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Lily Rose Marie

Forks High School starts Monday and thhe fair come to Forks this weekend. There are rides, games, and foods to enjoy the last days of summer.

8/30/2014 #1
Bleed with you

Embry: *Waiting on everyone, drinking a lemon shake up while he waits*

8/31/2014 #2
Deleted accountlosiento

Jacob: Yo man! *He says as he walks over with his lemonade.*

8/31/2014 #3
Bleed with you

Embry: *Holds up his in response* What's going on Jake?

8/31/2014 #4
Deleted accountlosiento

Jacob: Nothing waiting on women to come god it takes forever.

8/31/2014 #5

Bella: *Walking around, checking everything out.*

8/31/2014 #6
Lily Rose Marie

Anabel: *walks into the fair in a crop top and jean shorts and chuck taylor and he blomd hair curly in a ponytail with her bangs out and guys stare at her she blush and goes to one of the game stands*

8/31/2014 . Edited 8/31/2014 #7
Bleed with you

Embry: *laughs* Aint that the truth

8/31/2014 #8
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Heads to get them cotton candy. She sees Jacob and gives him a smal nodd as she waits. She is wearing a crop top that shows off most of her stomach and skin tight jeans plus heels. Her hair is straight and he make up light plus seductive. *

8/31/2014 . Edited 8/31/2014 #9
Aeryn*dragging aiden to the ferries wheel* ___________)_______ Mallory:Kaylik lets go on that*points to ride*
8/31/2014 #10
Deleted accountlosiento

Jacob: Theres your girl. *Grabs the video camera out.* She getting cotton candy.

8/31/2014 #11
Bleed with you

Jade: *walking along with Faylinn the back of her legs sinking into the ground from the heels* I'm going to die, I'm going to die, and you're going to have fun watching it aren't you *sticks her tongue out at Faylinn*

8/31/2014 #12
Bleed with you

Aidan: Should I just put wheels on my feet so this is easier for you?

8/31/2014 #13
Lily Rose Marie

Guy: *smiles at anabel* *gives her the toy he won at the game* hey I think you are beautiful

Anabel: *vblushes* thanks

8/31/2014 #14
Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Turns around as she waits to order her cotton candy* Stop it you look pretty. Look guys already eyeing you.

8/31/2014 #15
Bleed with you

Embry: Here goes something *sets his drink down* kick it over I'll find your wallet *walks to Faylinn* Hi

8/31/2014 #16
Lily Rose Marie

Guy: I'm Tyler would you like cotton candy?

Anabel: i'm anabel and I would love cotton candy * walks over with him*

8/31/2014 #17

Paul: *hops out of his truck and walks over to the guys* Hey.

Reneesme: *parks Esme's car in the parking lot* So this is a fair.

8/31/2014 #18

Bella: *While walking around, she sees Jacob and waves*

8/31/2014 #19
Aeryn*stops*I'm sorry baby i just got excited
8/31/2014 #20

Kaylik: *looks at the roller coaster* Nice.

8/31/2014 #21
Mallory:what's it called?
8/31/2014 #22

Reneesme: *walks over to Jake*

8/31/2014 #23
Deleted accountlosiento

Jacob: Look Paul Embry is about to talk to her.

Faylinn: *Turns around.* Oh ummm Hi?

Vender: Next please. *He says as he eyes Faylinn and Jade.*

8/31/2014 #24
Deleted accountlosiento

Jacob: *Pulls Nessie into a hug and motions Bella over.*

8/31/2014 #25
Bleed with you

Jade: I'll order, what do you want Faylinn?

Embry: *doesn't talk for a moment then shakes his head* Sorry, I lost my train of thought, I'm Embry

8/31/2014 #26
Lily Rose Marie

Anabel:stands in line with the guy* *waves at jade*

8/31/2014 #27

Reneesme: *hugs him back* What are we all looking at?

Kaylik: The hammer.*leads her over*

8/31/2014 #28
Bleed with you

Jade: *Waves then turns to the vender* Sorry, two please

8/31/2014 #29

(Have Sam and Seth arrived?)

8/31/2014 #30
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