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so just type up your thoughts. what's going on in your life? good news, bad news, any news? just write about anything in your life & help get more posts :D (it's sort of like your facebook status. yes Niko, this is aimed at you. feel special :D)

2/6/2012 #1

So today, my school schedule was changed. i now have regular p.e. :D it's boring though :p The Stupid Patriots lost! but my friend called off the bet bcus when they were winning for a while, she admitted she didn't have 80 bucks either so now i just owe her a box of cereal instead :D

2/6/2012 . Edited 2/6/2012 #2

(LOL Thanks Dee :D) So today my classes were only 20 mins instead of the regular 45 because of the weather conditions. School got cancelled until the end of the week so YAY! This means more RP-ing for me and I finally managed to fix my internet and it decides to stop working again I'm throwing my modem out of the window :D

2/7/2012 #3
Beethoven Not Mozart

._. That's really uncool Niko... Really... Un....Cool. :D And i'd love to see you throw your modem out the window xD

2/7/2012 #4

haha wow. when my internet crashes i bug my brother to fix it until he does :D

today... was weird. an old friend moved to my school but i only saw him for a few minutes after school in the library. he looked the same... but different..... oh, i lost my flashdrive thingy! :o it has all my stuff- school projects, fic chapters, music, pictures etc.! i'm freaking out! i looked everywhere and i can't find it D: what's worse is i didn't have anything backed up so i pretty much lost those things for good... also, i still haven't found my phone battery.. i lost the battery... but not the phone.. strange world...aaaaaaakkk! tomorrow i have to perform my monologue for theater arts! & i still haven't memorized it :p ...

2/7/2012 #5
Beethoven Not Mozart

Ahahaha poor Diane.

Today... I get yelled at by my favorite teacher for tilting my head. She was cranky... Anywho, then during science, my student teacher walked up to my bestie Kaylee and I, who was drawing on my hand. Looked at us. Then said"stop drawing on each other" smiles, and walked off... Idk. Don't ask

2/7/2012 #6
Lily Rose Marie

Im back living in missing and i hate it. But i only got 21 dAys left then im going back home to the east coast!

2/8/2012 #7

Going home friday really not looking forward to it :/ anyways i should still be able to RP if not i'm haunting yall joking but yeah loves yall anyways...:)

2/8/2012 #8

so your mum isn't mad at you anymore, Becks?

DID YOU KNOW???: that a cow's farting and burping produces methane which is responsible for 14% of the co2 in the atmosphere. global warming. :D

2/8/2012 #9

its more like she hates me and might kill me but i gotta go home anyways....I miss my dog :P

2/9/2012 #10

I just sneezed.

2/9/2012 #11

oh.. good luck :D

lol Dani :D ... there should be a like button on this...

2/9/2012 #12

i performed my monologue for Theater Arts today... the class was stunned. it was funny. they were like "wow, i didn't know you were capable of acting so well" and "the script was awesome"... it was actually pretty cool. it was about a girl from a dysfunctional family blackmailing her stupid mother in order to date some guy... i think i could relate to the story :D

2/10/2012 #13

I have a bronze swim meet today & 2marrow and its my last chance to make the silvers 3 day meet which is next weekend. please wish me luck... im sooo nervous

2/11/2012 #14

good luck Erin :)

2/11/2012 #15

Thanks dee.... i did pretty good :)

2/11/2012 #16

just tripped up the stairs xD

2/11/2012 #17

^that takes talent! :D

2/12/2012 #18

i spent most of the day at the motorcycle store... i'm pretty sure i'm going to get one for my 16th birthday :DD

2/12/2012 #19

oooh, I wanna motor cycle, but it's way too cold in the here, and the amount of accidents I'd get into :S

Trying to think of what I did today , urm wokeup ate something then I can't remember anything else apart from the fact I let my sister poke me in the eye when she begged me to let her do makeup on me :S.

But I had a very productive day shopping yesterday!

2/12/2012 #20

I went to the opticians for the first time EVER!

It's official, I'm blind.

2/13/2012 #21

lol. i'm going today.. i'm going to need glasses ;p

2/13/2012 #22

so i need glasses. it's a very light prescription, only for seeing the board at school and/or reading. they're going to be ready in 2 weeks and my new phone battery comes in the mail on Friday :D ... we watched Romeo & Juliet in class. really? on Valentine's day? cheesy much?.. we had a gang prevention seminar during P.E... i told part of my life's story to a girl in biology... and we argued about how Breaking Dawn sucked and who the hottest Twilight guy was... today was a pretty boring day...

2/14/2012 #23

OMG SAME DEE, I only need them for seeing the board at school and shit like that, what did you pick for your frames?

2/15/2012 #24

umm.. they're black, plastic, rectangular, plain frames outside and the have black & white zebra stripes on the inside :D what did you pick for yours?

2/15/2012 #25

Thick rimmed, rectangular , plain black on the outside and plain white on the inside and plastic :)

2/16/2012 #26

I asked my sister to draw panda's on my nails, she had to take it one step further and make wear falsies, boo can't do anything, it's effort just to type.

My brother just threw pizza in my hair :'(

2/16/2012 #27

lol xD i like & dislike fake nails. they're cool & kind of fun for a while but i can never keep them too long. i start peeling them off too quickly & they end up taking part of my nail Dx ... and they are a hassle..

hahaha, that's mean xD ...


2/16/2012 #28

okay you know that moment when allyou can do is blast loud music and be pissed to know end ! well haha thats what im doing and i cant hear anything but the song !!! FUNNN

2/18/2012 #29

its the first time I've wore them in time, they won't come of annoying!

anyways..... saw the women in black yesterday,

Daniel Radcliffe: who's there?


I also saw the Wanted at their concert, they are BOOTIFUL!

2/19/2012 #30
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