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Have an idea for a fic but either can't or don't have time to write it? Post it here.

7/20/2011 . Edited 7/20/2011 #1

Thought I'd stop in and drop off an idea I've been having for a while but probably won't ever write.

What if Kate hadn't agreed to let Marak bring Emily down to the kingdom? How would Em's life been different and would she still have ended up with Seylin?

7/27/2011 #2

All right here's an idea: What happened to Martha? After the second book, she's never mentioned. I've debated starting a fanfic about her, but I know i'd probably never finish it.

8/1/2011 #3

Martha married Richard. It's mentioned somewhere on Dunkle's website.

8/7/2011 #4

A fic on Martha would be a great idea. I know CBD said she ended up marrying Richard "off screen," but her story could still be fleshed out nicely in a fic or someone could take her down a different path. Great idea!

8/8/2011 #5

Another idea for a plot: What about the dwarfs? They're mentioned in the kingdom, with some even becoming king Wive's, but yet you never see them in fics. For After I wrote an upcoming chapter featuring them, but realized I want to see a dwarf king's Wife in a fic.

8/10/2011 #6

How about a present time fic in an alternate universe where goblins and elves were discovered by humans at some point? Maybe there was a war of some kind, but the goblins moved to the USA (or some other country). When the goblin/elf King tries to catch his bride, she actually recognizes him for what he is, probably having seen him on the news.

Another possibility, goblins and elves were still discovered but they live freely among humans and they have some sort of system of getting wives peacefully, an auction perhaps. Or, the humans don't know that the Kings need human wives, so people don't notice when a few girls go missing every now and then.

8/27/2011 #7

Okay, got this idea, but have absolutely no time to write it with school and homework and work and duties and... well you get the picture. I'd like to start it, but I have a feeling, I won't be able to finish it, so if anyone else find the idea interesting feel free to write the story:

The story takes place in a modern time.

Marak: Marak want a wife. But not just any wife. He want a wife future generations will marvel at. He wants a wife, who is brave. Who doesn't just scream when she meets him, but fights. A wife, who fascinates him.

The girl: The girl (pick a name yourself) is stressed - even more than me. Studying at the university, with no less than three crappy jobs and tons and tons of homework she constantly fears she is about to break down. Having to plan every minute of every day - even the weekends - she has absolutely no time left for herself. She dreams about just letting it go, but doesn't want to disappoint her parent, who are more interested in her grades than her own dreams and ambitions.

Stressed out of her mind, when Marak first "visited" her she is more irritated than scared over his visit and therefor waste of her precious time. So instead of screaming and crying she tells him she think he should go back to whatever mental institution he came for - unless he knew anything about french grammar. It probably should be mentioned she doesn't believe in the whole "magic goblin"

Fascinated with her answers he kidnaps her, and even though she in the beginning hates him with a deep passion she later has to ask herself if he really gave her a prison - or freedom?

2/26/2012 #8
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