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Lily Rose Marie
(Okay i will check out your oc and loves your ideas are AMAZING!!!!)Anabel: so how am I changing?
8/20/2014 #1,531
Deleted accountlosiento

Sam: I sent het there is my fault.

8/20/2014 #1,532
Thnx) _____ Aeryn:why did you send her there?
8/20/2014 #1,533
Deleted accountlosiento


Faylinn: Cutting your hair and dying it dark red. Your going to be posing as my sister. Your getting little blue contacts and your going to dress gothic.I already bought out a talent agency and such. Then you start school tomorrkw. Your name is Liliah.

8/20/2014 #1,534
Lily Rose Marie
Anabel: *nods and looks around the penthouse *what have we done
8/20/2014 #1,535
Deleted accountlosiento

Sam: *Stiffens and looks at the ocean.* I would rather not talk about it.

8/20/2014 #1,536
Aeryn*shrugs*okay then
8/20/2014 #1,537
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Sighs.* What done is done. This our life the old one doesn't matter anymore. A friend will change our scent and numb the pull. *She stands up and sighs.*

8/20/2014 #1,538
Deleted accountlosiento

Sam: I have a feeling they arent coming back.

8/20/2014 #1,539
Aeryn:they may need time and who knows how long that wilk take just Dont push and when its time you'll find them. i mean i found my brother again
8/20/2014 #1,540
Lily Rose Marie
(Gtg class starting)
8/20/2014 #1,541
Bye chala)
8/20/2014 #1,542
8/20/2014 #1,543
Lily Rose Marie
Back. She always lets us out early
8/20/2014 #1,544
Wb rp?and can i use Mallory?)
8/20/2014 #1,545
Deleted accountlosiento

(Hey sorry was eating welcome back Chala.)

8/20/2014 #1,546
I'm open if you girls wanna rp)
8/20/2014 #1,547
Lily Rose Marie
Yes you can! ) anabel: *lools at fay* if we changing completely can i go blond?
8/20/2014 #1,548
Yay thnx:) (Aeryn and Mallory open)
8/20/2014 #1,549
Lily Rose Marie
(Is vacation over if so this forum will be closed monday.)
8/20/2014 #1,550

(Hey guyd. I survived the hell called school )

8/20/2014 #1,551
Lily Rose Marie
Lol arbella was it that bad
8/20/2014 #1,552

(Yes. Everyone at my school is super annoying)

8/20/2014 #1,553
Lily Rose Marie
Lmao haha) (yall if vacation is ovwr over we shpuld switch)
8/20/2014 #1,554
(Anyone rp?)
8/20/2014 #1,555
Bleed with you

(To the main (RP 25))

8/20/2014 #1,556
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