2011 #1

Name: Jasmine Taylor Henderson

DOB: January 9, 1990

Species: Human

Age: 21

Appearence: Brown hair that goes down to her back, emerald green eyes, 5'1

Personality: Upbeat, shy, does have a temper, lies about where she lives

Other: Plays guitar

Hobbies: Reads

History: Abused since age 7, doesn't like to go home

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7/14/2011 #3

Name: Holly Arial James

DOB: 21st of march, 1880

Species: Vampire

Age: 20 (Human), 109 (Vampire)

Appearance: Baby blue eyes with a hint of silver on the ends. Long, wavy brown hair with red strikes on the ends.

(( roden/Chelyca/Misc/Holland_Roden.jpg?t=1300486379 ))

Personality: Shy but can be bold when needed, is hot-headed and doesn't like losing. She can be very loyal if she loves someone sincerily.

Other: Sings and plays the guitar, violin and piano.

Hobbies: Playing her three instruments, reading books, listing to music, going to clubs and basically having a good time.

History: She was changed by a unknown vampire in 1900 but doesn't know anything about her past. She only knows the year she was born and how old she is, but is working hard on finding out more. During 1935, Holly was cursed by a witch to be able to turn to a crow and listen to people's thoughts and conversations though them forever. She hopes that she will have her maker's help in finding the witch and breaking the curse but she doesn't really believe it, not after finding and meeting him.

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7/28/2011 #5
Anakin Rose the Hedgehog

Name: Anakin Rose

DOB: February 14, 1985

Species: Mobian hedgehog(original form), Human(his current form, caused by a curse)

Age: 18(physical), 25(actual)

Appearence: A mixture of Sonic the hedgehog & Shadow the Hedgehog in terms of furstyle. He wears an outfit similar to Cloud Strife in Advent Children. He has eyes of mako and he has a skin tone lighter than Sonic but darker than Amy. He has criss-crossing Gunblade scars on his nose from where he 1st battled Sonic in his human form, which he considers a curse.

Personality: secluded, rarely speaks, overly zealous, wishes to return to Mobius and break the curse set upon him.

Other: carries his main weapon, a sword named Ultima CaliThunder, in a sheath on his back. Mainly uses Thunder magick, but will use Healing magick if one of his teammates is badly injured.

Hobbies: speaking the languages of other races and worlds, praying to a girl he loves by the name of Sonia(Sonic's sister), fencing(if he does not have a mission, he will create a doppleganger of himself and fight it, both will use the same sword design, but they will use different swords).

History: Once a proud warrior of the planet Mobius, the god of Mobius, Chaos Leviathan, cursed him with the body of a human and sent him to Earth to undergo the mortal lifestyfe humans lived. However, he has survived and encountered a new specie he had not seen before. He called them "vampires," the thieves of life, blood, and willpower. Then came the day a group he marked as the callsign "True Blood" decided to keep him for as long as it took for their goals....

8/1/2011 #6

A little weird Patrick, but okay. Accepted.

8/1/2011 #7

Name: Joshua James Adams

DOB: October 11, 1989

Species: Human

Age: 21

Appearence: Brown hair, black eyes, dark tan

Personality: creeper

Other: idk

Hobbies: idk

History: Raped Jasmine, and is a psychopath/sociopath, and is a major creep

8/7/2011 #8

Name: Astrid 'Angel'

DOB: 2nd of december, 80

Species: Vampire

Age: 1920

Appearance: Long, wavy blonde hair with sea blue eyes. Has a angelic look and has often been called Angel which is her nickname. Is 5'9" tall and wears designer clothes only.

Personality: Sweet, kind, generous, smart , devious, sarcastic, hot-headed, somewhat dark, sly, cunning, sneeky, hates weak people and doesn't like loses.

Other: Is Godric's sister (they share the same maker). Best friend to Holly, whom she met in Holly's human life but Holly doesn't remember her. Works good with weapons and such but can basically use anything as a weapon. Is Swedish.

Hobbies: Helping others, playing several instruments, training, reading books, listening to music, taking long moonlight walks.

History: Astrid was born as the clan chief's daughter on the 2nd of december 80. She has been treated like trash due to beign a girl and not a boy but she only got stronger that way. Has met her maker in 100 also the year she was changed in. She met Godric only recently and would like for them to bond more. Astrid spent most of her vampire life fighting with the Viking's and winning them every battle. After the Viking's fell, Astrid spent most of her time blending in with the times (for example the French revolution) but would mostly act like a lady. She spent the 1st and 2nd World War in her native Sweden, trying to keep 'friends' alive. She was later betrayed by one of those 'friends' which hurt her badly. The only person she talks to right now is Godric, though she would like to get to know other people as well.

8/9/2011 #9

Jaz, Accepted. TeamAlice, Accepted.

8/10/2011 #10

Name: Spica

DOB: 15th of november 1000 b.c.

Species: Vampire

Age: 3000

Appearance: Long, dirty blonde hair with sea blue eyes. is 5'8" feet tall and wears cusual clothes.

Personality: Pure evil. Doesn't care about anyone, likes hurting and killing people, sarcastic, ruthless, kills everything that is in her way ... very dark.

Other: Is Dimitri's (Holly's rapist) maker. Has a locket that noone but her knows what is in.

Hobbies: Reading, composing (songs), writing, killing people (werewolfs, vampires and humans alike), swimming and playing chess.

History: Spica was changed by her rapist when she was just twenty (human) years old. Since than, she roamed the world, changing humans and werewolfs into vampires and killing sires of other vampires just for fun. She curretly lives in Bon Temps, but like going to clubs and bars in Sherveport.

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9/27/2011 #12
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