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Deleted accountlosiento

*Anabel and Faylinn runs towards them.* Seth Jade we...* Faylinn sstarts before she is grabbed by the air.* Fay *Anabel screams and Anabel is grabbed by the neck.. *Want them catch me.

8/16/2014 #181
Deleted accountlosiento

Brady: *Follows after her. *Sorry about Earlier.

*A bloody Faylinn stumbles forwards wearing the outfit from the cook out.* He back. *She says and hands go around her throat. *Anabel run. *She says and Endymion laughs his digs his fangs into her neck making blood spray everywhere. She screams and goes silent. Endymion throws her at Anabels feet. * Your my human.

8/16/2014 #182

Seth: *spins in a circle trying to pin the location of the voice*

8/16/2014 #183
Bleed with you

Jade: Just keep going

Embry: In 1814 we took a little trip, along with colonel jackson down the mighty missisip *follows with Seraph*

(sorry, was called to eat)

8/16/2014 #184
Deleted accountlosiento

*She runs by him.* Seth save me! *Anabel screams. * Fluffy please I am sorry don't let me die. *Faylinn screams and vampire runs towards the beach.*

8/16/2014 #185

(it's okay)

Seraphina: *quickly walking through the woods* What was going on through Sam's fucking head?!

8/16/2014 #186
Deleted accountlosiento

*Faylinn stumbles towards Embry and Seraphina wearing the same outfit from the cookout. Her outfit is ripped and bloody.* Embry help m....* She starts before something slashes through her and she falla forwards laying in her own puddle of blood. *Your a failure Embry Call you let her die. SERPAHINA RUN. *Brady says running towards them and he too is slashed and falls forwards. * I love you. *He mumbles as he dies.* Failures you let them die you couldn't protect them

Faylinn: What the fuck is going on? This shit is creepy.

8/16/2014 #187
Bleed with you

Embry: It's not Sam, this is some random dude Sam knows that knows how to work special effects

8/16/2014 #188
Deleted accountlosiento

Sam: *Chuckles and looks at Iris.* Sorry but we won't be going might be to much for you. How about we make smores while we wait?

8/16/2014 #189

Seraphina: *growls* i'M FUCKING DONE. SAM ULEY YOU FUCKING BASTARD! *looks at Embry* He planned this!

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #190
Lily Rose Marie

Anabel: sorry for what?

8/16/2014 #191
Bleed with you

Embry: It aint Sam, calm down and keep going

8/16/2014 #192

Iris: *jumps at his voice and blushes* Sorry, I wasn't paying attention what did you say?

8/16/2014 #193
Deleted accountlosiento

Brady: Being a dick.

8/16/2014 #194

Seraphina: *shakes head* I don't think I can. Not after what I just saw

8/16/2014 #195
Lily Rose Marie

Anabel: well that is nothing new.

8/16/2014 #196

Seth: I'm so confused I can't tell what's real and what isn't. How come nobody from your nightmares is showing up?

8/16/2014 #197
Deleted accountlosiento

*Faylinn appears beforeEmbry again.* You don't care and I hate you. Your a bastard! *She screams and takes a gun to her head.* I hope this haunts you.* She says and she shoots herself in the head. Blood squirts everywhere and she falls.* Fay you habe the right idea. Lets both go to hell since we aren't wanted here.* Brady says and does the same thing.* MURDER MONSTERS FAILURES.

8/16/2014 #198

Paul: The guy must know about us, or else he wouldn't be doing this. This is some fucked up shit.

8/16/2014 #199
Bleed with you

Jade: Because I don't tell you guys what I fear.

8/16/2014 #200
Deleted accountlosiento

*Rachel appears before Paul.* Why? *She asked as her body had three slash marks.* Why did you kill me? You aattacked me why? *She says sobbing as blood flows fro. Her body.*

8/16/2014 #201

Seraphina: FUCK THIS SHIT! *turns to Embry I'm gonna murder Sam for planning this!

8/16/2014 #202
Deleted accountlosiento

*Iris runs up to Jade and cries.* YOUR A MONSTER A.FUCKING MONSTER I HATE YOU. I WOULD RATHER DIE THEN BE YOUR FRIEND. *She screams and rams a.knife through her stomach. She falls forwards. *

8/16/2014 #203

Paul: *his hands fly into his hair and they grip it tight* No I didn't. I couldn't...I would never..I'm so sorry.

8/16/2014 #204

(loves you are just evil lol)

8/16/2014 #205
Deleted accountlosiento

*Seth runs up to Anabel in wolf for and throws lifeless and blood Fayli n at her. Hegrowls and gets ready to attack. *

8/16/2014 #206
Bleed with you

Embry: MY NAME IS MICHAEL JAY CABOOSE! AND I HATE TAXES! *Drags Seraphina further* We aren't going to be the ones to quit

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #207
Lily Rose Marie

Anabel: i want this to be over *looks* Fay!!

8/16/2014 . Edited 8/16/2014 #208
Deleted accountlosiento


8/16/2014 #209
Deleted accountlosiento

Brady: I cave wanna return?


8/16/2014 #210
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