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Lily Rose Marie

-Original Character Creation-

* OC Character Information *

OC Characters: Original characters. OCs aren't from the series and were created by the members who role play them.

Currently, the role-play is only taking 4 characters ( 2 males and 2 females) of each species: human,vampire, hybrid, and shape-shifter.

OC Sheet Format

Full Name:


Date Of Birth:





Power: (If Vampire)

Pack Rank: (If Shape Shifter)


Extra Info: (Including extra things not able to be included in anything above, like relatives and other things not mentioned.)

All OC Characters completely belong to the authors who created them. Relations to the established canon were for role play purposes only and are the creative products of Stephenie Meyer.

Active Original Characters:

This is a list of the Active OCs, a brief summary about them, their relationship to canons, and their up to date role play history.


1. *Open*

2. *Open*


4. *Open.*


1. *Open*

2. *Open*


4. *Open*

5. *Open.*













1. Krismas Morgan Swan




OC Couples:

Any Questions and/or concerns please PM the administrator.

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Deleted accountlosiento

Approved by Rose Jackson15

Full Name: Krismas Morgan Swan

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: December 25

Species: Human


Krismas stands at 5'7 with wavy brown hair and light brown eyes. She has pale skin like her older sister. She has a hour glass figure and dresses more on the punk side. Against her fathers wishes she got her nose, tongue and eyebrow pierced.


Krismas has more a rebel personality and does what she wants when she wants. She doesn't care about what other people have to say and often brushes it off. She is known for her partying and drinking.


Krismas was a drunken mistake to bother her parents but none the less they loved. She grew up in a kind and loving home but once her sister fell down the crazy hole when she was younger her word came crashing down. She couldn't cope with all this strange happenings so she did the only thing she could think of. She started smoking weird and drinking. She couldn't handle all of this.

Her father began to worry about his young daughter so he did a intervention. He gave her one which resulted in one very angry teen. She began cussing and carrying on. She left her father with no choice but send her to a reform school which he did. She spent years their and went through withdraw. She finally was able to return home and is on her way home now.

Power: (If Vampire) N/A

Pack Rank: (If Shape Shifter) N/A

Imprint/Mate: Alec?

Extra Info: (Including extra things not able to be included in anything above, like relatives and other things not mentioned.) Bella (Sister) Renee (Mother) Charlie (Father). She loves being outside and singing. She hates being told what to do and all that jazz. She doesn't get along well with other people but she gets along great with her sister and they have a strong bond.

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Full name: Aurora Maye Redwood Denali Cullen

Date of birth: December 21, 1254

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Appearance: She is very short, standing at five feet. She weighs 120 pounds and is kind of busty. Her hair is a chestnut brown that is very curly and goes down to her waist. She is very pale and her eyes are seductive, golden brown, and hypnotizing. Her eyelashes are long and her eyebrows are kinda bushy, but perfectly groomed. She has dimples, a button nose, a curvy build, and full lips.

Mate/Imprint: Demetri?

personality: She is shy to new people but when around those who she has known for a while, she is outgoing, crazy, and fun. She is very stubborn and strong minded. She is also seductive.

History: She was born in Norway in a small village. She was an only child and the last of her bloodline. She was known as the singer of the village, the siren. People were afraid to hear her sing because of that fact. The Denali's found her when they heard her sing. They watched her for a while and noticed how the entire village was plotting to kill her. Before they had the chance, the Denali's took her while she was sleeping. When she woke up, they explained everything to her and Kate changed her. She lived with them for a while until 1845 and she decided to live on her own. In 1968, she found the Cullens and joined them.

power: She has the power of the siren song to paralyze her enemies and kill them (when she wants to)

Extra info: Aurora is close to all of her family members, but she is closest to Jasper, Carlisle, and Edward. She is also closer to Kate, since she was the one to change her. She didn't like Bella at first, since she felt Edward was going to stop hanging out with her. After a while, she warmed up to Bella and they became close friends.

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Full Name:Aeryn Evangeline Whitlock Gender:female Date Of Birth:April 18,1845 Species:vampire Appearance:Medium layered honey-blonde hair,golden eyes. Stands at 5'5 with a curvy/athletic build. Personality:Sarcastic,Temperamental,Sweet and flirty History: She was born in 1845, in Texas. She was turned in 1863 at the age of 18. She doesn't speak much about her past.(I'll add more later) Power: (If Vampire)pyrokenisis Pack Rank: (If Shape Shifter)n/a Imprint/Mate:OPEN FOR REQUEST. Extra Info: (Including extra things not able to be included in anything above, like relatives and other things not mentioned.)Jasper (older brother if allowed),was turn in 1863 making her 18. ----------------------)))))---------------------------- Full Name:Viktoria Emily Jenison Gender:female Date Of Birth:September 3,1999/2000?(whichever makes her 16) Species: Hybrid (shifter/unknown)(ideas for other half are welcome:)) Appearance:Medium/long dark brown hair,honey brown eyes, stands at 5'4. she has a curvy build,a scar on her right hip in the shape of a heart,she has the same tattoo as the other wolves. In wolf form she turns into a black wolf with white markings. Personality:Flirty,playful,kind and gentle. History: Viktoria was raised in an orphanage until she turned 16 at which time she found out about her shifter side one night while in the woods a vampire crossed her path causing her to phase, she ran away in fear to la push and met the wolf pack. She doesn't know who her parents are or what else she is Power: (If Vampire)none Pack Rank: (If Shape Shifter)unknown Imprint/Mate:paul? OPEN FOR REQUEST(if Paul isn't open) Extra Info: (Including extra things not able to be included in anything above, like relatives and other things not mentioned.)she likes photography and sketching.
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Fate's Eternal Tempest

Full Name: Jikina Elise Summers Cullen

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: September 18, 1988

Species: Vampire/ shapeshifter


Jikina stands at about 5'4. She has long red hair that reaches down past her shoulders and blue eyes that are full of curiosity. She usually wears black, blue or purple.

Personality: Jikina is fun-loving and mischevious.


Jikina Cullen was once Jikina Summers, a human/shapeshifter with a normal life. One day, she was out with her friend Lily when Alec, driven nearly mad with bloodlust, attacked her. Lily died, but Jikina survived because Alec turned her into a vampire. Lost, hungry, and confused, Jikina wandered aimlessly throughout the forest until she found Bella and Edward, who adopted her since her birth parents died becuse of the Volturi. Jikina seeks to avenge her parents' death.

Power (if vampire):Able to control another person by mentally 'inputting' commands into their mind

Power (if shapeshifter): Able to assume the voice, appearance, fingerprints and retina of any being she chooses

Pack rank: Beta

Imprint/ Mate: none at this point



Nina Summers(OC)- birth mother; shapeshifter

Luke Summers (OC)- birth father; human

Renesmee Cullen- adoptive sister; half human-half vampire

Bella Cullen- adoptive mother; vampire

Edward Cullen- adoptive father; vampire

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Full name: Alexa Arabella May Maine

Date of Birth: November 23, 2000

Species: Newborn vampire, four months

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