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With all the interest and input, it's now officially time to start the writing challenges. But before that, here is the writing timeline:

July 19: August Challenge is announced.

August 1-31: All entries for the August challenge are to be submitted to THIS THREAD. In order to do so, respond to this thread with the title, summary, and link of the story you are submitting.

Middle of August: September Writing Challenge will be announced on the September thread.

September 1-30: Entries for the September Writing Challenge shall be submitted to the September thread which will be posted.

September 1-middle of September: The poll for the August Writing Challenge will be open for people to vote on.

Middle of September: The poll will close, and the winner of the August Writing Challenge will be announced. The October Writing Challenge will be announced as well.

And the pattern will continue so on. I say the middle of August, September, etc... because I don't want to set any dates in stone yet in case something unexpected should come up. There will be separate threads for the months, to keep the challenges organized. JayLah and I also have come up with some challenges that are open to canon and OC characters, and some that are for canon only. That way the canon only vs. OC's debate is settled.

Moving on, to August's Challenge. Thanks to EarlyMorningWishes for the word suggestions.

The August Challenge is the following: The writer must write a story containing the words agoraphobia, technophobia, amateur, sunburn, and worthless. The story doesn't have a word limit, it just must use the words in a logical way. The August Challenge is OPEN to canon characters, and OC's.

Entries cannot be posted before August 1. The only reason why it's being announced early, is so writers get a chance to brainstorm and come up with ideas. Feel free to discuss the challenge below.

JayLah and I hope to see a lot of entries. Even if you're not much of a writer, you can still give input, read the submissions, and vote in the poll. Good luck to all.

7/19/2011 #1

Today is officially August 1 which means challenges can start being submitted. If possible please underline/bold the five words in the fic so they will be easy to spot. Remember, submissions are to be submitted here with title and summary once completed. Stories can be posted under the Clare B. Dunkle category whenever, but only submit your entry here when the story is completed to ensure fair judging for all.



8/1/2011 #2

My challenge piece: The Game Begins

Summary: Marak Hawkseye needed a wife. But not just any wife. He wanted one who was intriguing and most of all... He wanted to break her. Watch how young Selena is reeled into the darker king's web, and how the game of snaring her begins.


Wow... I'm the first! Hope to see everyone else's challenge fics come in soon (:

8/5/2011 #3

Fearful Love and Silver Succession

Summary: Can Silverhand get beyond the bitter memories of his past as he becomes the most powerful goblin king since Marak Lionclaw? Can he find his perfect wife and love? Read on, dear reader, and solve these mysteries for yourself.



8/8/2011 #4

Title: Musings

Summary: A moment in the lives of Marak Sixfinger and Seylin, wherein they interact, converse, and move one step closer from King and subject, toward mentor and pupil. URL:

8/10/2011 #5

Title: Happily

Summary: Aggie was suppose to be the bride marrying Tom, not her sister. Marak Owlfeathers wasn't even planning on marrying that night. Everything happens for a reason. Prequel of sorts to After and Ever.


8/12/2011 #6

Title:Whiskey Lullaby

Summary: It is undeniable that love can end tragically. Take Romeo and Juliet for an example. When a love dies and the others survives, it can take its' toll. And in this story, it comes in the form called alcohol.


8/12/2011 #7
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