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Lily Rose Marie

This is the Cookout on Saturday, August 16, 2014. On LaPush Beach. EVERYONE is INVITED have FUN!!

8/16/2014 #1
Bleed with you

(I call first non start up post!)

8/16/2014 #2


8/16/2014 #3
Lily Rose Marie

Lol sky whatever) just continue on the beach)

8/16/2014 #4
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Skips to the campsite in short lace red dress and heels. Her blonde hair is curled and her make up light yet seductive. Her lips are painted rose pink.*

Brady: *Walks up in jeans and a nice button up.*

Sam: *Is starting the fire in nice green capris and a black tshirt.

8/16/2014 #5

Seth: *walks over to the camp site, he has on some nice dark jeans with an untucked, tight fitting, white button up shirt. He wears a loose black tie for the casual laid back fancy look*

8/16/2014 #6

Seraphina: *she is wearing her black combat boots, black skinny jeans, emerald green t-shirt and black hoodie. her eyes have thick black eyeliner and black mascara, her black hair is down like usual. she runs up to Brady and jumps on his back*

Iris: *her brown hair is in her usual braided pigtails. She wears little makeup. She has on red shorts and an orange tank top with black converses. she slowly walks up to the campsite*

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #7
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Runs up to Seth and pounces ln him.* Hi fluffy.

Brady:* Chuckles and nearly falls over from the surprise attack.* Hey babe

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #8

Paul: *walks up to Sam, in black jeans and a navy blue v-neck, on top of the shirt he is wearing a black buttoned up vest.* Need any help?

(Who's Paul's imprint?)

8/16/2014 #9

Seth: Hey bouncy, *looks at how she dressed* You look nice.

8/16/2014 #10

Seraphina: Hey *smiles*

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #11
Deleted accountlosiento

Sam: *Shrugs.* If ya want.

8/16/2014 #12
Bleed with you

Jade: *Walks to Iris, wearing jean shorts cut to mid thigh, and a gray tank top* Hey, you got here before I did

Embry: *wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt, walks to the group* Hey howdy hey

8/16/2014 #13
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Chuckles. * Bouncy really? That the best you got fluffy? Also.thanks my mom picked it out.

8/16/2014 #14

Paul: I'll set the table, and get the grill going.

8/16/2014 #15

Iris: *blushes a little* I followed Seraphina

8/16/2014 #16

Seth: I'm not trying to offend you, I'm describing you...and your mom. *arrives at the campsite*

8/16/2014 #17
Deleted accountlosiento

Sam: *Nods and looks at the group.* Later we playing games. Everyone grab a partner after dinner.

8/16/2014 #18
Bleed with you

Jade: *smiles* great, making friends?

8/16/2014 #19

Iris: Kind of. Mostly with you, Brady, Paul, and Faylinn

8/16/2014 #20
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Chuckles and jumps off Seths back.* Well I am feeling like my old self fluffy.*She says smiling.

8/16/2014 #21

Seth: *grins* Great.*takes a look around at the people* Is it just me, or does this feel like a school dance with everybody looking like this? *sweeps his arm around the place*

8/16/2014 #22
Bleed with you

Jade: You're getting there

8/16/2014 #23
Deleted accountlosiento

Brady: *Kisses her forhead.* this may be what she needed and also you look hot I liked you better in a skirt though now that wws yummy.

8/16/2014 #24

Paul: *puts the hamburger patties on the grill and the hot links as well*

8/16/2014 #25
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Chuckles and nods. Her eyes search for Embry and she spots him.* See ya later Seth.* She calls and jogs over to to Embry. She pounces on him trying to be quiet.*

8/16/2014 #26

Seraphina: *giggles* yeah. and thank you kind Sir, but skirts are uncomfortable

Iris: *nods* yeah I a- *she stop talking*

8/16/2014 #27
Bleed with you

Embry: *Catches her* Hey, you're not as quiet as you think you are. Having fun?

8/16/2014 #28

Seth: *walks over to Paul* what's on the menu?

8/16/2014 #29
Bleed with you

Jade: *looks at Iris, then follows her eyes to who or what caught her attention*

8/16/2014 #30
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