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Lily Rose Marie

This is our third OC Creator, there is a limit on the amount of OC's. If there becomes too many females or males we will stop accepting the one that is overflowing. Also there is a limited number of each group. You must have a canon character, before you can apply for an original character. Thanks guys!

Name (First Middle Last):


Date of Birth:


Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Hybrid):



Imprint/Mate (If one):

Short History (4-10 sentences):

6/16/2015 #1
Julliette Rose


Name (First Middle Last): Dot Marie (No last name)

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: November 11th 2014

Age: 7 months

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Can show people my thoughts without touching them. But only if I concentrate.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Hybrid): Vampire/Human Hybrid

Personality: Quiet, Reserved, Shy, Bright, and giggly

Friends: None. I'm all alone

Imprint/Mate (If one): None

Short History (4-10 sentences): My mommy died giving birth to me. Then, my daddy was attacked by the Volturi. Now I'm all alone, traveling America with nobody to teach me right from wrong. I drink human blood all by myself!

6/16/2015 . Edited by Lily Rose Marie, 6/16/2015 #2
Deleted accountlosiento

Name (First Middle Last): Lilliana Marie Lahote

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March 18th

Age: 15

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): N/A

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Hybrid): human

Personality: Rebel and tends to do things she wants and acts the way she wants. She also has that smart ass attitude where she tends to say whatever she wants.

Friends: Only ones in Maryland

Imprint/Mate (If one): Seth

Short History (4-10 sentences): Lilliana lived with her family until she was 4 then her parents split. Her mom got Lilliana and her dad got Paul. Her mom took her and left. She hasn't been back to La Push in years but now her mom is sick. Her mom has cancer and Lilliana found out when she was 10 thus her rebel stage began. She tried anything to feel anything but she failed. So her mom being concerned about her child was sending her off. Sadly a week before Lilliana leaves her mom passed away leaving her in a bitter mood as she heads to forks.

6/17/2015 #3
Deleted accountlosiento

Name (First Middle Last): Skyler Rose Hale

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: January 3rd

Age: looks four but is only a couple months old

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Tje power to make people see their greatest hopes or fears

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Hybrid): Hybrid

Personality: Bubbly and over excited. She is your typical child and always finds things to get into to.

Friends: Her auntie Rose, her mom, her dad and the rest of her family

Imprint/Mate (If one): Embry

Short History (4-10 sentences): Skyler was found by Alice when she was only a few days old. Her mother died giving birth to her so her father took her. Shortly after her father took her , her father murdered by the Volturi leaving Skyler by herself and Jane was tempted to take the young child but thought against it. She left and didn't even let Aro know what she foun and thus Alice found her and brought her home.

6/17/2015 . Edited 6/17/2015 #4
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