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Emperor Serperior

Welcome to my chat forum, a place intended to be a fun, and relatively mellow place. Although I do my best to maintain a fair experience, there are rules that must be followed. (Updated as of 4/13/14)

1. Show respect and treat people here with kindness. Name-calling, insults, arguing, and flaming is NOT allowed for any reason.

- You're free to express how you feel about things, however, when it comes to things like other people's stories (specifically the other members on this forum), try to go easy on them. Not everyone is capable of handling criticism unless you tell them how to fix it and support them in their writing career.

- You're also free to express how you feel about other users. But when it comes to the users on this forum, try to be modest, and respectful. The reason behind this is due to the possibility that it will ignite a flame war, and discourage people from participating in this forum. Needless to say, it will most likely hurt their feelings.

- Anyone who posts racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs will be banned, the duration will be decided upon the intensity of the insult and the damage it does to the user that its aimed at. I won't hesitate to punish anyone who violates this at all.


2. Debating politics, religion, or anything that can provoke flame wars and hatred towards other members is not allowed. If a post contains anything of the sort, it will be removed the minute me or a moderator notices it. You will given a fair warning not to do it again, but if you post something like that twice, you will be banned.

In discussions that are serious, but can't be considered debates, accept and tolerate others' views, opinions, ideas, and ways of thinking. You will not insult anyone for their different ideology for any reason whatsoever. Violate this rule and you'll get bashed by the ban hammer. The length of the ban will be indefinite.

- You can have your own opinions, and disagree with others views. But you're NOT allowed to insult them, argue with them, or criticize them for they believe in. If you display that behavior, you will be banned from this forum forever, like I just said above.


3. Make your posts at least two words as an act of courtesy to those who subscribe. People tend to get lots of email regularly.


4. Keep the posts within a PG-13 limit. I don't want the forum to get shut down due to excess profanity.

- Though I don't think it's polite to use cuss words, you can do that, but don't use the f-word, or the other phrases that get censored on TV. I would also prefer if you keep from using racist, homophobic, or bigoted profanities.



- The reason behind this is because politics and forums are a bad combination unless the forum itself is devoted to politics. It's usually a contributing factor in staff corruption on other sites. (Not that such a thing will happen here with me in charge, of course.)

- If you want to discuss politics with somebody here, you can go ahead and talk to the member via PM, or on another forum that allows it.

- Should you keep making posts or threads about politics, you will be given a warning and then banned if you continue. It's seriously not necessary.


6. Try to avoid double posting. Again, that adds un-needed email and will make it harder to find important messages to those who subscribe here.


7. Don't post unreadable messages. As with rules three and six, that puts unnecessary pressure on people who use their email accounts frequently. To put it simply, don't go around spamming.


8. Avoid posting links to adulterated images/videos and porn. That could bring negative attention to this forum and result in getting closed/shutdown if that occurs.


9. If you catch anyone misbehaving, contact me first chance you get.


10. If you believe any of the moderators here is abusing his/her authority, contact me immediately. That is absolutely unacceptable.

- If they are actually abusing their position, then they will be fired, and banned right when I get the chance to do that.


11. Threatening other users is obviously not allowed. You're going to get banned right off the bat if I catch this. This rules applies to mods as well. Just because you are a mod doesn't give you the right to bully anyone who is not a mod. Any mod who threatens non-mods will get banned, and I will allow the users to ridicule that moderator as a result.


12. No posting multiple topics of the same subject, or duplicate posts, please. That will drive me nuts.


The rules will be updated in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

To the moderators; Please don't edit MY posts without asking me first!

7/7/2011 . Edited 4/13 #1
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