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but if Alek punches Brian back, Chloe will get mad at Alek and hate Alek. sigh...what are the writers thinking?

8/3/2011 #121
I don't think he will tho
8/3/2011 #122

hopefully we'll stop seeing him as much after this episode. :D

8/3/2011 #123

Chloe needs to hurry up and kiss Brain (yes I spelled it like that on purpose) so he will... wait for it....


8/3/2011 #124
Water Wolf 100

See I don't think that Alek will punch Brian back. I think that he's going to rip him in half. and throw the pieces off of the golden gate bridge. After all, according to chloe is was ok what Alek did in the promo. Whatever the outcome is, Alek is gonna be sooooo mad. So it should be enjoyable. Hot, angry British guys are fun to watch on tv.

8/3/2011 #125

Just watched the new eppisode..AHHHHHHH!!! OK needed to get that out of my system...

I didn't watch the promo, or else i'd probably knock myself into next week....but I'm hoping that Alek rips Brian a new one because yes, hot angry British guys are fun to watch on tv :D

And Chloe taking care of Alek will prove to be soo intertaining :D hehe

8/3/2011 #126

ur totally right she'll get mad and not like either of them bcause brain punched alek so she won't like him and like u said if alek punches brain she'll get mad at alek *sigh* what to do, what to do

8/4/2011 #127

Earlier today, I watched Chestersee's new video on Youtube called Pool Sharks, and I saw someone familiar in the's Mimi o.O

She gets killed :)

8/5/2011 #128
Romanian Bookworm

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Brian ripped to shreds :) He has just got to go. I mean who puts on a hat w/ cat ears to flirt with a girl? I mean really? You're just that desperate to get a girl? No girl you're age wanted you so you go for the 16 year olds instead....pervert. BTW has anyone noticed just how ugly Brian can be at times? I was looking at Chalek pics on the internet and I found one where Brian looks like an ogre.

Here's the link:

I just saw the pic and it just hit me...BAM! He is just too ugly for Chloe...just sayin.

8/7/2011 #129


8/7/2011 #130

Yes, he does look like an orge...-_- sigh...Chloe is blind.

By the way, I like your picture! :) I have a friend who's Romanian too :)

8/7/2011 #131
Romanian Bookworm

Cool! Thanks so much I love your's too! Yea I don't really know any1 who's Romanian (I was adopted) *sigh* I'll just have 2 go it alone *_*

TCA: I know! I was sooooo mad! They should at least get some kind of recognition! Were they even there? I fell asleep & missed like the whole thing :(

8/8/2011 #132

what do you mean go it alone? o.O

I don't think their show was even mentioned! :( grr...I didn't see them in the audience either. -_-" sigh...

8/8/2011 #133
Romanian Bookworm

Ooooohhhhh that really frustrates me :/ They deserve to be at least invited!

And I mean no one I know is Romanian so if I want to know something but my culture I have 2 go on the internet. And none of my friends are adopted except one but we're not really friends merely...knowledgable about each other there's really no one to talk to about being adopted. I mean my parents know I'm curious and all but they can only tell me so much u know?

Whoops sorry you probably don't lol :)

8/8/2011 #134

I don't get it though, they were nominated...

that kinda sucks...the internet is pretty awesome though...

haha sorry probably don't. :)

8/8/2011 #135
Romanian Bookworm

lol its ok most don't.

If they were nominated why weren't they there? It makes no sense what so ever! They should at least have been there via one of those video chat things that you sometimes see at award shows. Unless they were nominated too late to be counted or showing a nomination was for publicity and all that.

Why is it that Hollywood makes us bend over backwards waiting for things & they complain about things like "Oh the fame's getting to me *swoon*"

8/8/2011 #136

they should've been there, I even voted for them...

And Ben Stone said something about flying off to LA to the TCA's and to wish them luck... oh well...

8/8/2011 #137
Romanian Bookworm

I guess all we can hope for is that they get recognized at the next award show. Since the season is ending soon :( they will be up for more nominations....hopefully

8/8/2011 #138

Do you mean where Chloe jumped from the roof? The song is called Weightless by Natasha Bedingfield and it's the less is more version. =) Hope I could help!!!

8/8/2011 #139
Water Wolf 100

I didn't even watch the TCA....I've never watched them hahaha. And sorry I've kinda dropped off the face of the earth, I usually do take part in conversations but things have been a little crazy over in the House of Anubis forum cuz we were trolled by someone and this girl is cussing us out a lot and it's very time consuming to deal with that. Our main admin had to block her. I'm assuming that I'll never have to do that here. I never want to, but I will if I have to.

Oh and RB, being Romanian is pretty awsome. I'm part Serbian so I know the feeling of wanting to know about that culture, but I wasn't adopted so I don't have quite the same amount of desire that you do. I wish you the best of luck on your search though.

8/8/2011 #140
Romanian Bookworm

Thanks wolfie :) And sorry to hear about the situation over at House of Anubis. I didn't know there was a forum so know I am off to see what that one is about lol Ciao! I'll join back in when something catches my eye on this forum....Brian bashing for example lol

8/8/2011 #141
Water Wolf 100

We'd love to have you over there. The one I'm part of is just called General Discussion. We love getting new people. :) The question I have for you is thise- Jara or Mira? That's a big topic over there lol

8/8/2011 #142

that sounds interesting :)

8/8/2011 #143
Water Wolf 100

Are you n HoA fan xpskl?

8/8/2011 #144

YES!!!! :D :D :D

8/8/2011 #145

wait...I believe I mentioned HoA on the first page...can't remeber...oh wells :)

8/8/2011 #146
Water Wolf 100

Excellent!!!!!!!!! You should come join out forum then. We're some pretty cool cats. There's myself and three others that are the regulars. Purple Snowstorm, Whispering Memories and Bubbles of Angst. There are others but the four of us have recently brought around the revival of the forum. We're all cool cats (as bubbles says) so by all means come join us!!!!! House of Anubis General Discussion. We talk about a lot of stuff, not just HoA. There are a few degrassi fans there as well as Icarly, in case either of those catagories interest you.

8/8/2011 #147
Romanian Bookworm

To answer you're question wolfie....I don't really know. I mean Mira are cute together but Jara is also cute. I never really gave it much thought lol. I guess I would have to see Jara together a little more to really choose. Hopefully they will in SEason 2! I can't wait for it to come out lol :)

8/9/2011 #148
Romanian Bookworm

One hour left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/9/2011 #149

Only...4 hours left...and I won't be awake... *sobs*

8/9/2011 #150
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