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Bleed with you

Jade: Or, you know, you bunch of numb nuts could ignore me, that works too

8/16/2014 #391

Seth: Im calling you chester. And Brady teacup.

8/16/2014 #392

Iris: *looks at Collin for a second and hides her face in Paul's arm again*

Seraphina: *smiles* Sing your favorite song. Brady-Poo?

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #393

Paul: Doesn't matter cause Rachel knows she's my one and only.

8/16/2014 #394
Bleed with you

Embry: So who's chester?

8/16/2014 #395
Deleted accountlosiento

Brady: *Flips Seth the bird and smiles at Seraphina.* Yes pumpkin pie.

Sam: Calm down fluffy its ok. Hey Embry what you about getting Seth collar with Fluffy plus his address on it?

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #396
Bleed with you

Collin: I bet she takes advantage of it too *chuckles and shakes his head*

8/16/2014 #397

Seraphina: You're warm *says in a baby voice*

8/16/2014 #398

Seth: Sam is chester, and I'm getting him booties engraved with his name.

8/16/2014 #399
Bleed with you

Embry: I'm thinking about it, I might just put "Fluffykinz" on it with a couple hearts on the collar

8/16/2014 #400
Deleted accountlosiento

Sam: Do it and extra patrol for a month plus no Anabel for a month. I also make you cat sit Nyx who I hear hates you.

8/16/2014 #401

Paul: What's wrong? *looks at Collin* Ooooh. *mental* jade sing a romantic song for Collin and iris.

8/16/2014 #402

Seth: God I hate it when you do that! Isn't there like a law about abusing power and all that shit? I'd like to sue Sam.

8/16/2014 #403
Bleed with you

Jade: You guys should know by now I don't sing, I'll play something that will work like that though

8/16/2014 #404
Deleted accountlosiento

Sam: Nope sorry kid your shit out of luck. So cat sitting Nyx so funny. I need to have the video taped. Seth getting his ass kicked by a cat. *Turns to Embry.* that would be funny oh and make sute the collar has a bow.

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #405

Seraphina: I'll do anything to see that *laughs*

8/16/2014 #406

Paul: seth and Embry can sing they have decent voices.

8/16/2014 #407

Seth: You guys suck, I'd die rather than wear that.

8/16/2014 #408
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Hissez in her sleep.* SETH CLEARWATER YOUR HURT NYX I WILL SHAVE YOUR FURR AND DYE IT PINk THEN USE IT FOR IN HER BED. *She screams and then dozes back off again. She sighs and curls up against Embry.*

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #409

Iris: *softly and barely audible* Paul?

8/16/2014 #410
Bleed with you

Embry: Get seth to say yeah and I'm up for it

Jade: *starts warming up the guitar and tuning to play November Rain

8/16/2014 #411

Seraphina: *busts out laughing and falls on the ground*

8/16/2014 #412
Bleed with you

Embry: *jolts slightly at her screaming awake* I call that a well timed 'fuck you' to Seth

8/16/2014 #413
Deleted accountlosiento

Brady: *Starts laughing at how randomly she just screamed it.*

Sam: *Start laughinf so hard he is leaning up against the picnic table.*

8/16/2014 #414

Seth: you guys are dicks but okay I'm in.

8/16/2014 #415

Paul: Yeah?

8/16/2014 #416

Seraphina: *stands back up goes to her bag. She gets out her A Song of Ice and Fire book, A Game of Thrones. She walks back to Brady and sits on his lap*

Iris: *shakes* I-I'm c-c-cold

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #417
Deleted accountlosiento

Brady: *Wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her shoulder.*

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #418
Bleed with you

Embry: We love you Seth *smiles*

Jade: Are you two done dicking around or do I need to find another couple people to sing *starts playing the begining to the song pre to where the vocals would start*

8/16/2014 #419

Seraphina: *opens her book to where she left off and begins to read*

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #420
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