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This is for when RP16 fills up, keep it up people WE ARE AWESOME!!! :D

2/4/2012 #1

(RP17!!! YAY! :D)

2/5/2012 #2

(woooooo *does happy dance* )

Lucy: *laughs and smiles* I know i funny no need to tell me...

Sydney: *smiles and swims around for a bit*

2/5/2012 #3

Klaus: *laughs and kisses her**smiles at Syd*

2/5/2012 #4
Lily Rose Marie

( i thought wed never make it)

Chala: im trying to ingore it i cant be stressed out

Jaspper: * runs to the borading house*

2/5/2012 #5

Hunter: *shakes his head*

Damon: *gets in his car and drives back to the Boardinghouse*

Seth: *takes down Elena on the snow and smiles*

2/5/2012 #6

Lucy: *kisses him back* Bless her...*rests her head on his shoulder*

Elena: *falls over in the snow and bursts out laughing*

Sydney: *starts singing Under the sea*

2/5/2012 #7

Seth: *laughs*

Klaus: *laughs at Syd and strokes Lucy's hair*

2/5/2012 #8

Katherine: *dancing around listening to her Ipod*

2/5/2012 #9
Lily Rose Marie

Chala: * smiles at him and get the pickles and penut butter* so hows heidi

2/5/2012 #10

Hunter: *smiles* She's fine, thanks for asking

2/5/2012 #11

Lucy: *smiles* Hey Syd want to go watch a movie?

Sydney: *Stops swimming and grins* Yeah but i'm picking...*gets out of the pool and goes to get changed*

Elena: okay you may run a 108 degrees bu i don't...*giggles*

2/5/2012 #12

Klaus: *smiles* Okay let's get out then *gets out of the pool with her*

Seth: *pulls her closer to him and hugs her tight**strokes her hair* Feeling better now?

2/5/2012 #13
Lily Rose Marie

Jasper: * grab katherine around her hips*

Chala: * smiles and dips her pickles in penut butter, feels a sharp pain and winces*

2/5/2012 #14

Lucy: *dries off and gets changed and pulls her hair into a ponytail*

Sydney: *quickly gets dressed then goes and picks a movie*

Elena: Much better..*cuddles up to him*

2/5/2012 #15

Damon: *walks in and shakes his head* I'll leave you lovebirds alone *walks upstairs*

Hunter: Are you okay princessa?

2/5/2012 #16

Klaus: *gets changed and smiles at Lucy* Let's go then Lucy

Seth: *smiles and hugs her tight**strokes her hair* I love you Elena

2/5/2012 #17

Katherine: *Stops and pulls her head phones out**Turns around* um what are you doing here?

2/5/2012 #18
Lily Rose Marie

Chala: * groans * just one of these thing pregnant woman get

2/5/2012 . Edited 2/5/2012 #19

Elena: I love you too Seth *hugs him*

Lucy: *smiles and leans into his side*

Sydney: *still looking for a movie*

2/5/2012 #20

Klaus: *sits on the couch in the movie room with her**smiles*

Seth: *smiles and kisses her showing how much he loves her*

Hunter: Okay... *sits on the couch*

2/5/2012 #21
Lily Rose Marie

Jasper: i came to see you

2/5/2012 #22

Elena: *kisses him back* what are you planning Clearwater?

Sydney: *puts the movie into the player and goes and sits between them*

2/5/2012 #23

Katherine: Oh *turns her Ipod off and picks her drink up*

2/5/2012 #24
Lily Rose Marie

Chala: thanks for you concern, jane didnt even care she just smiles even thought this is her niece

2/5/2012 #25

Klaus: *smiles and strokes her hair*

Seth: *smiles innocently* Nothing Gilbert

2/5/2012 #26

Lucy: *smiles and hugs her* what we watching syd?

Sydney: Tangled *grins*

2/5/2012 #27

Hunter: Jane is Jane, you can't change her... She was frozen like that

2/5/2012 #28

Elena: Hmmm *narrows her eyes* I don't believe you....

2/5/2012 #29
Lily Rose Marie

Jasper: i have something planed for us tonight

2/5/2012 #30
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