all this forum is for is to talk about fluttershy or other my little pony friendship is magic characters
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Ok this forum is mainly about flutter shy but can also be about any other mlp fim character

7/10/2011 #1
Pokemon Warrior Mew

Fluttershy rocks! i love how she gets along with animals and how she was able to over come her fears in the episode about the dragon sleeping in the cave on the mountain near ponyville.

If theres an episode in the second season where a "prince charming" comes to ponyville, either Fluttershy, AJ or Twilight deserve him because Rairty belongs to Spike... that is if Spike turns himself into a colt. Pinkie is hyper, and Rainbow would probably challenge the colt if he was a pegasus pony.


7/24/2011 #2
babaga he who laughs at anime

Graydog, you have a horrible way of showing it since you had her killed.

Mew, I hope the writers never get unoriginal enough that they have to do that plotAs for Fluttershy, she is adorable looking, yes.

But that has been detracted by NEARLY EVERYONE IN THE SHOW BEING LIKE! And when she snaps, SHE SNAPS, and does so with enough will-power to stop a herd fighting a manticore, an angry dragon feel sorry for his anger, and make a cockatrice need a change of underwear. And the majority of fans think this is okay because of something-or-other, but the true underlying cause is that she is not getting her way when she wants it. She didn't want to deal with a dragon, didn't want her friends fighting a manticore, didn't want to be in the middle of a forest at night chasing some kids and a chicken, and did NOT want to be petrified by a cockatrice. Those are reasonable snaps. What happened at the Gala was an unreasonable one, but I have ranted enough.

7/27/2011 #3
Raven's Spark

Wow... this Babaga dude/gal is actually kinda right... She can snap, and when she does... it isn't pretty. Well, it is, but you get what I mean.

10/14/2011 #4

I didn't really care about Fluttershy too much, I mean I thought she was cute and everything but compared to the others she just seemed boring. Admittedly all of the characters on the show are kind of boring since it is, after all, a kid's show and I don't really know why I watch it. Either way, the only only reason why Fluttershy means anything o me is because my favourite Fanfiction author of all time (Childofacid) uses her in a LOT of his stories. he makes me care about her and then makes me hate her by putting her in between MY Rarity and Celestia, j***!

11/15/2011 #5
Zalden the Maniac

DOOD! i love Fluttershy!

11/17/2011 #6

O rly, babaga?

Her snaps always involve some pony else in danger (Except the Gala). With the dragon, she snapped when her friends got hurt. With the Cockatrice, she was protecting the CMCs. The Manticore was not really a snap. More like an anti-snap.

(P.S.: Fluttershy is best pony)

11/28/2011 . Edited 11/28/2011 #7

luv fluttershy when she shouts. "COME OUT!!!" or better still, "you're going to LOVE ME!!!" SO CUTE!

Personally, I like Princess Luna best. She's awesomeness!

Then comes Rainbow Dash. We've got the same voice, same tomboyish/mischievous attitude, and we're both black belts in karate!

Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Fluttershy (not in order) come next.

11/30/2011 #8
Zalden the Maniac


2/4/2012 #9

Fave Ponies:

1- Pinkie Pie

2- Applejack

3- Twilight Sparkle

4- Fluttershy

5- Rarity

6- Rainbow Dash

Don't care for RD that much...or at all.

3/1/2012 #10
Peter Panties

Don't mind me, I'm just inviting a few good folks to help restore a great MLP roleplay forum. Anyone interested, just go to Chat 2.0 and Barias will take it from there.


7/15/2012 #11

I found her to be the most innocent, weak, pathetic, sorry, biggest LIAR in Equestria.

she is number 1 on my villain list and I have 3 facts to prove it. let me know if you want me to delve on it.

1. Vanity

2. Chaos Theory

3. "Stop The Bats" Episode.

12/29/2014 #12
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