Trauma Center: United Hospital
Every of the main doctors, including Derek. Have came together to fight a new threat. The combo of GUILT, Stigma and the Roselia Virus. Will they win this war?
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Storm Arashi

"This is awesome!"

11/5/2011 #301
Shiny Raichu


11/5/2011 #302
Storm Arashi

"Heck yeah!"

11/5/2011 #303
The Art of Writing

Name: Colby Alan

Day of Birth: July 24 1998

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Colby wears a jet black coat usaully has the hood up. his hair color is a slight brown tint with red roots.

Personality: Happy go lucky. But under that happy go lucky attitude is a sad depressed attitude

Doctor or Patient: Patient, for a second time

Reason for coming to the United Hospital: Has a cut from his temple to the right side of his mouth

History: Colby was always a good child. It was only as of late his parents saw a drastic change in his attitude. About that time Colby had cut words on his arm, like Loser, I suck, I deserve to die, and many many others on both of his arms. His parents had no earthly idea. How he got into the hospital was he was walking down the street when he gos tackled by about 6 union members. They had him pinned down and made the huge cut. It was only that one the paramedics found him on the ground. He is currently in transit to the hospital. When he was there for the first time. It was CR that helped him. Colby thinks he's indebted to CR.

11/10/2011 . Edited 11/10/2011 #304
Shiny Raichu
He's in
11/10/2011 #305
Shiny Raichu

Name: (first and last): Amanda Brown

Day of Birth:June 19

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Silkiy red-orange hair with vibrant green eyes. Fair toned skin. Wears a long sleeved dress that's bright red while jean shorts that reach her knees. Black shoes.

Personality: She's a pretty sassy girl and likes to flirt a bit, often flirting with someone trying to make someone jealous. She has this streak of panicking when seeing a dog. (Cynophobia I think it was called) She's has this attitude of herself of having an ego. Has a set firm dream of becoming a singer.

Doctor or Patient: Patient

Reason for coming to the United Hospital: Was admitted due to her having a panic attack nearly getting to the point people thought she had a heart attack

History: Was born to two parents, but father died when she was 1, her mother met another man and married him, taking the name Brown. Even though he's not her real father, Amanda loved him like a real one. When she was 4 she was playing in the park, meeting what she thought was a nice puppy, which was really a feral dog, biting her causing her fear of canines


Name: (first and last): Leonardo 'Leo' Jenkins

Day of Birth: May 20

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short black hair with deep blue eyes that look purple when looked at in a different light. Wears a blue suit with greyish-black pants. He wears black shoes.

Personality: A quiet man until a call comes in, he is loyal and never talks back when he is ordered to do something. Despite his silence, he has a caring demeanor, making him conforming for the patients

Doctor or Patient: Doctor, he's a nurse believe it or not

Reason for coming to the United Hospital: He worked there when he finises med school, he came here for internship, since then he worked there for five years

History: Was raised in an orphanage when his biological parents died in a car accident. After a month or two in the orphanage, a coupe adopted him, taking the last name Jenkins. His adoptive mother was a nurse, Leo looked up to her mostly, kinda to make his dad humorously sulk but the father accepted his choice anyhow.

11/10/2011 #306
Storm Arashi

They're in!

(Lucas shall have fun bugging Leo.)

11/10/2011 #307
Shiny Raichu

Swwet XD

(XD Pootr Leo XD

11/10/2011 #308
Storm Arashi

(XD I can see it now! "No! No meds! Nuh uh! Step away from the awesome as hell red head!")

XD Yups.

11/10/2011 #309
Shiny Raichu

("Mr. Kimishima please-


11/10/2011 #310
Storm Arashi



11/10/2011 #311
Shiny Raichu

("Please, I'm just here to refill your immunosperpessemt

11/10/2011 #312
Storm Arashi

("Oh. Carry on.")

11/10/2011 #313
Shiny Raichu

"Thank you."

11/10/2011 #314
Storm Arashi


11/10/2011 #315
Shiny Raichu

Name: (first and last): Logan Chastain

Day of Birth: November 30

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Appearance: Fair skin with brunette short crew cut. Wears a black t-shirt with jeans.

Personality: Seroius in his work but tends to take joy in it as well. Quick to make a remark to people, including other members of the Union. He questions Harry's sanity most of the time

Bio: He is a Union member.

11/12/2011 #316
Storm Arashi

Name: Luka Smith

Day of Birth: December 28th

Age: 18

Gender: Male.

Appearence: Spikey/shaggy red hair deep brown eyes, fair skin with some freckles dotting his face and shoulders. Has scars from the shoulder down to his wrist on his right arm from an attack by a bear when he was seventeen. Typically wear's a blue T-shirt with a slightly longer sleeved T-shirt under it with black pants and boots.

Personality: Luka has two sides. His calm and his panic mode. Panic mode comes out when his little sister is hurt and tends to lead to him getting hurt in the process. His calm is typically kind but a bit naive as to what happens around him. He can take a joke and smile but without his coffee....Best to approach with utmost caution.

Doctor or Patient: Patient.

Reason for Coming to the United Hospital: He had gone originally for an exam but it was found he had appendicitis. Antibiotics weren't working and he's come for the operation bringing his most valued person with. His little sister.

History: Luka and his sister Cassandra (Cassie for short) grew up in a bad part of town and Luka was always trying to protect his little sister and keep her innocent. He learned to fight and stay strong but during one camping trip with their parents he and his father were injured from an angry mother bear finding them too close to her den for her liking. Luka had lost a lot of blood and nearly lost his arm. Their father lost partial vision in one of his eyes. Both recovered and life went on. Luka moved out when he turned eighteen and at request due to her scholarship to a private school Cassie went with. That's when his health issues began to show.

Name: Cassandra (Cassie) Smith

Day of Birth: October 7th

Age: 13

Gender: Female.

Appearence: Fair skin, long bright red hair tied back in a french braid half the time and in a ponytail the rest. Typically wear's a white short sleeved blouse with a pleated blue skirt and loafers with a light jacket over them colored green. Has dark brown eyes. When she's not in school however she will wear a short sleeved black dress with gold trim on the hemline with pleats in the skirt of it and her loafers. Has a silver chain around her neck with a spade locket containing a picture of her sibling and her parents.

Personality: Excitable, easily distracted but when irritated will make your life a living hell in one way or another. Tends to leap before she looks so to speak by brash actions that tend to get her into trouble. In class she's quiet and tends to be withdrawn but pays attention especially to biology. Her dream is to be a surgeon someday hence why. She's clingy to her sibling when afraid however. The first words out of her mouth will be: "Where's my big brother? I need my brother!" Has bad claustrophobia to an incident from childhood where a reletive had locked her in a small closet as a joke.

Bio: She's Luka's younger sister.

11/13/2011 . Edited 11/13/2011 #317

They're in.

Aren't they based on your FMA OCs? I Remember the names.

11/13/2011 #318
Storm Arashi


Yup! You remembered right I started thinking about them when listening to music today and their pasts and origins are changed but their almost the same. (Besides no longer being alchemists.)

11/13/2011 #319
The Art of Writing

Name: Bob Alan

Day of Birth: July 7

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Appearance: Black hair, green eyes almost always has a scowl on his face. wears a leather biker jacket and blue jeans

Personality: Always in a angry mood, will always will scold his son

Reason for coming to the United Hospital: His son is in the hospital.

History: He used to be a happy fella but then colby was born. He nver liked Colby.

Name: Susan Alan

Day of Birth: november 30

Age: 42

Gender: Female

Appearance: wears black pants and a red shirt. has very dark red hair.

Personality: Hate, she hates her son's eye's.

Reason for coming to the United Hospital: same as her husband

History: She gave birth to Colby and hated him, but she couldn't do anything about it, then one day she tried to gouge out her son's eyes.

11/14/2011 #320
Shiny Raichu

Hmm, Storm what you think. *likes the two but wants Storm's opinion too

11/14/2011 #321
Storm Arashi

Gabriella and Amy might do their afts like dishes but....Yes. They're in.

11/14/2011 #322
Shiny Raichu

Time to kick as XD

11/14/2011 #323
Storm Arashi

Name: Morgan Jacob

Day of Birth: April 1st

Age: 27

Gender: Despite the name is male.

Appearence: Tall, lanky build, fair skin, blond hair tied in a ponytail with green eyes. Wears a green T-shirt underneathe his labcoat with tan slacks.

Personality: Cheeky, irritating, tends to need a slap upside the head to get a message across. Tends to slack off in the OR though...He's focused, calm and commanding.

Doctor or Patient: Doctor, Orthopedic surgeon.

Reason for coming to the United Hospital: Was kicked out of other places due to his attitude and came there to intern.

History: He grew up an only child, rich parents basicallya spoiled brat who was too used to getting his own way when he was younger he broke his leg and had to get surgery. He had freaked out in the operating room struggling, fighting doing everything until he got yelled at by the surgeon and was put under. After he recovered he got curious and did more research and was sucked into needing to know everything about medicine and orthopedics. After high school he went to college then med school. After trying to intern at two hospitals' he was kicked out and recommended to go to United a note going to the main offices saying: "Slap him upside the head and deal with him. We don't want him."

11/14/2011 #324
Shiny Raichu

He's in XD

11/14/2011 #325
Storm Arashi

XD Thanks.

11/14/2011 #326
Shiny Raichu


11/14/2011 #327
Storm Arashi

Name: Jaime Addison

Day of Birth: July 19th

Age: Just turned 16

Gender: Male.

Appearence: Short, thin, has pale fair skin, dark brown hair and hollowed looking eyes that are just as brown they appear black. Has a blue pajama shirt on with striped pants.

Personality: Used to be rambunctious, cocky and all around a pain in the a** but when he got sick he became less and less like his old self becoming quiet, tired often and generally having a crappy attitude despite his parents efforts to assure him he would be better he's almost given up.

Doctr or Patient: Patient.

Reason for coming to the United Hospital: Was diagnosed with a condition that was slowly eating away at him and was brought to United in an attempt to cure him but he seems to be withering away.

History: He grew up a spoiled rich kid typically the 'mean guy' in his school and wasn't exactly liked except for his friends on the swim team he was in but after turning fourteen he had began to feel ill and gradually had to fight his disease over the years until he suffered two pnumothorax's requiring him to be hospitalized and finally he was starting to shut down as he was diagnosed as terminal. He's terrified to die and is currently hooked up to several machines doing most of his body's 'living' for him.

11/24/2011 #328
Shiny Raichu

Sweet he's in, now lemme make the parent. *goes to notepad*

11/24/2011 #329
Storm Arashi

Yay! XD

11/24/2011 #330
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