A story I am thinking up for League of Legends
I am thinking about doing a story about the League of Legends but I need a little help with it. It is a story with different people from anime and video games being taken to the world of Runeterra. I need help with there abilities and Titles.
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Prom Ledon

Hi! I really hope it's ok to post here, please...forgive me if I'm not. Anyways I saw this and thought "Oh! I have a story I just thought of as well."

The only problem is I'm no writer, so I'm posting it here in hopes that another League of legends fan might take it on and write it out~

Here goes:

Shen, Akali, and Kennen in their lore it states they travel together or something like that? So I was looking for a story that displays someones take on what they might have been like when they first met and started working together. After all they probably didn't get along right off the bat right? Their teamwork a mess? Come on! Any writer out there willing to give a shot at writting this?

It should focus on the three of them equally. I want to see them disagree with each other, overcome emotional wars together, Stand up for each other in the face of danger and out of the face of danger, come to understandings about themselves and one another, etc. If you want to take the story further than that, that's great, I would adore it I'm sure! Please if anyone is interested in this let me know! I would love to read what you come up with.

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You know what, I like this idea. Not sure if you are going to be checking this anytime soon but if you happen to, send me a PM ASAP please. I wouldn't like to take this idea and post it without your credit or input into me writing it.

If you're not sure about me or anything check out my profile and read my newer work. (My really old work wasn't my best and I have improved a bit.)

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It's fine to post here. I might take up the task. Are you familiar with the lore of Ionia, and the circumstances which will drive these three together as a team? You're not asking us to write a happy story.

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Prom Ledon

Thank you, also I'm not all that familiar with it. I know bit's and pieces? Did...you want to write a happy story? I'm sorry...that last statement just seems a little odd. If you are willing to give it a try then I will not stop you, though I already have someone working on it and so far am pleased with how they are going about it. Thank you for taking notice of this and replying to it. If you are going to take on this please let me know so I can read what you come up with as well.

Edit: Domo!

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