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Emperor Serperior

This is the formatting I'd use to introduce the OC characters-

Human profiles:

Name -

Personality -

Age -

Gender -

Rank -

Specialty -

Pokemon -

Appearance -

Homeland -

History -

Other information -


Pokemon profiles:

Name -

Species -

Age -

Special ability -

Gender -

Personality -

Location -

Appearance -

History -

Other information -


Of course, you can go ahead and use your own formatting if you want.


Once your characters are approved by me and the moderators, post them in the character introduction thread.



7/7/2011 . Edited 7/7/2011 #1

(this is just something I have to make when I have a short amount of time. I have a concert I am going to tonight and I have to leave soon)

Human profiles: Name -Alex Thomas

Personality - He was raised believing that even in the worst of situations there is always a bright side, so he tends to crack jokes and so and forth during some serious situations....some people find it nice while most tend to see it as annoying. He is a die-hard fighter (in school he was in his wrestling team as well as a MMA club) so his favorite types of Pokemon tend to be fighting type Pokemon. If he gets into a bad agruement he tends to get impatient and resort to some of the 'skills' he learned while fighting.

Age -17

Gender -Male

Rank -dont quiet know what to I guess I will just say Rookie..

Specialty -I guess he is good at training his fighting types. He tends to do the same methods of training as all of his pokemon, putting in 110%. It usually ends up making them work harder as well. He is strong when it comes to regular gym battles, but rarely when he has free time he will attempt to compete in Pokemon - I'll list them here.

Gardevoir "Star" (female) also his first Pokemon. (I figure I should tell how that happened)- He was given a young Ralts by his parents for his birthday when he was around 6, Alex was angry at first, seeing as even then he didn't truly like Psychic Pokemon. So for a while he didn't want anything to do with it. But eventually he came around to just playing with it and realized that she truly wasn't so bad. Over the years she evolved, first to Kirlia and then finally to a Gardevoir. She is always by his side after 12 years, being basically his best friend.

Hitmonchan "Rocky" (male) He was his first pokemon truly caught, evolving it from Tyrogue to a hitmonchan. Since he had already trained in boxing before Alex always loves training him, thinking of it as a friendly sparing match...even though he always looses.

Manky "Moco"(male) It was a accident that he ended up catching him, he was trying to capture a machomp but when he threw the ball the Manky moved infront of it. He tends to get mad angry at Alex, even when it seems like he is perfectly happy. The only reason he doesn't usually attack him is Star is in the way.

Appearance - 5'11" tall and 215 pounds. He has a athletic build and dark brown hair as well as hazel eyes. What he pretty much always wears is a white t shirt and jean shorts. Other then that he has a green bandana that he wears like a headband.

Homeland -Oldale Town Hoenn Region

History -Despite being in a small town in school he mostly delt with bullies in the town. Since he was usually out matched and outnumbered he wasnt able to do much. Eventualy his parents enrolled him into a boxing class. After a week a training the first thing he did was walk up to the biggest, toughest bully out of the group and broke his nose, needless to say his parents stoped letting him train after that, by then however he already was intrested in fighting, doing whatever he could to train as well as watch anything from wrestling to cage fighting on TV.

Eventually his parents got sick of how he acted and his father tried to get him to drop figthing all together by getting him intrested in pokemon training. Deciding just to pick one of the weaker pokemon he ended up giving him a Ralts. Despite that he seemed to care little about it. Finally, at his wits end after Alex got into another fight he drove him and the Ralts into the woods and ditched him in the middle of the forest, hoping that they would work together.

However he didnt realise some of the bullies followed them into the forests. When they found them they ganged up and began to beat them both, trying to kill them at first. During that they would of been dead except for Ralts, seemingly gaining a second wind used a strong telepathic blast that saved both of there lives. When the fight was over he blacked out, waking up to see the bullies gone and that ralts evolved into a Kirlia. They slowly trecked back to town, making it there after a couple days. When they got there it helped to strengthen there bond like his father wanted.

Despite that however he didnt stop training, it made him fight more. After a couple years, after Star evolved into Gardevoir once again his dad lost his patience, realising his idea failed misseralby. He was tired of dealing with Alex when he came home beaten and bloodied, his pokemon in just as bad of shape as him, yet they seemed to nearly joke about it. He forced him to back there bags and kicked them out of the house, not alowing them to come back until he was cured of his habbits. Needless to say that it failed misserably.

(also since she is more of a character of mine then just a Pokemon he rarely uses I think I should make something for Star)]

Name -Star

Species- Gardevoir

Age - 14

Special ability -Able to see into future and read her masters emotions as well as his thoughts (...though I suppose they all can do that...)

Gender -Female

Personality -Most of the time the exact opposite of Alex. Like all of her kinds she is extremely loyal, more then willing to put her life on the line if Alex is in danger. Do to his reckless nature she is nearly always by his side, not wanting him hurt. She is usually seriouse around strangers unless she sense everyone else in a good mood and that they will not harm anyone in any way. If that is the case she is much more cheerful.

Location -traveling with Alex

Appearance - Generic Gardevoir except for a red ribbon tied around her waist that Alex gave her when they left Oldale

History -She was born in Alex's fathers breeding area where she lived for two years before she was given to him as a gift. Though he didnt want to do anything with her for a couple years so she would usualy play with his mother. A couple times she watched him at wrestling practices, not knowing any true moves she thought they were intresting to try and learn so she tried them at his house, usualy against stuffed animals however. When they started training together she started to truly bond, she began to get protective however and when he got into the fight against bullies she was beaten down hard enough that she was in a hospital for nearly a week. It seemed he started to like her more after that and she was happy with that.

After they stared traveling she was always by his side, since she didn't like being in a poke-ball she always walked. Now that the group has gotten bigger and Alex started to spar with the other Pokemon she took almost a motherly role, helping him recover when he is hurt.

Other information: Besides being in battles she is the only pokemon that Alex would ever bring into a contest. Seeing as she is the one who begged him to do one.

(...Just let me know what I need to improve.....I was extremely tired when i wrote all of this...since it is 2 in the morning..)

8/7/2011 . Edited 8/7/2011 #2
Emperor Serperior

I don't really have any problems with these characters, but...

Well, not to be rude, but I think that Alex should have a little more of a unique history...I suggest you put more spaces into these paragraphs, because it's easy to lose one's place if their studying things like this.

One thing I like though, you gave his Pokemon nick-names, and that is great.


8/7/2011 #3

Alright I will work on his bio and so forth..Like I said I was kind of tired so my creativity sort of went down the drain desinging his bio....

And as for nicknames I just never liked how pretty much every trainer called there pokemon just by the species didnt make much sense to me

8/7/2011 #4

I edited it but I am short on ideas at the moment since I'm short on time...just let me know what you thinkl

8/7/2011 #5
Mach the Slewfoot

My OC:

Name: Martin Ketchum

Personality: Similar to Ash; treats Pokemon with love like Ash; views perfume as a ripoff just like Ash does; bent on helping his son Ash become a Pokemon Master

Age: 46

Sex: Male

Specialty: None (he is well-rounded as a trainer)

Relation to Ash: Father

Rank: Trainer, Unova League Champ (Ash is runner-up)

Height: 5 foot 9 1/4

Weight: 156 pounds

History: Wrongly accused of murder of Gary's Parents; imprisoned when Ash was 3; released when Ash was 13; reunited with Ash in Unova


Primary Pokemon: Neptune the Octillery

History: adopted by Martin as a Remoraid; Martin's first Pokemon (Martin did not have a starter); speaks English fluently

Sex: Male

Level: 69

Move Set: Flamethrower, Signal Beam, Lock-on, Mudshot, Flash Cannon, Surf

More to come later....

8/31/2012 . Edited 5/8/2013 #6
Emperor Serperior


Excuse the EXTREMELY late reply.

Anyway, looks excellent! The detailing is good in my opinion, more unique than what I've seen in a while after doing much browsing around the internet.

@Herr Mach Der Azur Ritter

The basis of Martin appears to be rather interesting. I was about to say more detail would be necessary until I saw the last part of your post.


9/1/2012 . Edited 5/28/2014 #7
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