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Iris: *looks at the fire, trying not to have an anxiety attack*

8/16/2014 #451
Bleed with you

Collin: How long have you been in these parts?

Embry: Sometimes I need some time...on my own

Sometimes I need some time...all alone

Everybody needs some time... on their own

Don't you know you need some time...all alone

8/16/2014 #452

Paul: *runs his hand up and down her arm soothingly* Calm down, he's just a teenage boy who changes into a wolf and hunts vampires. Same as the next guy.

8/16/2014 #453

Iris: *looks at Paul. Gives him a look that says what he just asked is a sore subject*

8/16/2014 #454

Seth: And when your fears subside

And shadows still remain

I know that you can love me

When there's no one left to blame

8/16/2014 #455

Paul: *nods* *mental* collin sore subject, I'll explain later. Nothing about where sshe's from or her past. Hobbies and likes are okay.

8/16/2014 #456
Bleed with you

Embry: So never mind the darkness

We still can find a way

'Cause nothin' lasts forever

Even cold November rain

Collin: Already feel like a jack ass What do you do for fun?

(go ahead and finish it off Ale)

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #457

Iris: *looks at him, softly speaks* I-I like to r-read f-f-fantasy books, listen to m-m-music, a-and t-that's mainly it *blushes*

8/16/2014 #458


Seth:Don't ya think that you need somebody

Don't ya think that you need someone

Everybody needs somebody

You're not the only one

You're not the only one

*let's the last note trail off*s

8/16/2014 #459
Bleed with you

Collin: Neat, apart from Paul who all do you know here?

8/16/2014 #460
Bleed with you

Collin: *Applauds the vocalists and Jade for their performance*

Embry: I'd say we should do this more often, but neither of us makes a good Axel Rhodes, we're too tall and dark headed *says with a smile*

8/16/2014 #461

Seth: *laughs* Its okay once in a while . *shrugs*

8/16/2014 #462

Paul: *applauds* my, my, my, what a performance.

8/16/2014 #463

Iris: *giggles at Embry's statement. Blushes and looks back at Collin* E-everyone w-w-who is here b-but I-I-I'm friends with B-B-Brady, Jade, F-F-Faylinn and P-P-Paul because I know t-t-them better *blushes at how much she said to him*

8/16/2014 #464
Bleed with you

Jade: Great job guys, maybe one of you should learn the drums and we could start a band *says as a sarcastic gratitude*

8/16/2014 #465

Seth: Oh I call tamberine!

8/16/2014 #466

Iris: *looks at Jade for help to stop stuttering a lot*

8/16/2014 #467
Bleed with you

Collin: Cool, I've known everyone here except Seraphina, and Faylinn since I was in elementary school, you don't have to be worried, I'm not going to make you bite your tongue because you talk, I actually enjoy hearing your voice.. *pauses and realizes what he said before turning red himself* wow, I feel even more like a love sick pup now that I said that

8/16/2014 #468
Bleed with you

Jade: *Throws two thumbs up with a smile, several bracelets on her wrists jingling as the metal parts collided* Damn it Seth! we need you to learn full out percussion, Embry is too slow at learning for this

Embry: Hey now, I resent that comment little miss. *says the last part with some joking attitude in his voice*

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #469

Iris: *blushes and looks away from Jade. She looks at the ground and screams, pulling her legs up on the log*

8/16/2014 #470
Bleed with you

Collin: What's wrong?

8/16/2014 #471

Iris: *shakily points to a huge spider crawling towards her on the ground*

8/16/2014 #472
Bleed with you

Collin: *picks it up by the abdomen and tosses it the oppisite way of the fire into the woods* better?

8/17/2014 #473

Iris: *nods slowly. Realizes what just happened and blushes* S-sorry

8/17/2014 #474
Bleed with you

Collin: It's fine, I'm not worried about it

8/17/2014 #475

Iris: *puts her feet back on the ground and looks at Jade for help*

8/17/2014 #476
Bleed with you

Jade: *Mouths "ask him something" in exaggerated lip movements so she could see them*

8/17/2014 #477

Iris: *blushes and looks at Collin* So, u-um, w-w-what do you like to d-do?

8/17/2014 #478
Bleed with you

Collin: *smiles* Running, cliff jumping, hanging out with friends, I'm basically up for anything.

8/17/2014 #479

Iris: *nods* c-cool. *doesn't know what else to say. Looks at her hands*

8/17/2014 #480
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