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name: Cenera Michalson

place of birth: voltera,italy

age: 400 but looks 11

date of birth: 29 august

appearance: When dressed up

Me when in school :


hair: midback. ginger/red colour

persnality: very mature even tho she is a immortal child. very loving but is scared, on the run from the volturi. She can control her thurst for human blood. She acts like a human alot of the time. But when under threat, She becomes her Immortal child side and becomes verousus

likes: playing pranks. playing piano and guitar

dislikes: being on the run

strenths: acting older than she is. can hide well

weeknesses: none

history: ce grew up in the time the volturi first ruled. her mother was killed by Caius for being a werewolf. Her mother was a shapeshifter and her father was a vampire. On her 11 birthday, She stopped growing and her eyes went red. Because the Volturi thought she was a immortal child, They killed her father. she has been on the run since. she has traveled the world looking for a coven to take her in.she has come to town hoping the cullens will help her.

species: werewolf/vampire hybrid

powers: shape shifting into a wolf and being able to take gifts and us them

coven/pack: none

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name{full} Vanessa Charle Volturi

about her birth: Vanessa was born when Marcus was human. she was his only child.she was born in grease

age: around marcus' age, looks 19

appearance: she is the spitting image of Dydime. tall, athletic figure

When i hunt :

When i am with the Volturi(With red eyes) bDVCYW5CblhrRnRaVGN3TmpJM016 VXhNdw/meghan-ory-large-picture.jpg

eyes: red

hair: black . down to waist

personality: a lot like Jane's

likes: teasing people


strengths: tracking, combat ane knowledge


history: she was a loner child coz no one liked her. she when she was younger used to be called a witch, being able to talk to animals, able to make storms when angry etc.but she was. she was going to be bunt at the stake but Aro stopped them and turned her and her father. she for 500 years has been killing werewolves. Because of her hunting style and what she wears, She is known by "Red riding hood" and is feared by most True werewolves. she comes to Volterra to become a guard.

species: vampire /witch also werewolf hunter

power: being able to read minds and control elements{and the things mentioned in history}

coven: volturi hopefally

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sorry for speeling i can do better
1/13/2013 #123
Lily Rose Marie

It okay i cant spell either! :) ACCEPTED

1/13/2013 #124
{thanks :)}
1/13/2013 #125
also vanessa is Dydime's daughter :)
1/13/2013 #126
Deletet Account
First Name: Felicity Middle Name: Orphelia Last Name: Carson Place of Birth: London Age: physical: 16 Date of Birth: 14.12.1888 Appearance (links accepted too):Chocolate brown ,wavy hair with blonde highlights. Big red eyes. Eyes:red and really deer like Hair: wavy,brown with blonde highlights Personality:Split personality. Can be nice and mean. Likes: Beautiful dresses Dislikes: Wolves Strengths:Her power is to steal so that No one realizes anything Weaknesses: Fighting History: Grew up in London and lived in a boarding school for young Ladies where they learn how to behave. One time she sneaked out and was found in the forest by a vampire that bit her. She Travelled around and was really depressed until Aro was fascinated by her gift and wanted her in the guard. Species:Vampire Mate/Imprint: Alec Power/Color: Advanced Stealing ability Pack Status/Coven Status:Volturi. Higher guard (PLEASE EDIT THE PHONE FORMAT!)
1/13/2013 #127

Full Name: Damon Isaac Salvertore

Place of birth: London

Age Looks 20 to the human eye

Date of birth: Around 1300 BC

Appearance: Me in my beauterful Car :

Me and my Beauterful Smile :

Eyes: Gray

hair: Black

Persnality; Very cocky likes to think of him self as a lady's man, but never axshally dated. He just killed all human girls he has dated. Lobes to pick a fight, and always wins.

Likes: Charming the lady's, Hunting down Vampires and killing them

Disslikes : His brother, Stefan. Animal blood

strenths: Fighting free hand and his control of his transformations. Dont look like a vampire and dont sparkle in the sunlight

Weeknesses : His one true love

History: Damon is like any other vampire. He likes to feed on young people. He grew up in London with his Perents and His younger Bother, Stefan. They were both rich but also both Shapeshifters. When he went out, he meet a beautiful vampire. She made him one of her. But he ran. Being a hybrid he can control his transformations. He has known of Red Ridding Hood for a wile and wishes to meet her. He comes to Volterra to ask to join the Volturi, Covering his other side

Species : Vampire/ shapeshifter


Power : Being able to compele anyone into doing what he wants and Being able to shift when ever he wants

Colour: Brown

Coven: wants to be a part of the volturi

1/14/2013 . Edited 1/28/2013 #128
Elsa the SnowQueen19

First Name: Hannah

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Last Name: Cullen

Place of Birth: Forks, Washington DC

Age: Physically 16

Date of Birth: September 11, 2006

Appearance (links accepted too): Slender, adorable, beautiful. (Most likely like the twin of Renesmee)

Eyes: Hazel brown (Esme's human's eyes)

Hair: Caramel with blond streaks

Personality: kind, overwhelmingly intelligent, fun-loving child, brave, headstrong, and stubborn.

Likes: Be with Seth, reading with Carlisle and Esme, spoiled, play dress up with Alice and Rosalie

Dislikes: Read a same story twice every night, been left alone

Strengths: Highly intelligent, fast growing mind

Weaknesses: Impatience, rash

History: Before Bella is pregnant, Esme magically been pregnant under a Lunar Eclipse before the wedding. Her pregnancy mostly smooth unlike Bella's who been hurt by Renesmee's unsual strength which makes Bella's belly had bruises. Hannah was predicted to born before Renesmee but ended up born shortly after Renesmee in the woods, Bella's 'accident' made Renesmee's birth sped up.

Species: Half vampire half human hybird

Mate/Imprint: Seth Clearwater

Power/Color: Self control, atmosphere sensing, mind and physical shield

Pack Status/Coven Status: Olympus Coven/shape shifters pack

1/22/2013 #129
Lily Rose Marie


1/23/2013 #130

First Name: Rosie

Middle Name: Love

Last Name: Darling

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 2nd May, 1994

Appearance (links accepted too):

Eyes: Crimson

Hair: Dark brown, curly, elbow length

Personality: Daring, eccentric, stubborn, excitable, smart, flirtatious, flexible, seductive, brave

Likes: Human blood

Dislikes: Animal blood

Strengths: Seduction

Weaknesses: She can be arrogant and do stupid things out of spite

History: She was bitten by a nomad vampire, but for some reason it was interrupted and never finished drinking her, so she was left there to change into a vampire. She'd been knocked unconscious before the biting began, so she never felt the pain of transition. She then spent her time roaming the streets, seducing men and then feeding on them. She is only a month into her vampiric life, and she's loving it. She's so descreet that the Cullens haven't detected her yet.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: None yet

Power/Color: She can get people to do what she wants them to - like compulsion - with or without physical touch.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Nomad

1/27/2013 . Edited 1/27/2013 #131

First Name: Rebekah

Middle Name: Jane

Last Name: Pengilley

Place of Birth: Athens, Gresse

Age: Looks 19

Date of Birth: Dont know

Appearance (links accepted too):

Eyes: Red

Hair: Blonde

Personality: She is Bitchy and stubon. Has no rememberance of her human life at all. She is also very temprementle and has a LARGE Hatred for the Volturi

Likes: Hunting poeple down. Drinking human blood. Drinking and Winding the wolves up

Dislikes: Volturi, Animal blood

Strengths: Tracking, Running and her gifts

Weaknesses: Nothing

History: Rebekah was born in Athens a long time ago. She was turned by a unknown vampire who feed on her and left her not dead. She has no remeberance of her human life. Because She joined a Large coven in Athens, But because of the immortal child they created, The coven was destroyed by the Volturi. She got out alive. She has planned her vengance for a long time. She headed around the world in look for a coven with the same amoun of hatred fpr them as her. No luck. She travels to Forks. She is verry sneeky and hunts the humans. But she and the Wolves dont get along

Species: Vampire

Mate: None yet

Power: By touch she can draw the strenth and power of any Vampire or Shapeshifter

Coven stauts: Nomad

((Anyone Can Play her, Just a idea))

1/28/2013 . Edited 1/28/2013 #132

name{full} Vanessa Charle Volturi

about her birth: Vanessa was born when Marcus was human. she was his only child.she was born in grease

age: around marcus' age, looks 19

appearance: she is the spitting image of Dydime. tall, athletic figure

When i hunt :

When i am with the Volturi(With red eyes) bDVCYW5CblhrRnRaVGN3TmpJM016 VXhNdw/meghan-ory-large-picture.jpg

eyes: red

hair: black . down to waist

personality: she is very stobern and is blinded by her hatred for wolves

likes: teasing people


strengths: tracking, combat ane knowledge

history: she was a loner child coz no one liked her. was. She scared evryone. When she was 18 she meet Aro and he was fasinated that he could not read her mind, Because when anyone touches her there gifts are taken. So because of this, Aro turned her and Marcus when he knew his sister was dating him. She had a hatred for werewolves because she was almost killed by one (Like Caius) So she became a werewof hunter and went by the name "REd riding hood"

species: vampire also werewolf hunter

power: by touch people's gifts are taken. Also people she has taken of she can use again when ever she wants

coven: volturi


2/6/2013 #133

First Name: Matthew

Middle Name: None

Last Name: Vince

Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ

Age: 22

Date of Birth: "December 12" (He has no memory of his real birthday, including birth year, since becoming a vampire. This is only the day he changed.)

Appearance (links accepted too): He wears a pair of jeans and red checkered button up with hiking sneakers; sometimes, black dress pants, pea-green dress shirt and dark dress shoes.

Eyes: Red

Hair: Light brunette naturally highlighted blond

Personality: Obessive-compulsive tendencies is surprisingly unpredictable with his newborn urges to drain of any desireable human is within reach, but this rarely happens ( think about what happened with James, you'll understand) and enough to probably prompt the Cullens Coven to be alert when he is around Bella. Matt's level of self-control deems him sane enough to join the coven even though it is questioned. Other than this, he is quiet and can rather hot-headed when dealing issues (ex. Bella's prescene at their house and knowledge of the vampire world).

Likes: Carlise, Emses, Jasper, hunting, deer, moose

Dislikes: Bella (not a shocker!), Laurent, Victoria, Jasper's empathic abilities

Strengths: Running away is nearly impossible with Matthew's obsession with scents, making sneaking up on him difficult if he recongizes it.

Weaknesses: Matthew is gullibable enough to be led into traps with a scent he finds desireable enough to chase after if it can drive into an frenzy.

History: Matthew was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but raised in Seattle as far as he can tell. In human terms, his death has gone unsolved and was temporarily labeled as a missing person's case, police gave up the search around the port and have now declared him dead. Most of the memories from his earlier life are sketchy because of the flash backs that randomly pop up from time to time, including when attacked as a human.

Species: Vampire - New Born

Mate/Imprint: No one

Power/Color: Matt could best be described as dog with its bone. Once he catches a scent that peaks his curiosity, he will never let it go until gets to the source. With the reminder of the Cullens, this urge is kept in check for the most part, especially around humans. In other words, he is a tracker.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Cullens

2/10/2013 . Edited 2/10/2013 #134

First Name: Riley.

Middle Name:Grace.

Last Name:whittlock

Place of Birth:her home in Houston Texas.

Age: 13

Date of Birth:October 19 1999

Appearance (links accepted too): long dirty blonde hair that reaches her butt usually braided she wears her cowgirl hat an boots every where she goes. she's 6'6


Hair:dirty blonde

Personality:sarcastic,cunning, can get away when needed,funny, sweet, evil when needed, when angered can be extremely mean, stubborn, hyper.

Likes:reading, playing guitar/piano, singing, music:(example: Carrie Underwood Miranda Lambert, the all American rejects, AC DC.) her little bit of friends

Dislikes:vampires, an lots of other stuff.

Strengths:running, fighting

Weaknesses: her paws are to big.

History:Riley's mother Allison was born in la push she moved to Texas to her away from it all an she met Riley's father Jason (a hybrid she didn't inherit any vamp geans she's a shifter) an Allison died giving birth to Riley her father raises she had horses an friends till she phased all that was ripped away from her when her father took her to la push for some help an they killed him immediately she phased to help him but they tackled her an demanded her to phase back when she did Leah have her an extra tank top an shorts witch she happily put on then demanded why they killed her father they told her he as a leech an how did she phase she told them all she knew about her mother that she was a shifter an that she moved away an that she died during child birth an her father as bringing her here to see if somebody could help her. (that's the end)

Species:shifter -werewolf-


Power/Color:black with white spots

Pack Status/Coven Status: no pack yet:)

First Name: Andrew

Middle Name:Michael

Last Name: William

Place of Birth:la push


Date of Birth:1998

Appearance (links accepted too):coal black hair that covers his eyes an He's Russett skin 6'8 has both dimples. slim.



Personality:sarcastic, funny sweet,stubborn, caring,

Likes:running with Riley, books music an lots more things.

Dislikes:vampires, running into trees, rap music among other things.

Strengths: running fighting

Weaknesses: paws are to big

History:Andrew was born in la push to a happy family with stories of wolves an come ones he grew an phased when his mother was murderd in front of him by a vampire. (I'm so not good with happy histories i how this works)he phases an with the help of the pack kills him.

Species:werewolf -shifter-


Power/Color:silver an gray an black

Pack Status/Coven Status: nopack

3/3/2013 #135

First Name: Rosabella

Middle Name: Aliesme

Last Name: Cullen

Place of Birth: Unknown

Age: 2

Date of Birth: Unknown

Appearance (links accepted too): Her faceclaim is Princess Leonor Of Spain



Personality: Bubbly and she is a curious babygirl

Likes:Anything that includes chocolate or sweets oh and the park

Dislikes:Staying in house

Strengths: Her powers can heal aswell

Weaknesses:She is curious and sometimes gets in to trouble

History: Babygirl of Rosalie and Emmett Cullen if it's okay



Power/Color: Controlling the elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit

Pack Status/Coven Status: The Cullen Coven

3/24/2013 #136
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