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Lily Rose Marie


Girls are going to Hawaii but Fay made a mistake and so are the Boys and they are staying in the suite next door. SURPRISE!

8/17/2014 . Edited 8/17/2014 #1

Esme: *sits in her seat and leans back* for the first time I wish I could sleep.

8/17/2014 #2

(Woohoo! First post!)

8/17/2014 #3
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Jumps and down at the hotel. * Alright lets get dressed and changed. * She says and get the threeroom keys. Ok me Seraphina and Anabel one room. Iris Esme amd Aeryn in another.

8/17/2014 #4
Deleted accountlosiento


8/17/2014 #5


Seraphina: *nods and turns to Iris* You will be fine Iris. Esme is a very caring women

Iris: *slowly nods* o-okay

8/17/2014 #6

Esme: Aleight girls, no powers. I don't want any strange incidents here. Got it?

8/17/2014 #7
Aeryn:*goes into the room and claims a bed
8/17/2014 #8

Seraphina: *groans* alright Esme

Iris: *slowly walks over to Esme*

8/17/2014 #9
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Nods.* Shall we go change and club? *She says smiling.*

8/17/2014 #10
Lily Rose Marie

(Bbl my phone dying)

8/17/2014 #11


8/17/2014 #12

Esme: *guides iris into the room* Come on dear, let's go have some fun.

8/17/2014 #13
Deleted accountlosiento


8/17/2014 #14
Aeryn*waiting in hall dressed in black corset top, micromini jean skirt and black cowgirl heeled boots*
8/17/2014 #15

Iris: *nods* I-I'm uncomfortable to go to c-c-clubs. They have bars and my p-p-parents were murdered working at a b-b-bar

Seraphina: *goes and changes into something similar to what she was wearing*

8/17/2014 #16
Aeryn*walks in*why don't i take iris to see the sites?
8/17/2014 #17

Esme: You're with a bunch of vampires. Nobody will ever lay a hand on you. Okay? If you get there and after a few minutes you still want to leave, there's a nice karaoke resteraunt around here.

8/17/2014 #18
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Goes and puts on a short red dress that stop two inches past her ass and has lines off fabric on the sides showing off skin. Her dress is v-cut and show alot of cleavage. She grabs 4 inches heels nd puts them on. She girls her hair does dark eyes shadowand a lifht rose colored lip. She walks and smiles.* Ready Seraphina?

8/17/2014 #19

Iris: *nods and smiles softly* o-okay

Seraphina: *her hair and make up was the same, along with her shoes. Her outfit was the same as before, only this time it was green and black* Yep

8/17/2014 #20
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: Change *She says and holds out a dres like hers but longer.*

8/17/2014 #21
8/17/2014 #22

Esme: *puts on an elegant black dress, and dark blood red heels. She went with a natural look and red lips, her brunette hair was let down natural* You girls ready?

8/17/2014 #23

Seraphina: *groans* ugh okay. *goes and changes again*

Iris: *wearing a tank top and shorts, both black. she had on ankle high black boots and her brown hair is down instead of being in pigtails*

8/17/2014 . Edited 8/17/2014 #24
Aeryn;is this optional
8/17/2014 #25
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: Nope. Shall we head out and thanks Seraphina. The club as a area reserved for us body guards and all.

8/17/2014 #26

Seraphina: *nods*

Iris: *clings onto Esme's arm*

8/17/2014 #27

Esme: Let's go sweetie. *steps out into the hall*

8/17/2014 #28

Iris: So I met a g-g-guy I really like *looks at Esme and blushes*

8/17/2014 #29
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Smiles and leads the way to the club.*

8/17/2014 #30
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