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This forum is to discuss the pairings in FFXIII especially when it comes to Lightning.
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While there are people who are claiming that Lightning will end up with either Hope or Fang I do believe that's not true. According to FF wiki regarding FFXIII2 Lightning got lost while searching for a way to save Fang and Vanille (and this why so many FLight fans believe the pairing will become canon) I have to disagree it hasn't been confirmed that all characters will appear in the sequel game director Motomu Toriyama said "some" of the characters from the first game will make an appearance so I'm pretty sure that sadly Fang and Vanille might not appear in the sequel (Yeah I like Fang).

I do believe Lightning will finally meet someone and fall in love I remember square enix mentioning that they want Lightning to be happy that's what makes me believe that she will finally get pair with someone. It is also traditional in FF games for the protagonist to fall in love with someone, like Tidus and Yuna from X. It's a possibility that Lightning will or might get together with the mysterious armor guy that clashes swords with her at the teaser trailer and anyone will have to disagree with me because they are fighting they are enemies. Yes that might be true however Motomu Toriyama revealed that the armor guy has a "relationship" with Lightning this leads me to believe that she might fall in love with him during the course of the game along that the armor guy has a connection with the new male protagonist Noel.

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Actually, from what I've heard, all of the past playable characters will at least appear in the game, whether or not they are playable in XIII-2. Source: I may be misreading the interview, though

While I don't necessarily support the pairing, I have a gut feeling that Lightning will probably end up with Noel. Why? Well, I have a theory. In the original draft of the game, way before anything became official, Lightning was made as a flirty, more seductive character (I call this version Averia), while Fang was actually a guy. (Old news, I'm sure). Somewhere in the production of the game, Fang was made a woman character with Lightning's prior traits while Lightning was made a more serious character. Now, I'm thinking that there was some chemistry written between Averia and Fang's male counterpart, maybe even a romance, but the idea was scrapped when Fang was made a female character.

What I'm thinking is that Square liked the idea of Averia/Fang, and wanted to keep it in some way. Fast forward to now, and we have this new character, Noel. I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but Noel is a Pulsian. Everything about him, from his origins, to his character design, all the way to his personality, is almost an exact replica of Fang. I'm guessing that this is the original "male Fang" that was talked about in the creation of Final Fantasy XIII. Doing this accomplishes two things for Square. One, it allows them to make a new character, and two, gives them an open character to pair Lightning with. I don't like it, to be honest. I'm hoping that they keep Lightning single, so people can write whatever they want without worry about the cannon.

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You make a very valid point they might do that and pair Lightning with Noel I'm guessing they are going to develop his relationship with Serah a brother/sister friendship bond. I sure they want Lightning to have a lover I don't remember where I read that square enix wants Lightning to be happy chances are 50% that she might get together with someone and not stay single. Also it doesn't matter if Noel/Lightning becomes canon as long as fan fiction exist she can be pair with anyone (although Hope/Lightning and Fang/Lightning fans won't be happy at first). Now the things that perk my curiosity is what Motomo Toriyama said about the mystery guy in armor that has a "relationship" with her.

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There's no way a popular title character will ever be in a canon gay relationship.


If Fang was a dude, I'm pretty sure Light/Fang is how it would go. Instead, it's up in the air. Noel is very male-Fang-like, and I'm curious what they'll do with him. Is he meant for Serah? Lightning? dunno...

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Exactly I see Fang/Lightning or Vanille/Lightning completely crack pairings that doesn't have any development in the game whatsoever the Americans have a strange way of judging people. They think because Fang and Lightning are tough and strong women they think that makes them gay in every way possible well they're wrong. I have played XIII so many times I haven't seen a single hint of romance between either women with Lightning aside from friendship. XIII's main theme was focused in challenging the impossible, never giving up and family. However I am still curious if there will be Noel/Lightning or even Caius/Lightning which I see that impossible, another crack pairing in the making. But the game does have 9 different ending and obviously square hasn't reveal the true ending of the game that will be up to us to unlock once we get the game on the 31st. Thanks for posting and your opinion is awesome.

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Before we agree totally, I think I should clarify... Fang/Lightning is my favorite pairing. I love them together in fan fiction/art.

If they got together in the actual game, I would die from happiness. However, I realize I am a minority in that. It would not be fair to demand that my personal story preferences be forced on other fans who may not like the idea at all. Is there canon validation for Fang/Lightning? Not much. The potential is definitely there in their highly complementary character designs, but it was not tapped in the actual game. That's why fan writers have had so much fun working with it, and I've had a lot of fun reading their work. It's a rich yet undeveloped-in-canon story potential.

Because the story of FF is developer-controlled (read: linear) rather than player-controlled, Squaresoft must choose to write a story that has broad, market-wide appeal (i.e. is very mainstream). Gay romance certainly is not mainstream. Therefore, Lightning must be straight in any official context and presentation. That's just economics. It has nothing to do with writing or character or anything but $$$. You want someone's money? You give them what they want. Most people want a hot straight chick. So there she is.

There's nothing wrong with that, and putting my own interests aside, I think Light would be awesome as a straight character. I know some very beautiful straight female soldiers IRL, and I could see Lightning as one of them. (Likewise, I can imagine Fang as a straight chick, though I prefer not to, lol.) I would never want to deny another fan the freedom to view and enjoy Light in a pairing with Noel or Snow or Cid or some other adult man in canon or otherwise. However, I would ask for - demand actually - the freedom to see her as I personally like to see her in the spin-off worlds created by fans without being told that I'm "wrong."

Canon is something that all fans must share, and it would be commercially stupid to put forward a product that a majority of customers don't want. Because Squaresoft commits itself to an unwavering single plotline there's no room for any non-mainstream content in official products. This is why I much prefer the games of Bethesda and Bioware. They give everyone what they want. They let the player choose these kinds of things for themselves. It's a much smarter developer choice for a dynamic, interactive entertainment media, IMO.

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With the way things ended in FFXIII-2, there is no doubt in my mind that FFXIII-3 will happen. Now, after playing FFXIII-2, there are two potential details that I cannot shake off. First, as much as I want Noel and Lightning to somehow get together, I cannot ignore the Noel x Yeul in this game. When Yeul recorded that vision of Yeul running into Noel's arms in that oracle drive, since it wasn't used in FFXIII-2, it makes me believe that in FFXIII-3 it'll be how the Noel x Yeul storyline will be wrapped up. Second, I feel like Yeul is a potential villain. Somehow, I think that there's a possibility that Yeul actually wanted Caius to do the things he did in FFXIII-2, especially after viewing the secret ending where Caius basically said "everything went according to plan, Yeul. Let us begin." Now in FFXIII-3, I believe that Noel, Hope, and Lightning will be playable. I also think that Noel and Lightning will become a lot closer. There is something about the fact that right after Noel lost all hope and turned to the goddess, and found Lightning, her being the first other human he has seen in a long while, that I find special. I don't think there is any romantic context between Lightning and Noel whatsoever, but I think there is a potential for one.

As for Hope, I initially believed that there might be some romance on Hope's end of the relationship in FFXIII, but after playing FFXIII-2, Hope seems more concerned with Fang and Vanille's decrystallization over Lightning's return. If anything, I bet Hope's view on Lightning is one of admiration for a older sister figure.

As for Caius, I think he's too obsessed with Yeul to even think about pairing up with another character. Every thing he does is for Yeul. It's sad, because Caius and Lightning had some chemistry.

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Yes I agree about Hope seeing Lightning as a role model/older sister since he never thought about her in a romantic light in both XIII and XIII-2 he's obviously worried about Fang and Vanille. I wouldn't be surprise if he's more worried about Vanille though. I also agree that Lightning and Noel have potential context for a romantic couple especially when Lightning believe in him and put her hopes on him to find Serah for her. The reason she strongly believe in him is because she had a vision about him but still for someone like Lightning to believe so much in a complete stranger she barely knows him she only knows his name and his purpose according to her vision that he's the one to change the future for the better and restore the true timeline. In XIII-3 square has the chance to develop the pairing and for them to grow closer together. It has already been proven that Serah and Noel are good friends nothing else it was proven that she loves Snow when she got the vision from the Sunleth Waterscape. We will have to wait in the upcoming years.

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K. A. Farron

Okay, sorry in advance for butting into the conversation!

Anyway, there could have been a potential relationship between Noel and Lightning but hopefully they WON'T get together in Lightning Returns becasue I think it'll sort of be an insult on Serah. Serah died in Noel's arms, and they had a real brother/sister relationship going on, so I think if Noel and Lightning got together than that would rather insult Serah in a sort of way. I hope Yeul comes back so she'll be there for Noel so Noel x Lightning is avoided. She probably won't but this is Final Fntasy, there will be some legit way she can return.

And I don't like Hope x Lightning either. Like you all said, Hope seems to wrapped up in rescuing Fang and Vanille, I think (hope) it's more on Vanille's part really, because they had some sort of connection in XIII and he didn't really have any with Fang. Besides, way back at the begining of XIII she was the one who looked after him after his mum died, so I think they have a connection there. I think that there might be potential that Fang and Vanille can come back so hopefully there can be a Hope x Vanille relationship.

And I have a fangirl-y dream that Serah will return and marry Snow, I dunno how, but I'm dreaming that'll happen.

And, I kinda want Lightning to remain single, I mean, I ship Caius x Lightning, but I think in game, not in our fan world's I think Lightning should remain single. They said she'll get a happy ending, but it doesn't mean she's going to get in a romantic relationship, you don;t need a romantic relationship to be happy, for all we know, Serah WILL return and that's what makes her happy.

I hope Caius returns so I have more of an excuse to shipe Caius x Lightning, despite the fact I'd like Lightning to remain single.

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