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if you've never played this, you're weird. & not in a good way. here's how to play:

-put your iPod or MP3 or phone or computer or whatever holds your songs on schuffle :D

-tell us the first 10 songs that come up :D

see? simple. here's the catch:


bcus you know, there's always those strange songs that we have no idea why we keep. & that's when we laugh :D

it's a cool game. cheap laughs and way to discover new music :D

have fun!


1/30/2012 #1

1. 15 Step by Radiohead (from the Twilight soundtrack :D)

2. Excuse Me by Da Zoo (a random catchy song i picked up from hanging around my cousins too much :p it's in Spanish xD)

3. So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold (such beautiful lyrics.. :)

4. The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance (ah, this band brings back old memories...)

5. The Last Three Letters by Alesana (why does this song always come up when i do stuff like this? ... awesome song :D)

6. I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry (??? O.O ???)

7. E.T by Katy Perry (not the Kanye West version. he just kills it. bcus he's a gay fish xD eh, eh? South Park anyone? nevermind. it's an old episode.. :p)

8. Sinner by Big B [(Lets go, lets go/ Lets live the life of a sinner/ And we'll be living on the run/ Right Here in the California sun)-awesomeness... :D]

9. Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend (no effin' clue what an 'Oxford Comma' is.. but Vampire Weekend has such happy & catchy music! :D i like the part in the song when he says "Why would you lie about how much gold you have? Why would you lie about something dumb like that? Why would you lie about anything at all?" so true...)

10 On The Floor by DJ Caffeine (don't ask.)

1/30/2012 #2

1. Rise by Disturbed (Really cool song :))

2. Back in Black by AC/DC (Yeah that's what I'm talking about :))

3. The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars (AWESOMENESS!!!)

4. Eyes of the World by Rainbow (One word: Rainbow :D)

5. I Stand Alone by Godsmack (The Scorpion King soundtrack :D)

6. Balls to The Wall by Accept (A song for true rebels :))

7. Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden (Really cool song :))

8. Wherever I May Roam by Metallica (Another cool song :))

9. Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana (Really cool song by Nirvana, R.I.P Kurt :( )

10. Rainbow in The Dark by Dio (R.I.P Dio, we miss you :( )

1/31/2012 #3

1. River Flows in You by Yiruma (nice piece of piano music :))

2. Why by Steps (long story :/ )

3. Gauis Arraigned by Rob Lane (I'm a merlin fan so sue me :))

4. Too Weak to Resist by Steps (Again Long Story :/ )

5. I dreamt of Edward by Carter Burwell (the Twilight Score :))

6. A True Hero/A Star is Born By Various Artists (Disney Geek in the house :D)

7.Flying God (alternate) by Harry Gregson-williams (Narnia what else can i say :))

8. Sound the Bugle By Bryan Adams ( meh :))

9. To Voterra By Alexsandre Desplat (The New Moon Score :))

10. Hurricane by 30 Seconds To Mars (I like this band :))

1/31/2012 . Edited 1/31/2012 #4
Lily Rose Marie

Lol I think I'm the only African American or Hispanic member of our forum, I'm not really sure but my music is mostly Hip Hop.

Better With the Lights Off by New Boyz ( mean song!!)

I'm On One by DJ Khaled ( this song go so hard!)

Marvin's Room by JoJo ( This song is for every girl who has ever been hurt by a boy)

What the Hell by Avril Larivge ( WTH?!)

The Climb by Miley Cyrus ( My Life's Story)

Run This Town by Jay-Z ( I RUN THIS SHIT!)

Lay It Down by Lloyd ( Me and My boyfriend, Tyler National Anthem)

Breaking Free by High School Musical Cast ( Break Free!)

If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys ( what would I do without Morghyn, my boyfriend and God)

Solider by Destiny's Child ( What all woman need in their life a SOLIDER!)

Skyspacer by Demi Lovato ( song that makes me cry! It explain something that happened in my life)

1/31/2012 #5

(you people like pretty awesome music :D)

(lol Chala. i'm latina. but iCan't stand hip-hop AT ALL!... :D iLike Run This Town but the original by Miss May I)

2/1/2012 . Edited 2/1/2012 #6

1. Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event (iReally like this band. they're music is pretty alternative but they're nice melodies with different instruments and great lyrics :D)

2. Heartless by Kanye West (oh, facepalm! xP)

3. Before I Forget by Slipknot (HELL YEAH!!! :D)

4. The Cave by Mumford & Sons (such a beautiful song... iWas hearing it when iRead The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. it fits..)

5. Ignorance by Paramore (ah Paramore. memories..)

6. Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects (All-American Rejects are okay..)

7. Feeling Good by Muse (for some reason this song reminds me of the back-in-the-day James Bond movies..)

8. The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance (teardrop..)

9. Lay Me Down by Dirty Heads ft. Sublime with Rome (a beautiful story about fugitives coming to their ends...)

10 So What by P!nk (wow... this was my jam back in the day xD)

2/1/2012 #7

1. Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold (Awesome song :))

2. Fast as a Shark by Accept (One of the best songs ever made :))

3. Toxicity by System of a Down (Really cool song by SOAD)

4. Dead Memories by Slipknot (This song brings back memories)

5. Ace of Spades by Motorhead (THE ACE OF SPADES!!!! :D)

6. Headstrong by Trapt (Cool song, 'nuff said :))

7. Solider of Fortune by Deep Purple (Legendary song :))

8. Warriors of The World by Manowar (WE ARE THE WARRIORS OF THE WORLD!!! :D)

9. Getting Away with Murder by Papa Roach (Another awesome song :))

10. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana (IT SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT :D)

2/1/2012 #8

1. Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber (one of my favourite musicals :))

2. What Doesn't Kill You (Makes you stronger) By Kelly Clarkson (My Motto :))

3. Train Escape by Hans Zimmer (Good Piece of Music :))

4. Jacob Imprints by Carter Burwell (Breaking Dawn is out on DVD in MARCH :D)

5. I Wanna Go by Britney Spears (Good Song :))

6. Without You by David Guetta ft. Usher (good song to go running to :))

7. The Venom by Carter Burwell (Breaking Dawn Again :))

8. I Will Always Return by Bryan Adams (Good Song :))

9. Lose My Mind by The Wanted (Just like the somg :))

10. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri ( :))

2/2/2012 . Edited 2/2/2012 #9

Doing this the third time because I'm bored :D

1. Raining Blood by Slayer (Amazing song :))

2. When a Blind Man Cries by Deep Purple (Classic song :))

3. Iron Man by Black Sabbath (OZZY FTW!!!)

4. You've Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest (Talk about an awesome song :))

5. Master of Puppets by Metallica (One of the best Metallica songs :))

6. Hand of Blood by Bullet For My Valentine (Need For Speed: Most Wanted soundtrack :))

7. All Hope Is Gone by Slipknot (WHEN ALL HOPE IS GONE!!!!!!!! :D)

8. Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine (Cool song :))

9. Down With The Sickness by Disturbed (Awesome song by Disturbed and also God of War 3 soundtrack :))

10. Black Ice by AC/DC (Another awesome song by AC/DC :))

2/3/2012 #10

I'm bored and Alone so I thought I'd do this again :D

1. Test Drive by John Powell (How to train your dragon OST....Its got dragons in it :D )

2. Who Say by Selena Gomez ( I like the songs and it very good to listen to if your feeling upset :))

3. Patry Rock Anthem by LMAFO ft. Lauren Bennett (PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT :))

4. Domino By Jessie J (Awesome Song :D)

5. O Negative By Carter Burwell ( Breaking Dawn what more can I say :))

6. Titanium by David Quetta ft. Sia (good song for the supernatural :))

7. We Are The World by Artist for Haiti (Very Moving song :))

8. Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas ( Boom Boom POW :))

9. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri (Another moving song:))

10. A Nova Vida by Carter Burwell (I have no idea what it means but its from Breaking Dawn :D )

2/3/2012 #11

1.Addicted by Saving Abel

2.Back To December By Taylor Swift

3.Come On Over ( all i want is you) By Christina Aguilera

4.Bad GirlFriend By Theory of a Deadman

5.Animel I Have Become By three days grace

6.Teenagers By My Chemical Romance

7.Brick By Boring Brick By Paramore

8.Valentine's Day By Linkin Park

9. Never Too late By Three Days Grace

10. Ignorance By Paramore

2/3/2012 #12
Lily Rose Marie

( sorry dee didnt know hola chica)

( bella i LOVE paramore)

Lighters by Bruno Mars ( Inspirational sonG)

Breakout by Miley Cyrus ( I feel like i just wanna breakout some times)

Blow by Kesha ( BOOM!!)

Here We Go by Lemonade Mouth ( Be loud, Be strong)

California Gurls by Kate Perry ( warm, wet, and wild)

Cant Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus ( No guy can tame me so stop trying)

Find Your Loe by Drake ( i'm gonna make you fight for my love)

Diary by Alicia Keys ( every body needs a best friend that like a diary)

Just Fine by Mary J Blige ( dont worry bout me im fine)

Sos by Rihanana ( SAVE ME!)

i really like at types of music

2/3/2012 #13

(haha me hace curiouso como cada ves que le digo a algien que soy latina, inmediatamente me preguntan que si hablo Español. ¡obvio que si! ¿que tipo de hispana seria si no hablar Español? xD pero se me hace un poco triste que si hay algunos que nunca aprendieron el idioma... :p)

2/4/2012 #14

1. Time to Pretend by MGMT (my dream life. :)

2. Hey There Mr. Brooks by Asking Alexandria!!! (HELL YEAHHH!!!! ASKING FREAKING ALEXANDRIA!!!!)

3. Trouble by Pink (Pink is pretty cool..)

4. Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! at The Disco (PANICATTHEDISCO!!! ... Brendon Urie... :DD)

5. Resistance by Muse (Muse :D)

6. Hollywood Whore by Papa Roach (Papa Roach :D)

7. Roads That Don't End and Views That Never Cease by We Came As Romans (iLike the dude's screaming :D)

8. All Around Me by Flyleaf!! (AMAZINGLY AWESOME SONG!!! :DD)

9. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's (it's a cute song ;D)

10 Hymn For The Shameless by ALESANA!!! (WOOOOOOOOO!!! ALESANA, FEMALEDOGS!!!! :DDD)

2/4/2012 #15

1. Thousand Years by Christina Perri (Breaking Dawn OST)

2.It Will Rain by Bruno Mars (Breaking Dawn Again :))

3. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri ( :))

4. I'm not the girl by Kerry Ellis (I wish i was but i'm not that girl :))

5. What Makes you beautiful by One Direction (pick a direction..any direction :))

6. Dynamite by Tiao Cruz (BOOM! )

7. Fantasma De Amor (Ghost of you) By Selena Gomez (Its very haunting this song :))

8.The Long Road by Hans Zimmer (Its a long way home)

9. Bella Reborn by Carter Burwell (Breaking dawn score :D )

10. This is where I Belong by Bryan Adams ( Love this song :))

2/7/2012 #16

1.Full Fat - Newton Falkner

2.Let me go - Maverick Sabre

3.3 words -, Cheryl Cole

4.Rock with U - Janet Jackson

5.Say it on the radio - The Wanted

6.Kiss me - Sixpence None the Richer

7.When we die - Jack Penate

8.Send yourself away - Seth Lakmen

9.Misguided Ghosts - Paramore

10.Evelyn - Hurts

2/9/2012 #17
Lily Rose Marie

We love music

5/6/2012 #18
Lily Rose Marie


7/14/2012 #19

Now I gotta go find my ipod.

Here we go...

1. Kenny Chesney- Somewhere With You

2. Florence and the Machine- Between Two Lungs

3. Sick Puppies- White Balloon

4. Lady Antebellum- Just a Kiss

5. Jason Aldean- Don't Give Up On Me

6. James Newton Howard- The Hunger Games

7. Bruno Mars- Runaway Baby

8. Carrie Underwood- I Just Can't Live A Lie

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers- The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

10. Taylor Swift- Our Song

7/15/2012 #20
Werewolf gurl97

1. Big time rush -Nothing even matters

2.Black Veil Brides- Rebel Love Song

3.Christina perri-A thousand years

4 Britany spears-circus

5. chris Brown-Say goodbye

6.Michael Jackson- Thriller

7. Lordie- Hardrock Hallejuah

8 Drake-Make me proud

9.Usher- What's your name


7/18/2012 #21
Lily Rose Marie

Omg misty i love your music!!!!

7/19/2012 #22
Werewolf gurl97


7/19/2012 #23
Lily Rose Marie

1.Blow- Ke$ha( great dancing music)

2.FlY- Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna ( very inspirational)

3. Beatuiful - Christina Aguilera ( ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE BEATUIFUL NO MATTER WHAT THE SAY!!)

4. Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner ( we are cooler than all the other form)

5. Ignorance- Paramore ( great for raves :))

6. Free To Be Me- Francesca Battistelli ( This song is like my anthem! I love it! Plus, i sound really good singing it)

7.Diva-'Beyonce ( me and my lil cousin dance to this song on replay)

8. Girlfriend- Avril Lavrigne ( this song is funny to me because this is how I am with All my brother's girlfriends)

9. Never Would Have Mad It- Marvin Sapp ( It a gospel song and it my life story. I was suppose to be dead at 11 years old and I'm here planing my Sweet 16.

10. Rolling In The Deep - Adele ( dont know the message behind this song :)) but I sound good singing it :))

8/16/2012 #24
Lilli Lupin Odair
  1. Reckless by You Me At Six (LOVE THE SONG)
  2. Penguin by Christina Perri
  3. Nobodys Perfect by Jessie J
  4. The Edge Of Glorry by Lady Gaga
  5. Goodbye Graceful by Falling in reverse (MY ringtone)
  6. Minority by Green Day (Loves!)
  7. Born this way by lady gaga
  8. Meet me on the equinox by death cAb for cutie (from the new moon soundtrack)
  9. Distsnce by Christina Perrie
  10. Brown eyes by lady gaga

God I need to get of some of my music I only like song 1,5,8 and 6!

11/2/2012 #25
Maeve Donovan

1. Miles by Christina Perri (one of my favs!!)

2. You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift (sang this at kerokie night a few weeks ago :D)

3. Crazy Dreams by Carrie Underwood (my step-dad loves to hear me sing this song)

4. Bluebird by Christina Perri (awesome songs!!!!!!)

5. She Will Be Loved by Maroon5 (my ringtone :D)

6. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift (I sang this at the 5th grade talent show :D my absolute fav!)

7. Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood (it is an interesting song....;))

8. Mean by Taylor Swift (reminds me of my real dad :'()

9. Haunted (acoustic version) by Taylor Swift (I like the acoustic version better then the oringanal)

10. Cupid's Got A Shotgun by Carrie Underwood (I like this song because I looovvvvveeee the beat to it)

11/9/2012 #26
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